Best 7 Classic Novels About Tragic Romance

best classic novels

People wrote about love at all times. Novels were the basis of most libraries because it is human nature to empathize, regret, and rejoice for others. Tragic and happy relationship stories made millions of readers around the world cry or smile.

Contrary to our desires, love doesn’t always make people happy. Unrequited feelings, rash acts – all this can turn love into a curse. It is better to learn from books than from bitter experience how to avoid mistakes and save your happiness. Here you will get some best classic novels.

The Great Gatsby
Author: F. Scott Fitzgerald
Published at: 09/04/2013

A cult novel shows a picture of American life in the mid-20s of the last century. Jazz, easy money, noisy parties, which are not hindered by the dry law and there are no problems like where to meet single women – this is how the life of the rich and famous looks. The protagonist, Jay Gatsby, is distinguished by an outstanding mind and tremendous vitality. These qualities help him become rich to win the heart of his beloved woman. But the love gained for a short time doesn’t bring Gatsby happiness.

Love in the Time of Cholera (Oprah's Book Club)
Author: Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Published at: 05/10/2007
ISBN: 0307389731

What to do when a person you love marries another? Florentino Ariza decides to wait. His beloved Fermina Daza marries a famous doctor who is trying to eradicate cholera from the village. He is considered the most enviable bridegroom, and Fermina takes this moment because she dreams of becoming rich and successful. The marriage between Fermina and the doctor lasts 50 years. Has

Florentino really been waiting for her all these years? Does he have even a small chance to find mutual love?

Anna Karenina
Author: Leo Tolstoy
Published at: 01/05/2004
ISBN: 0143035002

“All happy families are equally happy, each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.” This famous phrase begins the novel Anna Karenina, a classic of world literature. Anna is married and has a son but soon meets the love of her life Count Vronsky. Both of them do everything to be together. However, the struggle for love and living together doesn’t bring anything good.

Romeo and Juliet (Folger Shakespeare Library)
Author: William Shakespeare
Published at: 01/01/2004
ISBN: 0743477111
Written at the end of the XVI century, the tragedy of William Shakespeare has become truly immortal. This is the monument of love between two irreconcilable clans – Montecchi and Capuleti. Despite the fact that the English playwright has immortalized his name in a myriad of plays and sonnets, "Romeo and Juliet" is considered one of the best works of the writer.

Gone With the Wind
Author: Margaret Mitchell
Published at: 01/06/1996
ISBN: 068483068X

This is the only novel written by the author. This is a book that, like love, is destined to live forever. The action takes place during the civil war, which completely changes the life of the protagonist. There are love affairs that will not leave indifferent readers of any age. The book will make you suffer and love, cry and laugh.

Arch of Triumph: A Novel
Author: Erich Maria Remarque
Published at: 27/01/1998
ISBN: 0449912450

The main character, a young surgeon, rescues a woman who wants to jump from a bridge. He falls in love with a vicious woman who puts material prosperity above love and tries to escape from this feeling. This is one of the saddest novels of the 20th century – about love, war, and death. This is a beautiful tragedy saturated with passion and hatred, fear, pity, and hopelessness

The Thorn Birds
Author: Colleen McCullough
Published at: 01/06/1979
ISBN: 0380018179

The gloomy but heart-pleasing landscape of the Australian steppes is diluted with a bright and insatiable love story between the main character Maggie, when she, as a 10-year-old girl, meets holy father Ralph, who is 18 years older than her. Over the next half-century, she loves him, and the hero is torn between the vows given to the Holy Roman Catholic Church and feelings for the girl. Who will win in him – a priest or a man?

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