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best Exercise books

Exercise is the performance of any bodily activity that develops and maintains physical fitness and overall health. Regular exercise helps our body to stay in good shape, to be strong and healthy. Exercise also helps our body from ageing, increasing growth and development, strengthening muscles and stretching, improving athleticism and lose fat. By reading these books written solely about regular Exercise, you will know the usefulness of Exercise in your daily life, how they can be most effective and how you can get the best out of your daily workout.

Below are the best Exercise books in 2022.

Built from Broken: A Science-Based Guide to Healing Painful Joints, Preventing Injuries, and Rebuilding Your Body
Author: Hogan, Scott H
Published at: 07/06/2021
ISBN: 1735728500

Built from Broken is a fantastic instruction manual on how to live pain free. Scott is part of Salt Wrap. I found Salt Wrap while searching the internet for a diet to reduce inflammation. I found their Pain-Free Fat Loss plan that helped me tremendously to live pain free. I got excellent results by following their plan. I am not an athlete. I am a woman in my 50s who wants to live life without pain. I am excited to use Scott’s book to learn how to build my joints to prevent pain in the first place. Give the book a try. You might be pleasantly surprised with the results!!

Built from Broken: A Science-Based Guide to Healing Painful Joints, Preventing Injuries, and Rebuilding Your Body
Author: Hogan, Scott H
Published at: 07/06/2021
ISBN: 1735728500

From a physiotherapeutic perspective, This is one of the best exercise books. This text is an excellent collection of physical exercises that beginners as well as experienced enthusiasts will turn to constantly. The author provides well-researched descriptions of numerous calisthenics, the related physiology, and a rationale for every exercise. I have already incorporated many of these exercises into my personal workout routines, and anticipate adding many more over time.

Building Muscle for Beginners: The Complete Blueprint to Building Muscle with Weight Lifting
Author: Thompson, Baz
Published at: 30/10/2020

There are plenty of books out there that promise to help you build muscle and then suggest unrealistic training programs or questionable ways of getting results, but not here! Building Muscle for Beginners is packed with real advice that is easy to implement into your everyday routine, from weight-lifting, recovery, to eating right. Inside Building Muscle for Beginners, discover:

    • How to build muscle through an efficient and easy-to-follow strength-training program
    • The foods you need to fuel your body with, and when you should be eating
    • The pros and cons of using supplements as part of your plan
    • The importance of rest days and good sleep for muscle growth

Living with Parkinson's Disease: A Complete Guide for Patients and Caregivers
Author: Okun, Michael
Published at: 03/04/2020
ISBN: 0778806723

An optimistic guide from an expert author and the world authority on Parkinson's disease.

Worldwide, there are more than 10 million people living with Parkinson's disease (PD). In the US alone, approximately one million Americans live with PD and approximately 60,000 more are diagnosed each year. Internationally renowned as both a neurologist and a leading researcher, Dr. Okun has been referred to as "the voice" of these patients and a world authority on Parkinson's disease. His positive and optimistic approach has helped countless people manage their symptoms and achieve happiness despite them. This approach, detailed in his new book, Living with Parkinson's Disease, is a critical resource for Parkinson's disease patients and their families. Presented in a friendly and easy-to-understand way, this book addresses PD-related issues and symptoms along with emerging therapies. In each chapter, Dr. Okun offers patients the necessary tools to manage their disease and to ultimately find joy and fulfilment in their lives.

Strength Training: Exercises
Author: Morán, Óscar
Published at: 18/06/2020
ISBN: 8416740046

It contains:- 300 videos Online- More than 400 exercises, including explanations of technique and detailed illustrations for each. B/W - Explanations to help you organize your weekly workout routine and decide which muscles to train together and in what order- Advice on proper breathing technique, common mistakes to avoid and tips for beginners and advanced strength training practitioners alike- Descriptions of the main muscles worked in the exercises and their variants- Explanations of weight lifting theory and the best way to plan and organize your workouts and training season- Anatomical descriptions of the main muscle groups Glossary of technical terms- Descriptions of bodily movements and the muscles involved- Table of training percentages and repetitions- Tips, advice and recommendations to overcome stagnation- Description, prevention and treatment of common injuries.

