Best AWS Lambda Books 2021 to Teach Yourself AWS Lambda

best aws lambda books

AWS Lambda may seem to you just another cloud platform, but it has numerous different aspects from other cloud systems.

Hopefully, there are plenty of good books to help you learn this technology. In this article, I've organized a number of best AWS Lambda books. These books will surely help you to understand AWS Lambda and learn this amazing technology.

AWS Lambda: A Guide to Serverless Microservices
Author: Matthew Fuller
Published at: 11/01/2016

AWS Lambda - A Guide to Serverless Microservices is a comprehensive guide to understand and develop "serverless" workloads using the new AWS Lambda service. This well explained, easy to follow, in-depth reference will make you an expert in AWS Lambda services.

What You Will Learn From This Book:

  • A brief introduction to AWS computing
  • Understanding the Lambda features
  • Knowledge of the internals, functions, languages, and resource allocation
  • Uploading the function
  • Working with events including AWS events and Custom events
  • Understanding the context object
  • Working with real-world use cases
  • Shutting down untagged instances
  • Enforcing security policies
  • Calculating pricing
  • Application design

AWS: Developers Guide to AWS Lambda The Ultimate Beginners Guide
Author: Dennis Hutten
Published at: 21/09/2017

This AWS Lambda book offers a comprehensive guideline for the beginners to learn AWS Lambda. If you are a newbie to this technology, then you should start with this book.

What You'll Learn From This Book:

  • Basics of Lambda
  • Understanding Lambda features
  • Working procedures of Lambda
  • Creating and testing your own AWS Lambda functions
  • Developing Lambda functions using an AWS API gateway
  • Accessing Lambda functions using an API gateway
  • Lambda pricing

AWS Lambda in Action: Event-driven serverless applications
Author: Danilo Poccia
Published at: 05/12/2016
ISBN: 1617293717

AWS Lambda in Action follows an event-driven approach to teach you how to build applications on the back end of AWS Lambda. With clear, easy to understand, real-world examples, this book will surely help to become a successful Lambda developer.

What You'll Learn From This Book:

  • Basic overview of AWS Lambda
  • Creating your first API
  • Developing an event-driven media sharing application
  • Managing security of your applications
  • Working with stand-alone function
  • Accessing functions from different clients including web pages and mobile apps
  • Connecting your application with external services
  • Designing an authentication service for your application
  • Automating deployment of your application

Serverless Architectures on AWS: With examples using AWS Lambda
Author: Peter Sbarski
Published at: 04/05/2017
ISBN: 1617293822

This AWS Lambda book is another good book to learn all the aspects of AWS Lambda. With real-world examples, code snippets, diagrams, and descriptions of architectures, this book will guide you to build, secure and manage your own serverless applications on AWS.

What You'll Learn From This Book:

  • Fundamentals of serverless computing
  • Understanding the architectures and patterns of AWS Lambda
  • Creating your own Lambda functions
  • Working with the API gateway
  • Authentication and authorization of your applications
  • Developing serverless applications using key services like Auth0 and Firebase
  • Managing the storage and databases

AWS Lambda: The Quick Start Guide To Serverless Microservices (AWS Lambda, AWS Lambda For Beginners, Serverless Microservices)
Author: Steven Jones
Published at: 14/09/2016
ISBN: 1537659189

If you are looking for a book that will give a quick, clear, and comprehensive understanding of AWS Lambda, then you should pick this book. AWS Lambda clearly explains every aspect of this emerging technology in a comprehensive manner.

What You'll Learn From This Book:

  • A complete overview of AWS Lambda
  • Where to use AWS Lambda
  • Basic features of Lambda
  • Understanding the functions and specifications
  • Setting up the environment
  • Tips and tricks to get the most from the AWS system
  • Knowledge of Lambda pricing

AWS Lambda: Developer Guide
Author: Amazon Web Services
Published at: 21/06/2021

This is the official documentation guide for AWS Lambda. This reference manual contains references to all the basic functionalities of this service. This is not helpful to learn AWS Lambda from the beginning, but it will help the developer and experts as a reference book.

What You'll Learn From This Book:

  • Basics of AWS Lambda
  • Building Lambda functions
  • Accessing AWS Resources
  • Configuring functions
  • Invoking functions
  • Understanding Lambda runtimes
  • Building pipeline for your serverless applications
  • Working with AWS SAM
  • Working with Node.js, Python, Java, Go, C# and Ruby
  • Knowledge of API reference

Mastering AWS Lambda: Learn how to build and deploy serverless applications
Author: Yohan Wadia,Udita Gupta
Published at: 11/08/2017
ISBN: 1786467690

If you have some prior knowledge of AWS Lambda and want to advance your skill in this technology, then you should read this book. With step by step explanations provided in this book, you can explore, learn, and leverage your skill in designing, building and deploying serverless applications in AWS Lambda.

What You'll Learn From This Book:

  • Understanding the significance and business values of serverless computing
  • Working with the core components of AWS Lambda
  • Developing and testing Lambda functions using Node.js
  • Monitoring your applications using AWS Cloudwatch
  • Troubleshooting your applications
  • Working with the Serverless Application Framework(SAF)
  • Integrating DynamoDB and API Gateway with AWS Lambda
  • Using third-party services in the form of Datadog and Loggly

AWS CERTIFIED: The Complete AWS cloud practitioner certification guide ( CLF-C01 ) and AWS Certified Solutions Architect-Associate ( SAA-C02 ) Exam Study Guide - 2 books in 1
Author: Hoffman, Jason
Published at: 10/07/2020

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