Best Fashion Books For Girls Who Are Style Lovers And Want To Break Into The Fashion Industry

Now-a-days fashion is one of the major things people look out for. Girls are more concern than boys about what they're gonna wear, how it looks, is it matched well or not etc. Whether going to a ceremony, office program or even for regular life they want to keep themselves simple, classy and definitely more unique rather than others. Here your will get some of the best fashion books for girls who want to add their own sense of styles and how to be a professional fashion designer.

Fun Fashion and Fresh Styles! Coloring Book For Girls (Fashion & Other Fun Coloring Books For Adults, Teens, & Girls) (Volume 8)
Author: Lilt Kids Coloring Books
Published at: 15/06/2015
ISBN: 1514339250

This is an excellent book for teenage girls. The pages allow them to design their own clothes and really use their imagination. They can experiment with color to add their own sense of style and try out themselves to be a fashion designer. 

This book features:

  • Great fashion coloring for kids.
  • Gives them a sense of style of there own.
  • Full of chic designs and trends.
  • Nice experiment and practice sets.
  • Good quality pages.
  • Easy to follow.

Fashion Coloring Book for girls: Color Me Fashion & Beauty
Author: Violet Brown
Published at: 29/09/2016
ISBN: 1539116034
This is breakthrough book which will get the girls into the red carpet. Nice detailed illustrations to bring out the creativity from your mind. Anyone who has a passion for fashion, this book will help them with lots of styles and customize.

This book includes:

  • Beautiful pictures throughout entire book.
  • Printed on one side of the page.
  • Quality bright white paper.
  • Simple and clean.

Fashion Coloring Books For Girls: Cool Fashion and Fresh Styles! (+100 Pages)
Author: Rose Merry
Published at: 08/09/2016
ISBN: 1537541684

Those who has a sense of styles, esthetic and want to explore their creativity in fashion world, this book is for them. It will guide them to a professional fashion designer with resourceful examples. This book is quite good for coloring with pencils, pens, markers, crayons etc.

This book covers:

  • 50+ beautiful illustrations.
  • Full of chic designs and trends.
  • Print on a large quality paper.
  • Printed on a single side of the page.
  • Relaxing and creative.

Fashion Coloring Book: For Adults, Teens, and Girls of All Ages (Adult Coloring Books Fashion)
Author: Creative Coloring
Published at: 16/11/2016
ISBN: 1942268599

Those who love to color and want to create fresh styles, then this book is for you. This is a nice fashion coloring book with a lot of detail, so if you want a simplistic fashion coloring book this is for you. This is very easy to follow and understandable book for everyone.

This book contains:

  • Up-to-date fashion related information.
  • Printed on the single side of the page.
  • 40 fun fashion styles with color.
  • Head-to-toe outfit.
  • Resources with detailed images.

Fashion Coloring Books For Girls: Gorgeous Fashion Style & Other Cute Designs: Fun Color It Beauty Colouring Books For Me, Kids, Teens, Adults and Girls of All Ages
Author: Jenner Coloring
Published at: 13/07/2018
ISBN: 1717760333

This book is for the girls of any ages who want to reveal their creativity, relax and want to make fun. By coloring these relaxing, calming and beautiful images, girls can express their creativity and can take it to another level.

This book delivers:

  • A beautiful collection of patterns.
  • 30 coloring design patterns to color.
  • Hours of stress relief.
  • Supplement for the beginner to expert level.
  • Easy to follow.

Fashion Coloring Book for girls: (Fashion & Other Fun Coloring Books For Adults, Teens, & Girls) 2017
Author: Gabrielle D. Davis,Fashion Coloring Book for girls
Published at: 21/02/2017
ISBN: 1543230962

A comprehensive coloring book for the girls who are fashion fanatic and always try to keep themselves more unique than others. Simple and nice detailed guideline to be a professional fashion designer.

This book offers:

  • Beautiful illustrations of patterns.
  • Printed on a good quality page.
  • Easy to color and relaxing.
  • Fun and enjoyable.

Fashion Design Studio: Learn to Draw Figures, Fashion, Hairstyles & More (Creative Girls Draw)
Author: Christopher Hart
Published at: 26/11/2013
ISBN: 1936096625

This is a great instructional guide for anyone who wants to learn to draw more fashionable characters. The instructions and graphics are very easy to follow and allow for a significant amount of creativity to be born in your drawings.

This book delivers:

  • Essential Art Supplies.
  • The Fashion Figure.
  • The Fashion Face.
  • Dressing The Figure.
  • Creating Patterns.
  • Design Accessories.
  • Resources.

Fashion Coloring Book For Girls: Fun Fashion and Fresh Styles!: Coloring Book For Girls (Fashion & Other Fun Coloring Books For Adults, Teens, & Girls)
Author: Fashion Coloring Book For Girls
Published at: 24/11/2016
ISBN: 1540623580

This coloring book has a beautiful collection of fashion patterns that would provide hours of stress relief through creative expressions. Designs range in complexity and detail from beginner to expert level.

This book features:

  • An amazing collection of fashion patterns.
  • 30 Fashion Design Patterns to color.
  • Hours of stress relief.
  • Designs range in complexity.
  • Nice detail from beginner to expert level.

Just for Teen Girls - Design a Dress - Drawing & Coloring Book: 75 Creative Styles - Fashion Dreams
Author: Notika Pashenko
Published at: 28/12/2016
ISBN: 1541344995

Great creative outlet for young girls who love fashion, design and art. Girls can enjoy decorating each dress with their own designs. Nice doodles, references throughout the book and very easy to follow.

This book covers:

  • Fashion dreams.
  • Drawing and coloring book.
  • 75 creative styles.
  • Beautiful coloring pages.

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