Who is this book for? Anybody who wants to learn about strength training and improve their technique and results. Beginners, for the clarity of the graphics Intermediate and advanced practitioners, for its help in polishing technique and overcoming stagnation Doctors and physiotherapists for its scientific rigor Teachers, trainers and gym monitors for its didactic approach Gym owners and manufacturers of fitness apparatus for its constructive criticism of machines

Resistance Band Workouts: 50 Exercises for Strength Training at Home or On the Go
Author: Inkster, Karina
Published at: 05/05/2020
ISBN: 1510753478

This is your one-stop-shop for anyone who wants to improve their strength and body composition without having to purchase a gym membership. Fitness coach and author Karina Inkster will teach you about the overall benefits of strength training, and resistance bands in particular. You'll learn how to choose resistance bands, how to use them at home with a door anchor, and how to use them safely.

An overview of the 3 types of resistance bands will help readers put together their own “mini gym” that can fit into a small bag. A collection of 50 resistance band exercises that work all the major muscle groups will inspire readers to create and maintain a regular strength training practice, whether they’re working out at home, outdoors, or while travelling. Once readers are familiar with the various exercise possibilities, they’ll learn how to put together their own strength programs.

The Physics of Resistance Exercise
Author: Doug Brignole
Published at: 19/08/2020
ISBN: 1606794973

This is the best exercise books that can benefit anyone who is interested in efficient resistance training. Most books only offer insight into the techniques found effective by the author ("I did it this way and so should you"). Mr. Brignole's book approaches weight training from a much more analytical and intelligent perspective; he uses basic physics principles to rate the efficacy of exercises for each major muscle group.

This book represents a great deal of research, thought and effort on his part and will be his most noteworthy accomplishment to date, in my opinion. It's truly rare to find such groundbreaking work, backed by science and written by someone with actual in-the-trenches experience. In an industry dominated by dogma and pseudoscience he has offered fresh, logical material presented with sufficient explanation without being overly dry or redundant. I very much look forward to more work from Mr. Brignole and hope that this book becomes a common resource for gym goers very soon.

The Complete Runner's Day-By-Day Log 2021 Calendar
Author: Jerome, Marty
Published at: 25/08/2020
ISBN: 1524857033

The Complete Runner's day-by-day log and calendar has been the best-selling running journal for more than thirty-five years.

Record your times, miles, and notes every day of 2021 in the spiral-bound pages. Features include:

Practical tips

Inspirational quotes

Full-colour photographs

Marty Jerome's insightful monthly essays

6-inch x 9-inch size (12-inch x 9-inch open)

Monthly and weekly planning space

Space to record your races throughout the year

Cumulative bar graph of weekly mileage

Widely celebrated and nationally recognized holidays and observances

Thinner Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Female Body (The Muscle for Life Series Book 2)
Author: Michael Matthews
Published at: 06/01/2014

Thinner Leaner Stronger is a scientifically researched and practically proven guide for strength building which will expose the ultimate secret of becoming healthy and strong. This book provides you a complete roadmap to your ideal body and shows you the methods that really work. This book is incredibly helpful for both male and female. It has great and brief information about our body and the variation of bodies among men and women. It then offers you the best workout routine to bring back you in good shape and keep you on it. This book also gives you a lot of flexible dieting tips and tricks by which you can stay healthy and can get a strong physic. With many tips and tricks for burning fat, this book will transform your bulky and fatty body into a Thinner, Leaner and Stronger body.

