Best Email Marketing Books 2023: Boost up Your Business Revenue

best email marketing books

Email may seem old fashioned but it is one of the most effective marketing channels. Here you will get some of the best Email Marketing Books of 2023. This list will give you cutting-edge ideas for your email marketing, all your other marketing, and even your business future. By reading some of the best Email Marketing books you can learn how to use email marketing to promote your product and services, how to develop relationships with potential customers and/or clients, how to increase your business revenue and much more.

EMAIL MARKETING STRATEGY-2021: Strategies That Increase Conversions
Author: L, Sowmitri
Published at: 31/01/2021

Are you looking for answers to questions about email marketing? So, let's find out some interesting questions and answers about - Getting started with email marketing. Why should a company use email marketing? Some sources for generating leads are your site's acceptance forms, events, social media, webinars, and referrals. These leads should know your company better and understand how you can help with their needs. Use email marketing to attract leads, tell them about your products and services, discover weaknesses, and convert them into satisfied customers. Bonus - you can engage leads based on previous interactions, tastes, and preferences.

Marketing Made Simple: A Step-by-Step StoryBrand Guide for Any Business
Author: Miller, Donald
Published at: 02/03/2021
ISBN: 1400217644

Based on proven principles from Building a Story Brand , this 5-part checklist  is the ultimate resource for marketing professionals and business owners as they cultivate a sales funnel that flows across key customer touch points to effectively develop, strengthen, and communicate their brand’s story to the marketplace. In this book, you will learn:

  • The three stages of customer relationships.
  • How to create and implement the one marketing plan you will never regret.
  • How to develop a sales funnel that attracts the right customers to your business. 
  • The power of email and how to create campaigns that result in customer traffic and a growth in brand awareness.  
  • The keys to wire framing a website that commands attention and generates conversions.

The inability to attract and convert new customers is costing business owners valuable opportunities to grow their brand. This prevents companies, both big and small, from making the sales that are crucial to their survival. With Marketing Made Simple, you will learn everything you need to know to take your business to the next level.

Affiliate Marketing For Beginners 2021: Make A Six-Figures Income From Home, 3 Books In1/ Affiliate Marketing, Traffic Generating And Email Marketing "Passive Income".
Author: Publishing, SFQ
Published at: 22/02/2021

This Ebook  solves the following common yet fatal problems hounding both newbie and veteran affiliate marketers.

You will learn:

  • How to pick a niche that is most likely to earn you money
  • How to pick a conversion platform that will produce the most money with the least effort
  • How to create content your niche audience will actually want to read and share
  • How to select affiliate offers the smart and efficient way
  • How to build an affiliate marketing business that will stand the test of time and fickle consumer trends

Author: Media, Michael
Published at: 10/02/2021

The book clearly says everything you need to know about social media. Reading this book you will learn how to use a marketing plan combined with new online trends and acquire new potential customers. The book explained everything completely and organized instruction for better managing our social campaigns. Worthy to read.

Starting up a business or just trying to get new customers today requires knowing how to market one's self on social media. This book is really helpful in detailing all the it's and out's of successfully marketing yourself on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

Affiliate Marketing: 2021 Edition - Earn high commissions by selling products and services you do not have (Best Financial Freedom Books & Audiobooks)
Author: Kasey, Robert
Published at: 31/05/2021
ISBN: B095T87L2R

This beginners guide aims to teach you everything from A to Z about affiliate marketing and how you can use this lucrative business venture to fund your dreams and earn financial freedom with little or no grunt work to get there.

Inside, you’ll learn:

  • What is Affiliate Marketing and how does this Business Model works
  • How to get started
  • How to maximize profits
  • How to level up your business as you learn more

If you’re ready to give up the daily 9 to 5 job and start working for yourself and begin earning real money, you have to start here.

The SaaS Email Marketing Playbook: Convert Leads, Increase Customer Retention, and Close More Recurring Revenue With Email
Author: Garbugli, Étienne
Published at: 24/04/2020
ISBN: 1777160405

In case you hadn't grasped it by the title, this book is intended for people who work at an SaaS company and help with email marketing for it. You might be able to glean other tips if this isn't you, but this is the core audience for the book. I like that this book is very specific and targeted, and clearly, this author knows what he is talking about. He also expects the reader is going to have a certain level of marketing knowledge before reading the book, as he doesn't explain many of the marketing terms and concepts before just telling you how to do them or his take on them. So if words like data implementation plan, automations, retention, and optimization make you go a little weak in the knees, this may not be the book for you.

What I found most fascinating were the deep dives in the back of the book. In them, the author gives specific ideas and examples of email sequences for a variety of reasons, like cold email and onboarding sequences. For some reason, the author has this after the conclusion of the book, but I think these deep dives are critical and should definitely be included in the main portion of the book. I don't think a conclusion should happen until the book actually concludes! If you are in the target market of this book, you will most likely find tips and strategies to help your email marketing be more effective and helpful for your company or the company you work for.

