Best Electromagnetism Books 2023 for Engineers and Physicists

best electromagnetism books
The combined form of the electrical system and the magnetic field is called the electromagnetic system. We use this system in wireless data transfer. With the rapid growth of wireless technologies, more and more people are trying to gain a better understanding of electromagnetics. For this purpose, Best Electromagnetism Books in 2023 help you to know all about electromagnetic and it's uses from basic to advance level.
Advanced Classical Electromagnetism
Author: Wald, Robert
Published at: 22/02/2022
ISBN: 0691220395

Electromagnetism is one the pillars of modern physics. Robert Wald provides graduate students with a clear, concise, and mathematically precise introduction to the subject, covering all the core topics while bringing the teaching of electromagnetism up to date with our modern understanding of the subject. Electromagnetism is usually taught in a quasi-historical fashion, starting from concepts formulated in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, but this tends to promote outdated and unhealthy ways of thinking about the theory.

Wald begins with Maxwell’s equations, the foundation of electromagnetism, together with the formulas for the energy density, momentum density, and stress tensor of the electromagnetic field. He then proceeds through all the major topics in classical electromagnetism, such as electrostatics, dielectrics, magnetostatics, electrodynamics and radiation, diffraction, and special relativity. The last two chapters discuss electromagnetism as a gauge theory and the notion of a point charge topics not normally treated in electromagnetism texts.

Engineering Electromagnetics
Author: Nathan Ida
Published at: 25/04/2020
ISBN: 3030155560

This book not only provides students with a good theoretical understanding of electromagnetic field equations but it also treats a large number of applications. No topic is presented unless it is directly applicable to engineering design or unless it is needed for the understanding of another topic. Included in this new edition are more than 400 examples and exercises, exercising every topic in the book. Also to be found are 600 end-of-chapter problems, many of them are simplified applications. A new chapter introducing numerical methods into the electromagnetic curriculum discusses the finite element, finite difference, and moment methods.

Fundamentals of Physics II: Electromagnetism, Optics, and Quantum Mechanics (The Open Yale Courses Series)
Author: Shankar, R.
Published at: 19/05/2020
ISBN: 0300243782

R. Shankar is a well‑known physicist and contagiously enthusiastic educator, whose popular online introductory-physics video lectures have been viewed over a million times. In this second book based on his online courses, Shankar explains electromagnetism, optics, and quantum mechanics, developing the basics and reinforcing the fundamentals. With the help of problem sets and answer keys, students learn about the most interesting findings of today’s research while gaining a firm foundation in the principles and methods of physics.

Fundamentals of Applied Electromagnetics -- Print Offer [Loose-Leaf] (8th Edition)
Author: Fawwaz T. Ulaby,Umberto Ravaioli
Published at: 14/07/2019
ISBN: 0135739438

This amazing book consists of basic knowledge about electromagnetism and you can use it as a reference book in one or two-semester electromagnetics course. It also serves as a reference for engineers. It also helps you to know the relation between circuits and electromagnetics material. At a glance, you will learn from the very familiar concepts to advanced levels with some applications. Every topic in this book decorates a user-friendly approach and easy to understand. A set of interactive simulations will help you to understand the concepts presented in it. Overall, a great book for self-teaching.

Electromagnetic Compatibility Engineering
Author: Henry W. Ott
Published at: 24/08/2009
ISBN: 0470189304

This entire book consists of various topics on electromagnetic system. It shows you the most recent development in the electromagnetic field and their uses in our practical life. 

What You Will Learn

  • Analog and digital circuits for 
  • Computer
  • Medical 
  • Home entertainment
  • Telecom
  • Industrial process
  • Military and aerospace systems

In the new addition, you may learn various things about electromagnetism and its application. It mentions below-

  • Equipment grounding

  • Switching power supplies and variable-speed motor drives

  • Digital circuit power distribution and decoupling

  • Mixed-signal PCB layout

  • RF and transient immunity

  • Power line disturbances

  • Precompliance EMC measurements

Also. the book has over 250 problems with answers. It will be an essential resource for engineers and others

Engineering Electromagnetics and Waves (2nd Edition)
Author: Umran S. Inan,Aziz Inan,Ryan Said
Published at: 14/12/2014
ISBN: 0132662744

The book provides you with basic electromagnetic theory and its application in real life. It will be used in an introductory grad class.

What You Will Learn

  • Very easy to understand and useful for a refresher of undergrad topics.
  • Problems can be quite complicated so solution manuals are a good idea.
  • A full discussion about transmission lines
  • Application of Maxwell's equations

Electromagnetics with Applications
Author: John Daniel Kraus,Daniel A. Fleisch
Published at: 01/01/1999
ISBN: 0072899697
The book discusses classical electromagnetics and shows full details on both static and dynamic electromagnetics for the students. It explains both the basic theory and its application to practical designs and contains many computer programs for running on a personal computer. Many new topics are presented including heart dipole; superconductors; wave absorption, fiber optics, and dielectric resonators. It's very well-written and even explains mathematical concepts like divergence and curl in a very clear manner, providing good examples to illustrate what can be tough to understand the material. It's very detailed and mathematically rigorous. It also shows the student practical uses of electromagnetic's.

