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best CompTIA Security+ books

Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) is considered as a non-profit trade association. CompTIA certification is the most popular technology certification in the world. It is widely accepted as the first security certification you should attempt to attain in your IT career. CompTIA Security+ builds a great foundation for personal knowledge, satisfaction, and career growth.

Here you’ll get some of the best CompTIA Security+ books.

CompTIA Security+ Get Certified Get Ahead: SY0-501 Study Guide
Author: Darril Gibson
Published at: 12/10/2017
ISBN: 1939136059

Darrill Gibson's books, website, and study materials introduce all of the objectives and give a decent amount of detail about them.

This book contains the knowledge necessary to pass the certification and practical (and sometimes even funny) examples that help you have a more solid understanding of the security side of networking.

The author also keeps a web page that contains a lab where you can perform some of the book's topics practically.

This book provides the following features

  • The best part of the book is the short "need to remember" sections.
  • Pre-exam of 75 questions with Assessment Exam Answers and Explanation.
  • Chapters contain great security information.
  • Mini exam after each chapter covering what you read.
  • It also contains simulation portion.

CompTIA Security+ Certification Practice Exams, Third Edition (Exam SY0-501)
Author: Daniel Lachance,Glen E. Clarke
Published at: 18/08/2017
ISBN: 1260026906

This book is a safe, sound, brand new and very useful study guide. It contains a lot of relevant security information that is very helpful for anyone to understand how things work.

It includes 100% complete coverage of all official objectives for Exam SYO-501, Two minutes drills for quick review at the end of every chapter and covers all exam topics.

This book also includes

  • Understanding Monitoring and Auditing.
  • Pre-Assesment Exam.
  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity.
  • Mitigating Security Threats.
  • 50+ lab exercises and solutions.
  • Complete practice exams.
  • 3+ hours of video training from the author.

CompTIA Security+ Study Guide: Exam SY0-501
Author: Emmett Dulaney,Chuck Easttom
Published at: 23/10/2017
ISBN: 1119416876

CompTIA Seurity+ Study Guide covers 100% of the exam objectives with a clear, concise explanation.

You'll learn how to handle threats, attacks, and vulnerabilities using industry-standard tools and technologies while understanding the role of architecture and design.

This book provides

  • A basic overview of the material.
  • Online website with 2 practice tests, ability to take the quizzes (same info in the book), and create flashcards.
  • An exam voucher.

After studying this book you′ll be ready for

  • Managing Risk
  • Designing and Diagnosing Networks
  • Understanding Devices and Infrastructure
  • Identify and Access Management
  • Protecting Wireless Networks
  • Securing the Cloud
  • Data, Privacy, and Security Practices
  • Cryptography and PKI.

CompTIA Security+ All-in-One Exam Guide, Fifth Edition (Exam SY0-501)
Author: Wm. Arthur Conklin,Greg White,Dwayne Williams,Chuck Cothren,Roger L. Davis
Published at: 08/01/2018
ISBN: 1260019322

The information in this book is extremely well organized, and the writing is clear and easy to follow. This book covers all exam domains and features 200 accurate practice questions and provides 100% coverage of every objective on exam SY0-501.

The things you will learn from this book

  • It covers every topic on the current version of the CompTIA Security+ exam
  • It also serves as a valuable on-the-job reference for IT professionals
  • Written by a team of experienced IT security academics
  • How to become a CompTIA Security+ certified.

CompTIA Security+ SY0-501 Cert Guide (4th Edition) (Certification Guide)
Author: David L. Prowse
Published at: 30/10/2017
ISBN: 0789758997

This book teaches a lot of IT knowledge that we use in IT everyday life. It is perfect for every candidate preparing for their challenging exam, its comprehensive coverage offers all the information and insight readers need to succeed.

Test-taking tips, of this book helping you identify areas of weakness and improve both your conceptual knowledge and hands-on skills.

This book includes

  • Introduction to Security
  • Computer Systems Security
  • OS Hardening and Virtualization
  • Application Security
  • Network Design Elements
  • Networking Protocols and Threats
  • Network Perimeter Security
  • Securing Network Media and Devices
  • Physical Security and Authentication Models
  • Access Control Methods and Models 
  • Vulnerability and Risk Assessment
  • Monitoring and Auditing
  • Encryption and Hashing Concepts
  • PKI and Encryption Protocols
  • Redundancy and Disaster Recovery
  • Policies, Procedures, and People

The book has been organized and edited to help network and security professionals focus on areas where they need the most assistance.

