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best electrodynamics books
Electrodynamics is the study of electric currents and magnetic fields, the relation between them and its interaction with matter. It's described by the Maxwell equations and the Lorentz Force. If you interested enough in learning electrodynamics, the below book will be the best choice for you.
Introduction to Electrodynamics
Author: David J. Griffiths
Published at: 12/07/2017
ISBN: 1108420419

This complete book provides you with clear explanations about electrodynamics. It has theoretical steps with all careful illustrations. Also, a solution manual from the author is available with this book.

What you'll learn-

  • Fundamentals of the electromagnetic theory
  • Applications of antenna, transmission line
  • Theoretical steps with examples
  • Numerous problems
  • Straightforward illustrations

Classical Electrodynamics Third Edition
Author: John David Jackson
Published at: 10/08/1998
ISBN: 047130932X

This fundamental book shows your classical approaches to thermodynamics. You can learn basic formulas of physics. Also, it will help you to clarify your knowledge about modern electrodynamics.

What you'll learn-

  • Classical mathematics
  • Details on Electromagnetic field
  • Surface and interface

Modern Electrodynamics
Author: Andrew Zangwill
Published at: 24/12/2012
ISBN: 0521896975

This book covers all the topics for any electrodynamics course. It has 120 worked examples and 80 applications which help the reader to develop their technical skills. 

What you'll learn-

  • Discussions of electrostatics
  • Detailed on magnetostatics, quasi-statics.
  • Conservation law
  • Wave propagation
  • Radiation and scattering
  • Special relativity
  • Modern Electrodynamics
  • 120 worked examples and 80 applications

Electrodynamics and Classical Theory of Fields and Particles (Dover Books on Physics)
Author: A. O. Barut
Published at: 18/10/2010
ISBN: 0486640388

This guide gives you all the theory about electrodynamics with complete explanations. If you want to have a good basis in Classical Field Theory, this little book is an excellent choice. Every sentence in this book is insightful, both physically and mathematically.
What you'll learn-

    • Discussion of space-time
    • Lorentz transformations
    • Spinor fields
    • A fundamental problem of dynamics
    • Green's functions using Dirac formalism
    • Formulation of electrodynamics

    Quantum Electrodynamics: A Lecture Note and Reprint Volume (Classic Reprint)
    Author: Richard Phillips Feynman
    Published at: 19/04/2018
    ISBN: 0282481184

    This book provides you with all the topics in the most effective way. It offers new, rapid and more information about quantum physics. 

    What you'll learn-

    • Basic quantum physics
    • Electromagnetic waves
    • Lorentz transformations
    • Wave propagation

    Finite Quantum Electrodynamics: The Causal Approach, Third Edition (Dover Books on Physics)
    Author: Gunter Scharf
    Published at: 16/04/2014
    ISBN: 0486492737
    The book begins with Dirac's theory, followed by the quantum theory of free fields and solves the infrared problem by means of the adiabatic limit. All the topics are illustrated in very excellent approaches.
    What you'll learn-
    • Detailed calculations of scattering processes 
    • Invariance of quantum electrodynamics
    • Causal perturbation theory
    • Electromagnetic couplings

    Classical Electromagnetism: Second Edition (Dover Books on Physics)
    Author: Jerrold Franklin
    Published at: 18/10/2017
    ISBN: 0486813711

    This guide offers you all the fundamental laws with complete illustrations. It begins on the topics from a fundamental point of view and builds up with no loss of rigor. Also, a nice writing style that makes the book more interesting

    What you'll learn-

    • Basic laws of electricity
    • Classical electromagnetism
    • Electromagnetic waves
    • Special relativity
    • Electrodynamics of moving bodies

    Electrodynamics: The Field-Free Approach: Electrostatics, Magnetism, Induction, Relativity and Field Theory (Undergraduate Lecture Notes in Physics)
    Author: Kjell Prytz
    Published at: 21/03/2015
    ISBN: 3319131702

    This excellent book gives you electrodynamics at a basic or advanced level. The objective is to prove a general understanding of the electrodynamic theory and its basic experiments in order to form a foundation for further studies in the engineering sciences

    What you'll learn-

    • The concept of force and mutual interaction
    • Electrodynamics
    • Theory of relativity
    • Basics of magnetic effect
    • Field theory
    • Vector algebra
    • Newton’s laws and the energy principle

    Foundations of Electrodynamics (Dover Books on Electrical Engineering)
    Author: Parry Moon,Domina Eberle Spencer
    Published at: 17/07/2013
    ISBN: 0486497038

    This advanced book provides you basic postulations of thermodynamics. you can learn conceptual methods of physics. Also, It has a discussion on electricity and uses of vector analysis. Best book for learning electrodynamics.

    What you'll learn-

    • Fundamentals of electrodynamics
    • Maxwell's equations
    • Skin effects
    • Waveguides
    • Moving systems
    • Relativistic electrodynamics
    • Differential equations

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