Holistic Email Marketing: A practical philosophy to revolutionise your business and delight your customers
Author: Pay, Kath
Published at: 13/11/2020
ISBN: 1781334919

It’s time to put the ‘marketing’ back into email marketing.

Adopting a holistic approach to email marketing will help you break through barriers, serve your customers better and drive stronger results for your company. Holistic Email Marketing is a reliable source of up-to-date, practical guidance, inspiration and thought leadership to make your email marketing programmes dynamic. This book will enable you to:

  • Develop strategies and tactics that will make you a better email marketer
  • Craft email messages that your customers will love and act on
  • Achieve your goals by using ‘Helpful Marketing’
  • Apply a scientific method to testing and marketing to reduce waste and learn what works

Email Persuasion: Captivate and Engage Your Audience, Build Authority and Generate More Sales With Email Marketing
Author: Ian Brodie
Published at: 13/11/2013
ISBN: 0992763118

Email Persuasion is an excellent book for making Email Marketing more effective in your business. This Email Marketing book is highly recommended for entrepreneurs, marketers and anyone who uses email marketing as a medium of his/her business interaction with the clients and customers.

It is a step by step guide of how to create and implement an effective email marketing strategy. Marketing expert Ian Brodie has discussed all the techniques to make the best use of email marketing in this book. It is very well structured, covers all the topics with examples, recommendations, strategy, and concepts.

It has the most basic to most advanced materials like how to start with email marketing, find out client's interest, suitable offers for various customers, improving email contents and interactions, etc. 

This book includes:

  • Highly effective customer mapping insight to understand the needs of customers and make them eager to buy your products.
  • How to maximize the perceived value of your clients and suggest to solve their problems.
  • Build a list of the most valuable customers and email subscribers.
  • Strategies that can make your email more readable and opened rather than ignoring them by customers.
  • How to influence the customers to buy from you.
  • How to convert the subscribed customers into paying clients.
  • How to assure the customers about your strategy that their information will never be abused.
  • Set up an auto-responder program which will automate your email marketing that goes along with the running email offers and campaigns.

This book is the best training you can get which will not cost you a lot.

Email Marketing Blueprint - The Ultimate Guide to Building an Email List Asset
Author: Steve Scott
Published at: 14/01/2014

Email Marketing Blueprint is a great resource for people interested in leveraging email marketing to grow or start a business. Author Steve Scott breaks down the email marketing strategy in a specific step-by-step way that even a  beginner can easily understand his thoughts.

He covered all the topics thoroughly which makes this book easy to read and follow. This Email Marketing book covers the 3 different marketing styles: Pure Profit, Authority and Hybrid marketing.

This book contains the techniques of how to send different types of emails to different customers and maintain the best relationships with them at the same time, how to maintain a delivery time of emails, how to drive traffic to an email list etc. It also has tons of real-world examples and resources. 

What you will learn:

  • How to build a list of most active and motivated customers
  • 9 list building guidelines
  • Three most used marketing types and strategies
  • How to maintain the best relationship with both the existing and newly subscribed customers
  • How to blend auto-responders and broadcast messages
  • Click worthy tags and subject lines to gather more traffic
  • Plans for selling products, running campaigns, building authority and publishing platform

This book will completely change your business plan and will help you get the most profit out of it.

Email Marketing Demystified: Build a Massive Mailing List, Write Copy that Converts and Generate More Sales
Author: Matthew Paulson
Published at: 10/09/2015
ISBN: 0990530019

In this comprehensive guide, digital marketing expert Matthew Paulson has revealed tips and tricks that the marketing professionals use for email marketing. This book covers everything you need to take on account to start and grow your email list and system.

This book discusses various marketing concepts and converts them into meaningful ideas which can be helpful for email marketing. This book also provides plenty of real examples which take the mystery out of what and how email marketing works the best. It has step by step recommendations for every email marketing strategies. 

This book contains:

  • How to select the best email service providers for your business
  • 15 different ways of building an effective and massive email list
  • When to send, how to send and what to send to the customers via email
  • How to engage more customers through email and maintain the best relationship with them
  • 6 different ways to increase your profit by email marketing
  • Email delivery and maintenance
  • Inbound, outbound and legal aspects of Email marketing

This book is great for anyone engaging in email marketing.

Email Marketing Rules: Checklists, Frameworks, and 150 Best Practices for Business Success
Author: Chad S. White
Published at: 02/06/2017

Email marketing rules is a must-read book for all email marketers. A beginner will learn how to start up with email marketing from scratch whereas a professional who has several years of experience can also learn new things from this book.

Chad S. White has introduced 150 best practices in an engaging style where he broke down the complexity of email into simple rules. This book is mainly divided into three parts.

The first part contains the fundamentals and best practices of email marketing, the second part contains some frameworks to make you understand how different email marketing works and finally the third part predicts about the email marketing future in the upcoming years. 

