Best English Grammar Books 2023

The whole system and structure of a language or of languages in general, usually taken as consisting of syntax and morphology (including inflexions) and sometimes also phonology and semantics is called grammar. Grammar is the study of words, how they are used in sentences, and how they change in different situations. Rules and examples show how language should be used. Grammar is important because it is the language that makes it possible for us to talk about language. Knowing about grammar also helps us understand what makes sentences and paragraphs clear and interesting and precise. English grammar books are just like the Bible for every language. As English is the international language here are some best English grammar books in 2023 we will ever need.
English Grammar in Use Book with Answers and Interactive eBook: Self-Study Reference and Practice Book for Intermediate Learners of English
Author: Raymond Murphy
Published at: 01/09/2015
ISBN: 1107539331

Grammar in Use is the world's best-selling grammar series for learners of English. English Grammar in Use with Answers and Interactive eBook, authored by Raymond Murphy, is the first choice for intermediate (B1-B2) learners and covers all the grammar required at this level. It is a self-study book with simple explanations and lots of practice exercises. This book has helped millions of people around the world to communicate in English.

It is also trusted by teachers and can be used as a supplementary text in classrooms. This edition includes an eBook with the same grammar units as the printed book, plus audio. It can be accessed online or downloaded to iPads and Android tablets. This book is very easy to read and is structured. It not only tells you what to say but WHY it is written or said that way. This book is an effective tool for college students also who seek to write essays with better grammar. The explanation on each topic is straightforward with Lots of simplest and most sophisticated exercises about grammar usage.

English Grammar For Dummies (For Dummies (Lifestyle))
Author: Geraldine Woods
Published at: 01/05/2017
ISBN: 1119376599

Good grammar lays the foundation for speaking and writing clearly. This easy-to-follow book will help you become a more articulate, effective communicator. Covering everything from the building blocks of a sentence to those pesky rules of punctuation, it offers the practical guidance you need to communicate in a way that would make any English teacher proud. This book is a great refresher and best English grammar books for those of us who have the task of teaching the rudiments of Language Arts to primary students.

The paragraph opens with an easy-to-remember sentence that illustrates inclusion as well as the omission of an apostrophe, presents two more examples in the middle, and closes with another easy-to-remember sentence that illustrates inclusion as well as the omission of an apostrophe. The numerous witty examples in this 400-page book earn it five shiny stars. Its companion Workbook edition 2 is equally good. Improve your speaking skills and Clearly compose written communications Get the latest techniques for continuous improvement Write a winning college entrance exam or compelling business presentation

Complete English Grammar Rules: Examples, Exceptions, Exercises, and Everything You Need to Master Proper Grammar (The Farlex Grammar Book) (Volume 1)
Author: Farlex International
Published at: 17/08/2016
ISBN: 1535399201
Whether you're an expert or a beginner, there's always something new to learn when it comes to the always-evolving English language. Don't rely on multiple incomplete textbooks that contradict each other--fill in all the gaps in your grammar knowledge with one go-to guide. Only Complete English Grammar Rules gives you key exceptions, common grammar mistakes, thousands of real-world examples, and hundreds of grammar quizzes designed to help you retain what you've learned.

With Complete English Grammar Rules, you'll be able to: 
  • Quickly master basic English grammar and tackle more advanced topics.
  • Properly use every type of noun, verb, and even the most obscure grammar elements.
  • Master verb tenses, including irregular verbs and exceptions.
  • Avoid embarrassing grammar errors.
  • Immediately put your skills into action! Become a more effective writer and communicator in school, at work, and in everyday conversation.

Fundamentals of English Grammar Workbook
Author: Betty S. Azar
Published at: 01/01/2011
ISBN: 0138022127
"Fundamentals of English Grammar Workbook" is a workbook to use with Fundamentals of English Grammar. This is not a textbook. The Fundamentals of English Grammar Workbook consists of self-study exercises for independent work. A classic developmental skills text for lower-intermediate and intermediate English language learners, Fundamentals of English Grammar is a comprehensive grammar as well as a stimulating and teachable classroom text.

It has educated generations of teachers in how to understand and present the grammatical structures of English in a practical, effective, efficient format. The workbooks can be used for quizzes and tests if the students don't have them! This workbook is a great companion to the book and is perfect for assigning extra classwork, homework, or extra-credit assignments to students. A good variety of exercises and examples are provided for each, arrived in great conditions, brand new and I must say that it's a phenomenal book for English students.

The Perfect English Grammar Workbook: Simple Rules and Quizzes to Master Today's English
Author: Lisa McLendon
Published at: 10/01/2017
ISBN: 162315796X

Mastering English grammar has never been easier. The Perfect English Grammar Workbook is a complete explanation of standard American English and an irreplaceable resource for students, ESL learners, and anyone else who’s serious about mistake-free speaking and writing.

