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D3.js is one of the most popular and powerful tools for creating data visualizations. As the pressure to produce accurate and clear insights from data increases, D3.js remains a reliable and high-quality data visualization solution.

D3.js is a JavaScript library for producing dynamic, interactive data visualizations in web browsers. It makes use of the widely implemented SVG, HTML5, and CSS standards. It is the successor to the earlier Protovis framework. Here you will get the best data visualization books on D3.js 2022 that you must read.

JavaScript D3 in 20 Minutes: (Coffee Break Series)
Author: Kenwright
Published at: 06/08/2021

D3 (or D3.JS) is a powerful JavaScript Framework for developing eye-catching interactive visualisation solutions within any compatible web browser (without the use of plug-ins). This incredible framework is free and open-source and is able to run on nearly every modern browser today - allowing you to communicate and visualize graphics in ways that were previously not possible.

This book introducing the reader (you) to the D3 framework - including simple explanations and practical examples. Don't have much time? Get up to speed fast on the essentials of the D3 Framework with this 20 Minute Coffee Break Series. Whether you need a crash course or a brief refresher, this book gives a concise, practical primer that will help bring you up to speed on the basic principles. Facts and samples that you can quickly read and apply, for ambitious professionals and hobbyists.

Integrating D3.js with React: Learn to Bring Data Visualization to Life
Author: Elrom, Elad
Published at: 04/06/2021
ISBN: 1484270517

What You'll Learn

  • Set up your project with React, TypeScript and D3.js
  • Create simple and advanced D3.js charts
  • Work with complex charts such as world and force charts
  • Integrate D3 data with React state management
  • Improve the performance of your D3 components
  • Deploy as a server or serverless app and debug test

Who This Book Is For

Readers that already have basic knowledge of React, HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Pro D3.js: Use D3.js to Create Maintainable, Modular, and Testable Charts
Author: Iglesias, Marcos
Published at: 01/11/2019
ISBN: 1484252020

What You Will Learn

  • Create v5 D3.js charts with ES2016 and unit tests
  • Develop modular, testable and extensible code with the Reusable API pattern
  • Work with and extend Britecharts, a reusable charting library created at Eventbrite
  • Use Webpack and npm to create and publish a charting library from your own chart collections
  • Write reference documentation and build a documentation homepage for your library.

Who This Book Is For

Data scientists, data visualization engineers, and frontend developers with a fundamental knowledge of D3.js and some experience with JavaScript, as well as data journalists and consultants.

Learn D3.js: Create interactive data-driven visualizations for the web with the D3.js library
Author: da Rocha, Helder
Published at: 03/05/2019
ISBN: 1838645578

What you will learn

  • Learn to use D3.js version 5 and web standards to create beautiful interactive data-driven visualizations for the web
  • Bind data to DOM elements, applying different scales, color schemes and configuring smooth animated transitions for data updates
  • Generate data structures and layouts for many popular chart formats
  • Apply interactive behaviors to any chart
  • Create thematic maps based on GIS data using different geographical projections with interactive behaviors
  • Load, parse and transform data from JSON and CSV formats

D3 4.x: Mastering Data Visualization
Author: Nick Zhu,Matt Dionis
Published at: 29/05/2017

About This Book

  • Get a solid understanding of the D3 fundamentals and idioms
  • Create modern data visualizations with D3 4.x that take advantage of the latest capabilities of JavaScript
  • Combine D3.js and Angular 2
  • Utilize gravity, charge, and velocity

What You Will Learn

  • Use D3 to load, manipulate, and map data to any kind of visual representation on the web
  • Create data-driven dynamic visualizations that update as the data does
  • Leverage the various modules provided by D3 to create sophisticated, dynamic, and interactive charts and graphics
  • Create data-driven transitions and animations within your visualizations
  • Understand and leverage more advanced concepts such as force and touch
  • Create a data dashboard with Angular 2.

Fullstack D3 and Data Visualization: Build beautiful data visualizations with D3
Author: Amelia Wattenberger
Published at: 29/07/2019
ISBN: 0991344650

This is a complete guide to D3 js. With this comprehensive book, you'll understand and apply all the data visualization tasks at ease. It'll help you to convert data into an understandable format and uncover key insights and problems. If you want to learn D3.js in the best way, this is the go-to book for you. It also comes with a wonderful online learning platform. There, along with the book, you'll get additional practical implementations of visualizations with code.

If you want to read the first chapter of this book check here!

What You'll Learn

  • Making Scatter plots and Bar charts
  • Working with animations and transitions
  • Integrating elements that interact with users
  • Making attractive maps
  • Designing cool dashboards
  • Making Radial Weather Chart and Animated Sankey Diagram
  • Merging D3 with React and Angular Js

D3.js By Example
Author: Michael Heydt
Published at: 29/12/2015
ISBN: 1785280082

What you will learn

  • Install and use D3.js to create HTML elements within the document
  • Use development tools such as JSBIN and Chrome Developer Tools to create D3.js applications
  • Retrieve JSON data and use D3.js selections and data binding to create visual elements from data
  • Create and style graphical elements such as circles, ellipses, rectangles, lines, paths, and text using SVG
  • Turn your data into a bar and scatter charts, and add margins, axes, labels, and legends
  • Use D3.js generators to perform the magic of creating complex visualizations from data
  • Add interactivity to your visualizations, including tool-tips, sorting, hover-to-highlight, and grouping and dragging of visuals.

