Arduino Projects for High School Students

If you're an electronics lover, who loves to play with complex components to create something unique out of them, then this is completely for you. Today, we are outlining Arduino Projects to boost your eclectic journey into the magical field of electronics realism. Arduino, as you should know already, is a cheap electronics board that lets you build not only complex but also one of a kind electronic systems. You can program these systems pretty easily, thanks to Arduino's implementation of an effective programming environment. Enough with the gossips, let us delve right into this list of Arduino projects for all of you especially High School Students.

  • Weather Display System


This is one of the popular Arduino projects for Arduino enthusiasts. It requires you to build a small display that shows off the current temperature and humidity. It displays temperatures in Celsius. Although it might seem a small project, it'll aggravate your Arduino skills required for advanced projects later on. 

You will need:

  1. DHT 11
  2. 16x2 LCD Display.
  3. Arduino Uno.
  4. Male to Female Jumper Wires.


  • A Robot Car


You can only use household materials for building up this robot car. This project is not only fascinating in visual but also rewards you with a deep understanding of advanced motor control. 

You will need:

  1. A Li-ion battery and a set of DC motor.
  2. An analog joystick and the L298N for controlling the car. 

  • Security Alarm System


This project is based on the ultrasonic sensor. The sensor emits an ultrasonic sound when an object is placed in front of the sensor the sound is reflected back to the sensor and the signal is analyzed by Arduino. 

You will need:

  1. An ultrasonic sensor.
  2. A buzzer.
  3. The sensor detects any forthcoming objects and activates the alarm.

  • Pulsating LED Cube


If you've dabbled with some beginner Arduino projects, but are looking for something a little permanent and on a whole other level of awesome, then the humble 4 x 4 x 4 LED cube is a natural choice. Construction is far easier than you might think and use multiplexing we can control all the LEDs directly from just a single Arduino Uno board. 

You will need:

  1. An Arduino. Though the code assumes an Arduino Uno, it could be adjusted to a larger model too.
  2. 64 LEDs.
  3. 16 Resistors.
  4. Some craft wire to strengthen the basic structure and for decoration. 
  5. A prototyping board.
  6. Random component wire.
  7. Crocodile Clips or, helping hands that are useful for holding bits in place.
  8. Soldering iron and solder.
  9. Some scrap wood.
  10. A drill with the same size bit as your LEDs.

  • Fingerprint Scanner


Many of us as a person without a car, we don't need to carry keys around everywhere we go. Because of this, we've been locked out of our own house several times. It's a pain to wait for someone with a key. This project is a way of solving this problem. You can set it on anywhere you want and get more relaxed than before.

You will need:

  1. Fingerprint Scanner and JST Connector.
  2. Serial LCD Kit.
  3. ATtiny 85.
  4. NPN Transistor, buzzer.
  5. Speaker wire, Copper Tape.
  6. 3D printed case.
  7. 5V voltage regulator.
  8. 9V battery and battery connector.
  9. SPDT limit switch.
  10. Soldering iron/solder.
  11. Wire-cutter, Perfboard.
  12. Screws and drill.

  • Mouser Football Scoreboard


This easy to build, Arduino powered, football scoreboard provides you with a fantastic way to keep track of the score of your favorite team. Football or soccer is the most popular game in the world. Keep track of your club's score with an Arduino-powered scoreboard. With minimal hardware components and almost no programming, it's simple to cobble together. While it's dubbed a football scoreboard, you could also use this Arduino-based scoreboard remembering the scores of your favorite football, American football, basketball, rugby, and baseball teams, or virtually any sport. 

You will need:

  1. Arduino board REV 3 Ethernet with PoE.
  2. Header - 2x23 - pin Male.
  3. LCD Shield Kit 16x2 Character Display.

  • Fully Functional Computer Control Panel

Ever wished to build a fully functional control panel for your computer just like you've watched on those sci-fi films? If so then this might turn out to be one of the best Arduino projects for you. Although compelling enough at first look, the project is not all that tough. The Arduino board will act as the brain of the project whereas a select set of USB controllers will allow you to control the different aspects of your computer - from controlling the system sound to setting screen preferences. 


You will Experience:

  1. The control panel lets you launch apps, control volume, change screen preferences, and many more.
  2. Set up a select number of monochrome switches and LEDs for creating the mesmerizing visual experience.
  3. Control the system in a more personalized way, based on how you want it to function rather than implementing someone else's perception. 

  • Building a Quadruped using Arduino

This is a great Arduino project for intermediate developers with interest in the field of robotics. This biologically inspired Quadruped is similar in outlook to a spider and requires you to carefully construct the outer materials. Each of the four legs will have three joints, and every joint will require a servo motor. This is one of the best Arduino projects for aspiring robotics enthusiasts as it forces you to teach yourself the fundamentals required to implement automated robots. 


Highlights of the Project:

  1. The project requires 12 servo motors and a detailed understanding of the servo motor working principles.
  2. You need a 12 pin Arduino board to connect the 12 servo motors to them.
  3. You can spice up the project by implementing a wireless controller to control the Quadruped.

  • Smoke Detection System

This project is consist of a system that detects smoke and other inflammatory gases by utilizing the MQ-2 gas sensor. It also features a buzzer that gets turned on whenever a certain level of smoke is detected by the system. An LED indicator will also be featured that will turn red when the system senses such gases and remain green when the environment is safe.


Highlights of this Project:

  1. The MQ-2 gas sensor can detect the presence of any potential gases.
  2. The analog input of the sensor will activate the buzzer after reaching a prespecified level of gas presence.
  3. The buzzer will be turned on, and the LED will signal a red light in case of any detection.
  4. Spice up the project, so it sends an SMS to your personal number whenever it detects any gas.

If you want to know more about this in more detail, try to read some amazing books written by the experts. You can check on: Best Arduino Books for the Beginners.

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