CompTIA Security+ SY0-501 Exam Cram (5th Edition)
Author: Diane Barrett,Martin M. Weiss
Published at: 05/01/2018
ISBN: 0789759004

This CompTIA Security+ SY0-501 Exam cram is extremely readable with well-presented explanations of all the exam objectives and has been thoroughly updated to prepare candidates for the new exam, using the proven Exam Cram method of study.

This book ranges from identifying threats, attacks, and vulnerabilities to implementing the correct tools and technologies to defend against these vectors; cryptography concepts and deployment techniques to identity and access management; security architecture and design principles to risk management.

It also includes

  • An extensive collection of practice questions
  • Risk management, Identity, and Access Management Implementation
  • Chapters that map directly to the exam objectives
  • Access to the Pearson Test Prep practice test software which provides real-time practice and feedback, online or offline
  • Security policies, plans, and procedures related to organizational security
  • The Cram Sheet tear-out card including tips, acronyms, and memory joggers not available anywhere else - perfect for last-minute study
  • Types of attacks, threats, and risks and minimize the impact associated with types of attacks and vulnerabilities.

Mike Meyers' CompTIA Security+ Certification Guide, Second Edition (Exam SY0-501)
Author: Mike Meyers,Scott Jernigan
Published at: 22/12/2017
ISBN: 126002637X

CompTIA certification and training expert, Mike Meyers, brings his highly effective methodology to IT security and teaches you the skills you need to anticipate security risks and guard against them.

This comprehensive, up-to-date resource, provides a clear learning path that covers all the material included on CompTIA Security+ exam SY0-501. All official exam objectives are covered and module-ending practice test questions reinforce the concepts presented.

Covers all exam topics, including

  • The Basic LAN
  • Cryptography
  • Risk management
  • Access Management
  • Authentication and Authorization
  • Wireless, cloud, and mobile security
  • Environmental security and controls.

This book also contains 180+ practice test questions in a customizable test engine, free online simulations, one hour+ of Mike Meyers video training.

    Mike Meyers' CompTIA Security+ Certification Passport, Fifth Edition  (Exam SY0-501) (Mike Meyers' Certification Passport)
    Author: Dawn Dunkerley
    Published at: 20/11/2017
    ISBN: 1260026566

    It's an excellent study guide that covers all the bases with the CD which makes the book super portable. Written in the proven Passport format developed by training expert Mike Meyers, the book enables you to focus on specific topics, determine areas of need, and tailor an effective course of study.

    It contains

    • 200 Practice Exam Questions
    • In-depth answer explanations as well as end-of-chapter bulleted summaries
    • 100% coverage of every topic on the latest version of the CompTIA Security+ exam
    • Electronic content includes a PDF copy of the eBook
    • Complete coverage of every objective on exam SY0-501.

    CompTIA Security+ Certification Bundle, Third Edition (Exam SY0-501)
    Author: Glen E. Clarke,Daniel Lachance
    Published at: 26/12/2017
    ISBN: 1260116387

    This up-to-date book is considered as the ultimate self-study resource, which includes the current editions of CompTIA Security+ Certification Study Guide and CompTIA Security+ Certification Practice Exams and exclusive electronic content all at a discount of 12% off of the suggested retail price.

    It provides a wide variety of exam-focused preparation resources for the examinee.

    What you will learn:

    • Bonus content includes a quick review guide, a security audit checklist, and a URL reference list.
    • It contains a quick review guide, a security audit checklist, and a URL reference list.
    • Includes a 10% off exam voucher coupon, a $37 value
    • Covers every objective on exam SY0-501
    • Fully updated, money-saving collection.

    CompTIA Security+ Practice Tests: Exam SY0-501
    Author: S. Russell Christy,Chuck Easttom
    Published at: 08/05/2018
    ISBN: 1119416922

    This book includes six unique practice tests plus one bonus practice exam which cover threats, attacks, and vulnerabilities; technologies and tools; architecture and design; identity and access management; risk management; and cryptography and PKI to give you a comprehensive and invaluable preparation resource.

    This book covers

    • 1,000 Challenging practice questions for Exam SY0-501
    • 100% exam objectives
    • One year of FREE access to the Sybex online interactive learning environment
    • Identify areas in need of further review
    • Practice test-taking strategies to go into the exam with confidence

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