From punctuation and prepositions to adverbs and abbreviations, this grammar workbook provides simple and straightforward guides to every part of English grammar. With classroom-style lessons, you can practice your skills with dozens of helpful exercises. Afterwards, check your progress with comprehensive end-of-chapter quizzes.

The Perfect English Grammar Workbook includes:

  • Modern rules for modern writers―Make sure your skills are up to date with a grammar workbook featuring the latest rules for learning English.
  • Focused lessons―Master grammar over the course of 17 chapters―each divided into individual sections so you can focus on one idea at a time.
  • Exercises, quizzes, and more―This grammar workbook is filled with handy practice exercises and quizzes that will help you test what you’ve learned.

English Grammar: 100 Tragically Common Mistakes (and How to Correct Them)
Author: Sean Williams
Published at: 02/07/2019
ISBN: 1641523735

Those days are gone when you worry about embarrassing yourself with pesky misplaced modifiers or dreaded double negatives. Next time you have a nagging grammar question, pick up this practical guide and write with clarity and confidence.

English Grammar spares you the lessons and cuts right to the answers. Designed for fast reference, this book makes it easy to avoid the most cringe-worthy mistakes in the English language—and maybe even make your grade school grammar teacher proud.

Inside English Grammar:

  • English Grammar goofs—Avoid falling into the most common traps with guidelines for incomplete sentences, possessive pronouns with gerunds, dangling modifiers and more.
  • Word mix-ups—Learn the difference between common word misuses like sex vs. gender, its and it’s, whose and who’s, and the list goes on…
  • Write with style—Make a good (and grammatically correct) impression with every sentence you pen using these easy writing hacks and suggestions.

Painless Grammar (Barron's Painless)
Author: Rebecca Elliott Ph.D.
Published at: 15/04/2016
ISBN: 1438007744

.Titles in "Painless Grammar (Barron's Painless)" is Barron’s extensive Painless Series cover a wide range of subjects, as they are taught at middle school and high school levels. Perfect for supporting Common Core Standards, these books are written for students who find the subjects somewhat confusing, or just need a little extra help. Most of these books take a lighthearted, humorous approach to their subjects, and offer fun exercises including puzzles, games, and challenging “Brain Tickler” problems to solve.

Bonus Online Component: includes additional games to challenge students, including Beat the Clock, a line match game, and a word scramble. This is a great, easy-to-follow book with plenty of examples concerning the various grammar rules. I especially like "ticklers" (exercises) at the end of each topic. The book teaches its readers important grammar rules without boring them in the process. It's easy to follow the examples the book gives. If anyone is struggling with grammar.

ESL Intermediate/Advanced Grammar (English as a Second Language Series)
Author: Mary Ellen Munoz Page
Published at: 17/07/2006
ISBN: 0738601012
"ESL Intermediate/Advanced Grammar (English as a Second Language Series)" is designed for intermediate and advanced high school- and college-level non-native speakers of English who need to improve their ESL (English as a Second Language) grammar skills. ESL Intermediate/Advanced Grammar provides students with simple explanations of grammar, skill-building exercises, detailed answer keys, and test-taking techniques. It's the perfect companion for classroom use or self-guided studies in ESL.

- Grammar-oriented exercises with simple explanations that allow students to master concepts through extensive practice
- Test-taking techniques featuring strategies for success on ESL tests
- Comprehensive Glossary
- Superb preparation for students taking the TOEFL (Test of English as Foreign Language)

Greek: An Essential Grammar (Routledge Essential Grammars)
Author: David Holton
Published at: 06/11/2015
ISBN: 1138930687

"Greek: An Essential Grammar (Routledge Essential Grammars)" is a concise and user-friendly reference guide to modern Greek. It presents a fresh and accessible description of the language in short, readable sections. Explanations are clear and supported by examples throughout. This new edition has been revised and updated to present an accurate and accessible description of the most important aspects of modern Greek. Features include clear and up-to-date examples of special attention to those points which often cause problems to English-speaking learners Greek/English comparisons and contrasts are highlighted throughout. The authors of this book are to be congratulated for its sheer comprehensiveness and depth of detail. There are thousands of examples given so that you can see the various contexts in which parts of speech are used. I turn to this book again and again whenever I need to understand the correct way to use a language feature in everyday life. Indispensable for a deeper understanding of Modern Greek grammar and usage. Highly recommended as the best English grammar book.

The English Grammar Workbook for Adults: A Self-Study Guide to Improve Functional Writing
Author: DiGiacomo, Michael
Published at: 02/06/2020
ISBN: 1646113195

Mastering English grammar can be a real challenge. But, with a little practice and patience, you can discover how to communicate better through self-study in your spare time. The English Grammar Workbook for Adults is here to help improve your writing fluency so you can gain confidence while crafting emails, cover letters, conducting daily business, and personal correspondence. No matter your current skill level, this English grammar workbook has everything you need to learn essential elements, including nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, tenses, and beyond.

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