Topics included in this book:

  • How to dramatically transform your body into a good shape
  • Secrets that the gym trainer will not reveal to you
  • Obstacles between your health and fitness goals
  • Unknown things about health, nutrition, and fitness
  • The 8 biggest muscle building myths and mistakes
  • 3 scientific laws of muscle growth
  • 5 biggest fat loss myths and mistakes
  • How to make your own workout routine
  • All about Nutrition & Die
  • The Thinner Leaner Stronger training program, routine and philosophy and many more

Anatomy and 100 Essential Stretching Exercises
Author: Guillermo Seijas Albir
Published at: 01/10/2015
ISBN: 1438006179

If you want to improve your muscle growth, gain flexibility and learn deeply about 100 stretching exercises then this book is all you need. With clear and helpful illustrations on muscle building and stretching this Exercise book is very easy to follow. It has hundreds of stretching techniques that will help you improve your health and body. There is also a section on this book called Stretching Guide for Ailments. There is also an intro section which describes all the muscles, how they work, how you can improve their range of motion etc. The anatomical illustrations in this book will help you understand what you are doing and how are you improving day by day.

Readers will find:

  • Step by step guide to creating the most effective exercise routine
  • Anatomical explanation and illustrations of the parts of our body
  • How to use correct techniques with proper safety precaution
  • Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced level exercises
  • Different exercise for athletes, non-athletes, etc.
  • Over 100 of stretching exercises

Therapeutic Exercise: Foundations and Techniques (Therapeudic Exercise: Foundations and Techniques)
Author: Carolyn Kisner PT MS,Lynn Allen Colby PT MS,John Borstad PT PhD
Published at: 18/10/2017
ISBN: 0803658508

This Exercise book is filled with awesome guidelines for physical exercises. This book is a combination of theory and clinical techniques. It presents how you can be benefited by the Therapeutic exercise. With up to date information this book provides an in-depth insight into different exercise techniques. It also has a complete online video library at which shows you the practical methods of how you can improve your range of motion, stretching, joint mobilization, resistance, and spinal stabilization. Grab this amazing book and get the most up-to-date exercise and body management guidelines.

Exercise for Better Bones: The Complete Guide to Safe and Effective Exercises for Osteoporosis
Author: Margaret Martin
Published at: 27/07/2015
ISBN: 0991912543

Exercise for Better Bones is a complete guide for anyone with osteoporosis. It is a comprehensive exercise program targeted to the people with the need for increasing their bone density. Written by the famous Physical Therapist Margaret Martin, the methods discussed in this book has been used by thousands of individuals and have been benefited to overcome their low bone density. This book provides impressive techniques like a warm-up, strength and balance training, weight-bearing and flexibility exercises. This book also provides an online link to a video that demonstrates major exercise programs. It also offers four program levels: Beginner, Active, Athletic and Elite.

What's in this book:

  • Determining your exercise program and fracture risk level
  • Strength training tips and medical advisory
  • Bone & Body basics
  • Safety tips during exercise
  • Exercises to avoid while training
  • Posture building, cardio-vascular and flexibility exercises
  • Beginner, Active, Athletic and Elite level exercises
  • Online resources and references

Water Exercise
Author: Melissa R Layne
Published at: 04/05/2015
ISBN: 1450498140

Water Exercise includes 15 programs to improve fitness and aid rehabilitation. It gives a clear description of everything to learn about aqua fitness. Different kinds of workouts and exercises are represented in color illustrations in this book which is easy to understand. Water workouts are a different but effective way to exercise. It allows you to change your training speed and variations. Also, it is good for beginning to advanced workouts. Water exercise will help you to recover from back pain or other injuries. With underwater photos as a complete reference, you will find various techniques with optional equipment such as foam noodles and water buoys to strengthen your muscles and flexibility.