You will learn:

  • Building an engaged list of subscribers, managing the inactive and active subscribers separately and set the right program goals
  • 150 best-recommended practices to follow for getting the best results from email marketing
  • How to grow an email list, proper placement of inbox and stay out of spam folders
  • The subject line and preview text design for gaining more attention from the users
  • Common mistakes and the ways of recovery
  • Setting up Email automation and estimating email frequency
  • Email marketing workflows and future

Author: Kelvin Dorsey
Published at: 06/09/2017

This book is an ideal choice for beginners and intermediate email marketers. Kelvin Dorsey expresses the key strategies of email marketing which is incredibly valuable.

Every topic of this book is well illustrated with a lot of examples. It is easy to read and easy to remember. If you are a beginner you will learn the whole email marketing concept from scratch and if you already know about email marketing then you will find a new perspective to think about.

He also discusses the way to convert your email subscribers into your regular paying customer, common mistakes made by beginners, emotionally engage and make the subscribers act on your action, etc. This book is a must-have resource for email marketers. 

What's in this book:

  • Convert subscribers into paying customers without alienating
  • Two secret things that determine a marketer's success rate
  • Various email marketing strategies to get you on top
  • How to write more appealing subject lines
  • Copyright and sales secrets
  • Mistakes to be avoided when writing an email
  • Discussion of breakthrough business ideas

Email Marketing Techniques: Email Marketing Beginner's Guide and Strategies
Author: Paul D. Kings
Published at: 11/04/2017
ISBN: 1545286981

Email Marketing Techniques is a beginner-friendly book that covers all the fundamentals of email marketing. Any business needs proper planning to be successful.

This book tells us how a proper plan can be made which will be both time-efficient and effective. Paul D. Kings style of writing has made this book accessible by anyone. He also implemented 8 useful factors to take on account before starting email marketing.

These factors will make your business well planned and you will also have social media integrated with your business for more insights and subscribers. 

A quick overview of this book:

  • A brief overview of Email Marketing
  • Advantages and disadvantages of it
  • How to send bulk emails without falling into the spam-list
  • Best practices and strategies for email marketing
  • Choosing the best Email Service Provider
  • Use of premium auto-responder and email marketing software
  • 8 amazing factors to boost up your business

How To Create A High Value Lead Magnet To Quickly Grow Your Email List: Strategic Email Marketing
Author: Marie G
Published at: 19/07/2017
ISBN: B0743F9GK4

This book contains all the strategies to create a high-value lead magnet that will grow your email list and turn your subscribers into your customers. From the basic ideas of what lead magnet is to the ways of creating them, this book covers it all.

It focuses on the key elements needed to create a lead magnet. It also shows how to create dynamic lead magnet which will change according to the marketing conditions. The lead magnet helps to grow an email list quickly. If your email list is accurate then your marketing will be easier and successful.

Different kinds of lead magnets are discussed with examples in this book. Grab this amazing book to maximize your email marketing strategies.

This book covers:

  • How to create a dynamic lead magnet
  • Build and grow an email list with a lead magnet
  • How to convert visitors into subscribers
  • How to increase traffics from social sites to your business
  • Choose proper marketing strategies to get the most results.

Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing for Business
Author: Susan Gunelius
Published at: 15/05/2018
ISBN: 1599186233

The ultimate guide to email marketing will teach you how to integrate email marketing into your business and make the best out of it. It has everything in details which is very helpful for building a strong foundation in email marketing.

Email marketing is a very popular strategy to increase business revenue. But without a perfect and accurate email list, it is impossible to achieve. In this book, Susan Gunelius shows you the way of turning the subscribers into your regular customers.

How to not fall into spam list, how to engage more customers with your emails, how to set up the most effective email list are some of the topics discussed in this book.

This book is straight forward, clear and discusses several business strategies in an amazing way that anyone can find this book helpful.

Some of the key points:

  • Ways of creating the most effective email list
  • Developing Conversion funnel for keeping the customers happy and make them buy from you
  • Time-efficient email automation
  • Strategies to win back customers
  • How to target the right people at the right time
  • Following the rules and regulations for a hassle-free business

Email Marketing: 22 Ways to Supercharge your Emails: Proven Tactics for Maximizing Engagement Levels & Revenue
Author: Jack Stone
Published at: 09/09/2018

In this book, veteran email marketer Jack Stone shows 22 different ways to get the most out of email marketing which will help you to grow your business and increase your sales.

By reading this book you will get a proper idea about implementing these tactics into your business. Step by step guidance with plenty of examples is given for every topic in this book.

You can find answers of all your questions like how to engage more people with email, how to make proper subject and tag lines for emails, which people to target for greater revenue etc. on this book. 

You will learn how to:

  • Grow your email list
  • Run different campaigns and offers
  • Convert subscribers into buyers
  • Increase revenue from your business

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