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best algebraic geometry books

Algebraic geometry is a brunch of mathematics, classically studying zeros of multivariate polynomials. In the modern world, it uses in the different section of science and technology. Such as robotics, Convex Optimization, Phylogenetic Trees are highly used algebraic geometry for solving numerous problems.

So, if you have an interest in this site or want to work with geometry, these best algebraic geometry books will help you for making yourself an expert on algebraic geometry.

Geometry: A Comprehensive Course (Dover Books on Mathematics)
Author: Dan Pedoe
Published at: 01/12/1988
ISBN: 0486658120
This amazing geometry course book is for enriching your geometry knowledge comprehensively. You will get all the important theorem together in this book. Also, you will find the solution to Napoleon's test problem: How to construct the center of a circle using only a compass. In a word,  that will be the best book for geometric mathematicians. 

What you'll learn-
  • introduction to algebraic geometry
  • Coaxel system
  • Pappus' theorem
  • Mapping of a euclidian theorem
  • mappings of the inversive plane
  • projective geometry of the plane
  • Over 500 exercises
  • Use of vectors and their products

The Little Book of Mathematical Principles, Theories & Things
Author: Distinguished Teaching Professor and Quincy Lee Centennial Professor of Business and Philosophy Robert Solomon
Published at: 02/02/2016
ISBN: 1504800532

This complete reference book on mathematics provides you all the basic theorem with proof. You can learn simplifies mathematics with essential instruction and step by step explanations. Best book for understanding all the theorems easily.

What you'll learn-

  • 120 principles
  • Mathematical equations
  • Essential laws and theorems
  • Explanation of Fibonacci numbers and Euclid elements
  • The fundamental theory of geometry

Geometry, Relativity and the Fourth Dimension (Dover Books on Mathematics)
Author: Rudolf v.B. Rucker
Published at: 01/06/1977
ISBN: 0486234002

This book offers you the most complex three important things like geometry, relativity, and the fourth dimension. All the topics are decorated nicely for the beginners who are not expert in geometry or others. If you want to relate geometry and relativity, this book will the best choice for you. Also, you can learn about the fourth dimension and its impact on the scientific calculation by this book.

What you'll learn-

    • Non-Euclidean geometry
    • Time as a higher dimension
    • The shape of space-time
    • Special relativity
    • Time travel
    • 141 excellent illustrations

    Introduction to Algebraic Geometry
    Author: Justin R Smith
    Published at: 06/12/2014
    ISBN: 1503381536

    This book mainly used for self-study and textbooks for graduate and higher level students. It only requires a minimal background in undergraduate abstract algebra and linear algebra, then you can read and understand the book. Most of the results are proved and it will suitable for the beginner.

    What you'll learn-

    • Commutative algebra
    • Cohomology
    • Point-set topology
    • Linear algebra
    • applications to robotics 

    Algebraic Geometry: Part I: Schemes. With Examples and Exercises (Advanced Lectures in Mathematics)
    Author: Ulrich Görtz,Torsten Wedhorn
    Published at: 25/06/2010
    ISBN: 3834806765

    This is an amazing book for students of algebraic geometry. It can be used as both a reference and a learning source. You can learn many methodical techniques for solving any geometrical problems, Also, it provides several examples from Hilbert modular surfaces. 

    What you'll learn-

    • Cohomology 
    • Discussion on  Hilbert modular surfaces
    • Introduction to modern algebraic geometry
    • Abstract algebra
    • Topology
    • Example with step by step explanations

    Geometry (Quick Study Academic)
    Author: LLC ExpoLog
    Published at: 31/05/2014
    ISBN: 1423234715

    This 6-page laminated book helps you to learn the basic branch of geometry. You can never go through any kind of complex geometrical analysis without these basic things. In one word, the best reference for clarifying your geometry basics

    What you'll learn-

    • Geometric Formulas
    • Lines
    • Defined terms
    • Rays and planes
    • Angle and line segments

    Algebraic Geometry: A Problem Solving Approach (Student Mathematical Library) (Student Mathematical Library: IAS/Park City Mathematical Subseries)
    Author: Thomas Garrity,Richard Belshoff,Lynette Boos,Ryan Brown,Carl Lienert
    Published at: 14/02/2013
    ISBN: 0821893963

    This book is for beginners as well as researchers. It discusses all the algebraic geometry topics more fluently and clearly. You can learn the complex topics such as multivariable calculus, conics very technically and easily by following the instruction of this book

    What you'll learn-

    • Introduction to circles, ellipses, hyperbolas and parabolas
    • Higher degree curves
    • Multivariable calculus
    • Linear algebra
    • Geometric objects of higher dimension
    • Algebraic geometry
    • Sheaves and cohomology

    Introduction to Algebraic Geometry
    Author: Serge Lang
    Published at: 30/04/2014
    ISBN: 1614276277

    If you want to learn algebraic geometry from the very basic, this book will give you complete instructions and step by step explanations on this topic.

    What you'll learn-

    • Introduction to the Weil-Zariski geometry
    • Lines and curves
    • Geometrical theorem
    • Geometrical equations
    • Basic algebraic geometry.

    Basic Algebraic Geometry 1: Varieties in Projective Space
    Author: Igor R. Shafarevich
    Published at: 07/08/2013
    ISBN: 3642379559

    This book has an attractive and accessible introduction to algebraic geometry. All the topics are written in a way that anybody can understand easily. Also, researchers can use that book for gaining some extra basic knowledge for their research works.

    What you'll learn-

    • Introduction to algebraic geometry
    • Riemann--Roch theorem for curves
    • Proof of all principle

    Introduction to Algebraic Geometry (Graduate Studies in Mathematics)
    Author: Steven Dale Cutkosky
    Published at: 31/05/2018
    ISBN: 1470435187

    This comprehensive book has a readable and accessible introductory discussion on algebraic geometry. You can learn many advanced theorems with proof easily. Also, it provides you more than 200 exercises for making yourself an expert on geometrical theorems

    What you'll learn-

    • Introductory algebraic geometry
    • Modern algebraic geometry
    • Bertini's theorems for general linear systems
    • Intersection theory
    • Zariski's main theorem
    • More than 200 exercises

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