Data Visualization with D3.js Cookbook
Author: Nick Qi Zhu
Published at: 24/10/2013
ISBN: 178216216X

What you will learn from this book

  • Learn how to use functional JavaScript so you can write it the D3 way
  • Select and manipulate HTML and SVG elements efficiently in D3
  • Drive your visualization using data
  • Master D3 scales and interpolators
  • Animate your visualization with style
  • Use SVG and various D3 path generators
  • Explore D3 layouts and understand and leverage D3 force
  • Build mobile-first interactive visualization with touch support
  • Test-drive your visualization implementation
  • Build multi-dimensional data visualization with cross filter and dc.js in minutes.

Learning D3.js Mapping
Author: Thomas Newton,Oscar Villarreal
Published at: 29/12/2014
ISBN: 1783985607

About This Book

  • Dive into D3.js and apply its powerful data binding ability in order to create stunning visualizations
  • Learn the key concepts of SVG, JavaScript, CSS and the DOM in order to project images onto the browser
  • Solve a wide range of problems faced while building interactive maps with this solution-based guide

What You Will Learn

  • Access data resources to make maps and learn how to modify structures
  • Render your maps on a browser
  • Style your maps according to your needs and bind events to maps to make them interactive
  • Tie paths to the geospatial data to outline an SVG map
  • Use Chrome Dev Tools in order to inspect created code
  • Fetch data through AJAX calls with the assistance of the D3.js library
  • Work with data structures and compose blocks of logic into reusable functions
  • Troubleshoot your code.

Mastering D3.js
Author: Pablo Navarro Castillo
Published at: 25/08/2014
ISBN: 178328627X

Key Features

  • Learn how to create custom charts as reusable components that can be integrated with your existing projects
  • Design data-driven applications with several charts interacting between them
  • Create an analytics dashboard to display real-time data using Node.js and D3

What you will Learn

  • Discover the full potential of D3.js as an awesome data visualization technology
  • Learn D3.js application development
  • Use practical tips and insight from an expert to learn how to design and make an effective interface
  • Learn how to create custom charts as reusable components to be integrated with existing projects
  • Create a powerful and high-quality analytics dashboard
  • Find out how to create custom maps and integrate D3 with third-party mapping libraries
  • Follow steps to create data-driven applications by integrating D3 with Backbone
  • Learn how to collaborate with Firebase for real-time data analytics.

Data Visualization with D3 and AngularJS
Author: Christoph Korner
Published at: 27/04/2015
ISBN: 1784398489

What You Will Learn

  • Design, implement and integrate an interactive dashboard to visualize server logs in real time using D3 graphics
  • Learn cross-platform vector graphics to implement a dashboard visualization
  • Perform data-driven transformations on selected HTML and SVG nodes
  • Map, group, and filter datasets and create scales and axes
  • Modularize data visualization information into reusable components to seamlessly integrate them into an AngularJS application
  • Load, parse and preprocess external data and auto-update the visualization
  • Design various chart types such as scatter, line, bar, or area and extend built-in shapes
  • Create custom animations and transitions for the visualization
  • Implement interactions and controls for the visualization preserving two-way binding between D3 and AngularJS components

D3.js: Cutting-edge Data Visualization
Author: Ændrew H. Rininsland,Michael Heydt,Pablo Navarro Castillo
Published at: 31/03/2017

What You Will Learn

  • Gain a solid understanding of the common D3 development idioms
  • Find out how to write basic D3 code for servers using Node.js
  • Install and use D3.js to create HTML elements within a document
  • Create and style graphical elements such as circles, ellipses, rectangles, lines, paths, and text using SVG
  • Turn your data into a bar and scatter charts, and add margins, axes, labels, and legends
  • Use D3.js generators to perform the magic of creating complex visualizations from data
  • Add interactivity to your visualizations, including tool-tips, sorting, hover-to-highlight, and grouping and dragging of visuals
  • Write, test, and distribute a D3-based charting package
  • Make a real-time application with Node and D3.

Practical D3.js
Author: Tarek Amr
Published at: 05/07/2016
ISBN: 1484219279

Practical D3.js does not just show you how to use D3.js, it teaches you how to think like a data scientist and work with the data in the real world. In Part One, you will learn about theories behind data visualization. In Part Two, you will learn how to use D3.js to create the best charts and layouts. Uniquely, this book intertwines the technical details of D3.js with practical topics such as data journalism and the use of open government data.

What You Will Learn

  • How to think like a data scientist and present data in the best way
  • What structure and design strategies you can use for compelling data visualization
  • How to use data binding, animations and events, scales, and color pickers
  • How to use shapes, path generators, arcs, and polygons.

D3.js 4.x Data Visualization - Third Edition
Author: Rininsland, Ændrew
Published at: 28/04/2017
ISBN: 178712035X

This book is for web developers, interactive news developers, data scientists, and anyone interested in representing data through interactive visualizations on the Web with D3. Some basic knowledge of JavaScript is expected, but no prior experience with data visualization or D3 is required to follow this book.

What You Will Learn

  • Map data to visual elements using D3's scales.
  • Draw SVG elements using D3's shape generators.
  • Transform data using D3's collection methods.
  • Use D3's various layout patterns to quickly generate various common types of chart.
  • Write modern JavaScript using ES2017 and Babel.
  • Explore the basics of unit testing D3 visualizations using Mocha and Chai.
  • Write and deploy a simple Node.js web service to render charts via HTML Canvas.
  • Understand what makes a good data visualization and how to use the tools at your disposal to create accurate charts.

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