4 Options on How to Get Professional Book Review Services for Your Self-Published Book

4 options on how to get professional book review services for your self-published book

Reviews are an important factor in your popularity and reliability. Unfortunately, self-publishing authors often don’t know how to get them. Where to go? How to make sure the reviewer is good? How to get a good review of the book?

Well, there are at least 4 ways to get a great review. Whether it’s good or bad depends mostly on the book itself. Before attempting to find a pro for the job, make sure you edit the story and check it for the smallest mistakes. A lot of critics like to embarrass authors, picking at every tiny thing. However, reviews are still a powerful and valuable tool, so let’s see where you can get one for your self-published book.

Option 1: Professional Writing Services

What can be better than to have a true professional write my book review for me? The better option is only if it’s also not too expensive. A professional book review writing service like WriteMyPaperHub can provide you with both of these qualities. There are companies that hire people with various backgrounds, train them in academic, motivational, and review writing, and offer their services to whoever needs them.

The prices are usually stated per page and depend on the deadline you give the writer and the level of writing that is necessary. Besides, every website has its own special offers, free pages, and other pleasant bonuses. So, you can find a package that’s the most suitable for you!

To make sure you choose a trusted service, see if it has the following:

  • Full confidentiality policy;

  • Non-plagiarism policy;

  • Money-back policy;

  • Professional writers;

  • Reviews (on the website or another platform).

Friendly customer support is also quite important. The way the company speaks to its potential customers shows a lot. So make sure you contact them and ask some questions before making your final choice.

Option 2: Look for a Freelance Reviewer

There are a lot of people who want to become professional reviewers but actually lack stuff to review. Writing about something you’ve just stumbled upon and having an author request a review just from you feels completely different, doesn’t it? If you find such a reviewer, that may become a boost for their career as well. Besides, you’ll have someone to ask for cooperation when writing new books!

Find online platforms with freelance professional writers and get your match. You’ll receive a nice review, and the specialist will get a new project to write about. Such services aren’t expensive, but be prepared to spend some money on them. A high-quality professional review shouldn’t be a free thing.

Option 3: Host a Giveaway on a Book Platform

Create an author’s profile on one of the book platforms like Goodread and host a giveaway. It’s often free, and there are a lot of readers looking for such opportunities. You’ll get more attention, find your target audience, and boost your popularity by much. Besides, you can get several reviews there that you can use later.

There are free platforms and paid ones. The latter offers more possibilities, but if this is your first giveaway, try a free platform. Such events always work out well because many book enthusiasts look for new authors and are willing to try something new by contemporary creators. Well, it’s also because people like free stuff.

Option 4: Submit Your Book to a Review Publication

This option might be a bit costly but it’s worth it if you want to go big. Find an indie section of any review publication and order a piece about your book. Be ready to pay about $400-$500 for that. Nobody guarantees it will definitely be good, though. But if it is, you can quote it on your website, social media, and other promotional sources.

Make sure that the service is professional, don’t use unchecked companies. You have to be sure the review you’ll pay for will be of high quality. Even if it’s not pleasant, you’ll have feedback from a professional critic. And to make sure you don’t waste money, edit the book well and get some other, less expensive, feedback first. Such publications tend to be quite harsh with authors, no matter if it’s their first-time or regular clients.

Getting high-quality reviews is highly important, especially if you’re a new author. Good or bad, reviews get your books and stories more attention and can give you a new look at your own creations. Besides, you’ll have to learn to take critique adequately anyways, so why not start now? A lot of authors struggle and take every comment to heart, becoming less confident in their own work.

Feedback is highly important, so always encourage your readers providing you with comments on the new releases.

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