Engineering Electromagnetics
Author: William Hayt,John Buck
Published at: 23/01/2018
ISBN: 0078028159

The updated version of this book consists of fundamental discussion on electromagnetic's. Also, about twenty new numerical examples and 550 new ends of chapter problems are added in this book. The book starts with vector calculus and basic ideas in electrostatics, Gauss's Law, energy, potential, electric currents and conduction, electric fields, capacitance, and dielectric materials. Not only this, it consists of topics on the magnetic field, inductance and Maxwell's equations and its engineering applications. It has sufficient mathematical methods based on various theories. 

As a summary, It is designed for electrical engineering students as well as professors. It explains all electromagnetic concepts and illustrates them with examples.

Fundamentals of Electromagnetics with Engineering Applications
Author: Stuart M. Wentworth
Published at: 12/07/2006
ISBN: 0470105755

This fully prepared amazing reference book shows you many practical applications on wireless systems, transmission lines, antennas, electromagnetic interfaces, and microwave systems. It is designed in the way that electrical engineering students can use this book as their reference book in one or two semesters. Also, the book consists of some essential topics. 

What You Will Learn

  • Various example problems with hands-on experience in solving electromagnetic problems.
    • Describes a number of practical applications that show you how electromagnetic theory is put into practice.
    • Offers a summary at the end of each chapter with a key point.
    • MATLAB examples are integrated all over the book to enhance your creativity.

    Engineering Electromagnetics
    Author: Ida, Nathan
    Published at: 01/08/2007
    ISBN: 0387201564

    This text not only provides students with a good theoretical understanding of electromagnetic field equations but it also treats a large number of applications. No topic is presented unless it is directly applicable to engineering design or unless it is needed for the understanding of another topic. Included in this new edition are more than 400 examples and exercises, exercising every topic in the book. Also to be found are 600 end-of-chapter problems, many of them applications or simplified applications. A new chapter introducing numerical methods into the electromagnetic curriculum discusses the finite element, finite difference and moment methods.

    Molecular Biology of the Cell
    Author: Alberts, Bruce
    Published at: 03/12/2014
    ISBN: 0815344643

    The entire illustration program has been greatly enhanced. Protein structures better illustrate structure-function relationships, icons are simpler and more consistent within and between chapters, and micrographs have been refreshed and updated with newer, clearer, or better images. As a new feature, each chapter now contains intriguing open-ended questions highlighting "What We Don’t Know," introducing students to challenging areas of future research. Updated end-of-chapter problems reflect new research discussed in the text. Thought-provoking end-of-chapter questions have been expanded to all chapters, including questions on developmental biology, tissues and stem cells, the immune system, and pathogens.

    Electricity and Magnetism
    Author: Purcell, Edward M.
    Published at: 01/01/2013
    ISBN: 1107014026

    For 50 years, Edward M. Purcell's classic textbook has introduced students to the world of electricity and magnetism. The third edition has been brought up to date and is now in SI units. It features hundreds of new examples, problems, and figures, and contains discussions of real-life applications. The textbook covers all the standard introductory topics, such as electrostatics, magnetism, circuits, electromagnetic waves, and electric and magnetic fields in matter. Taking a nontraditional approach, magnetism is derived as a relativistic effect. Mathematical concepts are introduced in parallel with the physics topics at hand, making the motivations clear. Macroscopic phenomena are derived rigorously from the underlying microscopic physics. With worked examples, hundreds of illustrations, and nearly 600 end-of-chapter problems and exercises, this textbook is ideal for electricity and magnetism courses. Solutions to the exercises are available for instructors at

    Classical Electromagnetism: Second Edition (Dover Books on Physics)
    Author: Franklin, Jerrold
    Published at: 18/10/2017
    ISBN: 0486813711

    This guide offers you all the fundamental laws with complete illustrations. It begins on the topics from a fundamental point of view and builds up with no loss of rigor. Also, a nice writing style that makes the book more interesting

    What you'll learn-

    • Basic laws of electricity
    • Classical electromagnetism
    • Electromagnetic waves
    • Special relativity
    • Electrodynamics of moving bodies

    Elements of Electromagnetics (The Oxford Series in Electrical and Computer Engineering)
    Author: Sadiku, Matthew
    Published at: 03/01/2018
    ISBN: 0190698616

    Using a vectors-first approach, Elements of Electromagnetics, Seventh Edition, covers electrostatics, magnetostatics, fields, waves, and applications like transmission lines, waveguides, and antennas. The text also provides a balanced presentation of time-varying and static fields, preparing students for employment in today's industrial and manufacturing sectors.

    Streamlined to facilitate student understanding, Elements of Electromagnetics features worked examples in every chapter that explain how to use the theory presented in the text to solve different kinds of problems. It also covers numerical methods, including MATLAB and vector analysis, to help students analyze situations that they are likely to encounter in industry practice.

    Also you can check these books:
  • Fundamentals of Applied Electromagnetics

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