Best Amazon Affiliate Alternatives in 2023

best amazon alternative

There are a lot of options for affiliate networks. But most of us like to work with Amazon because it is one of the biggest platforms for affiliate marketers. It is considered as the king of affiliate networks to a lot of marketers. It changed its' commission structure in the early of 2018 which was a big disappointment for the marketers. Then many of them started to think about alternatives but still, a lot of marketers are dependable on Amazon.

Now in this 2023, another bad news comes from Amazon for its Associates. On 14th April, it told its members that it is going to cut commission rates on 8 major categories from 21st April. So, it is high time to think about alternatives. Today we are going to tell you about the best amazon affiliate alternatives in 2023.

eBay Partner Network

One of the oldest affiliate network is eBay. It is an American multinational e-commerce corporation founded in 1995 and now operates its business opening 190 markets around the world. It has a great affiliate program which is called eBay Partner Network.

You can join this affiliate program without any hesitation because it is a trusted brand in this field. You don't need any website to get commissions from this network. You just need to share links to your friends, family members, or your followers. When they purchase something following your link, you will get commission. Or if you want to share links with your WordPress website, you will need an eBay affiliate link manager.


Walmart is also an American multinational retail corporation founded in 1962. It operates a chain of hypermarkets, discount department stores, and grocery stores. It has now 11,503 stores and clubs in 27 countries, operating under 56 different names.

It can be a better option than Amazon for some particular categories. When your niche is 'toy', Amazon is giving you a 3% commission but Walmart will give you 4%. One of the most impressive things about it is that it has cookies validity of three days while Amazon is offering you for only 1 day.


One of the largest affiliate platforms in the world is ShareASale with more than 3900 merchants and the largest inventory of vendors. It is situated in the River North neighborhood in Chicago, IL USA. It can be a good option for the people who are searching for Amazon alternatives.

Matched content with merchants products is the key to success in this program. It is providing average commissions from merchants and average sales of merchants. You are also getting per-click earning and so on. If you work with it, your income will surely boost up.

CJ Affiliate

This is another option for you which is known as the world's most established affiliate networks for marketers. It is designed to assist their sustainable growth, achieve intelligence, and scalable. It is popular for various products with online advertising and internet marketing.

It can be a good alternative to Amazon. It is offering up to 7% of commissions. If you work with a fitness niche, it will offer you a 7% commission. On the other hand, Amazon will give you 4.5% commission in the same niche.

Rakuten Marketing

If you are searching for a very trusted brand in the history of affiliate marketing, this one is for you. It can be one of the best options for you as an alternative to Amazon. It is very popular nowadays because it has grabbed the #1 position five years continuously.

The commissions of marketing of the company depend on the quantity of sales. If you can manage a higher sale, you will get a higher payment percentage with the baseline of commissions of 3.5-5.5%. So, you can join here without any hesitation.


This affiliate marketing company was founded in 1998 which has now more than six-million clients worldwide. If you want to work with digital products and information, it can be the best option for you. You can put link on e-book or online service or improvement courses on your niche. The most impressive thing about this alternative is that the validity of the cookie is 60 days and the commissions' range is from 10%-100%.


Adsense can be another good option for you as an Amazon alternative affiliate marketing network. It is the most popular ad showing network of google and considered as the most trusted ad network in the world. It shows contextual ads to the blogs and site posts which are loved by all over the world. You can get revenue on either a per-click or per-impression basis.


VigLink is San Francisco-based outbound-traffic monetization service for publishers, forums, and bloggers. It similar to the Adsense network but it is increasingly content-driven. It can be a good option to work with commercial products. It recognizes business items referenced inside substance and connections them to goals decided continuously, sponsor offer self-off.


It does not look like a standard affiliate network. It looks like Google Adsense and Yahoo Network contextual Ads. You can choose this network to make money avoiding Amazon. It is ad-based that are called contextual ads. You can join here without any charge and adapt your content with them. They have adapted text links, search results, article tabs, and sidebar framed ads. So, try to start making money from your blog now!


Avangate is our final recommended affiliate alternatives for you. As it is in the late part of our article, you do not think it as a less effective option. It is also a popular and reliable affiliate network. It solves the complexity of online commerce, subscription billing and global payment for software, SaaS and services to power digital commerce. You can join here for digital goods and services for global distributions.

As Amazon has taken its decision to cut commission, you should also take your decision to do the same job with its alternatives. To give a good recommendation, we have analyzed a lot and shown you the best Amazon affiliates alternative in 2023. We think you can choose any of these as an alternative without any hesitation.

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