This book covers:

  • Basics of Water Exercise
  • Warm-up and flexibility segment
  • Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced exercises
  • Exercises for common injuries and conditions
  • Advanced cross-training

NASM Essentials of Corrective Exercise Training: First Edition Revised
Author: National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)
Published at: 09/07/2013
ISBN: 1284050254

NASM Essentials of Corrective Exercise introduces the methods used by physiotherapists and trainers. It has all the references you need to know about your body movements and how you can make your training more effective. In this book, they have used corrective exercise strategies that will improve your muscle imbalances and movement by decreasing the chance of injuries. There are over 100 corrective exercise techniques discussed in this book.

Topics included in this book:

  • NASM's corrective exercise materials
  • Assessments of health risks, range of motion and strength
  • Corrective exercise strategies for spine, elbow, and wrist
  • Different kinds of stretching techniques and many more

Group Exercises for Addiction Counseling
Author: Geri Miller
Published at: 31/05/2016
ISBN: 0470903953

Group Exercises for Addiction Counseling is an extremely useful guide for group exercises for addiction recovery. It is good for a group therapy session. It has all the useful tips and suggestions which are applicable to any clinical approach taken to the addicted people. This book is easy to follow and is filled with guidance for creating a group of addiction councilors. It also has relevant information on family, friendship and culture and how they can be used to recover an addicted person. Each family is a group where normal people can help the addicted to get well. There are plenty of exercise techniques suitable for a group of people in this book.

This book contains valuable information on:

  • Philosophy of group therapy
  • Group types and development
  • Developing an addiction counseling group
  • Addiction recovery
  • Family relationships and culture
  • Recovery skills and many more

Younger Next Year: The Exercise Program: Use the Power of Exercise to Reverse Aging and Stay Strong, Fit, and Sexy
Author: Chris Crowley,Henry S. Lodge M.D.
Published at: 15/12/2015
ISBN: 0761186123
This book is a great road map for a healthy life. Acknowledged by a huge bunch of readers this book is one of it's kind. We lose our health with the growth of our age. But using the power of exercise we can prove that age is just a number. There is no excuse for being healthy. This book presented the most effective exercise program that can be helpful for aged people to be healthy. It has science-based proven methods discussed in each chapter. This book shows you the way in which you can have strength, endurance, confidence, and joy. It also has the five amazing things aerobic exercise will do for your body and 25 sacred exercises for gaining the inner strength and make the best workout routine for your daily life.

This book covers:
  • Why do we need exercise
  • Importance and effects of Aerobic exercise
  • Importance of strength training
  • Posture, Stability, and Movement
  • Twenty-five sacred training exercises.

ACSM's Guidelines for Exercise Testing and Prescription
Author: American College of Sports Medicine
Published at: 09/02/2017
ISBN: 149633907X
ACSM's Guidelines for Exercise Testing and Prescription is an amazing guide that provides scientific standards on exercise testing and prescription. It is extremely useful for practitioners and people wanting to learn more about fitness tests. It provides recommended procedures suitable for patients and the people who train regularly. It contains various health and physical activity program which can be done without the help of a physician. Clinical exercise, fitness test, high-intensity training, injury risks are all included in this book. This book is well organized so that you can find what you need very easily. This amazing manual is very helpful for all exercise and health professionals also. Grab this amazing book and find the secrets of being and staying healthy.

Essentials of Exercise & Sport Nutrition: Science to Practice
Author: Kreider, Richard B.
Published at: 09/07/2019
ISBN: 1684705894

We all want to look and feel good. We also want to perform well whether it's in the weight room, in sports, or at work. Research has shown exercise, proper nutrition, and adequate recovery affect health and human performance. However, there's lot of conflicting and confusing information regarding exercise and nutrition. In Essentials of Exercise and Sport Nutrition, author Dr. Richard B. Kreider offers an up-to-date assessment of the science and practice of exercise and sport nutrition.

Kreider, who has conducted extensive research on the subject and has consulted with numerous teams, coaches, and athletes for more than thirty years, brings a scientific and applied perspective to discussing the latest research and how it can be used to optimize performance. He also provides summary recommendations, training programs, and meal plans for beginners through athletes, as well as for individuals who want to lose and/or manage their weight.

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