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best financial management books

Financial management system is the methodology that an organization uses to oversee and govern its income, expenses, and assets with the objectives of maximizing profits and ensuring sustainability.

That is not only important for your commercial life but also for personal finance system. These best financial management books can help you to learn financial management system easily with step by step explanations.

The Money Book for the Young, Fabulous & Broke
Author: Suze Orman
Published at: 27/03/2007
ISBN: 1594482241

This book shows you the specific financial reality which are facing young people today. It provides a possible solution for those present problems and future problems too. Also, it offers specialized information, interactive tools to customize your financial system. 

What you'll learn-

  • Details on the basics of budgeting and fiscal management
  • The elements of the budget, budget cycle, and step of creating a cycle
  • Details on the industrial finance system
  • How to spend less but get much
  • Interactive tools
  • Details on a fiscal year

Money Honey: A Simple 7-Step Guide For Getting Your Financial $hit Together
Author: Rachel Richards
Published at: 09/09/2017
ISBN: 197594996X
This amazing book tells you how to attain financial freedom. It describes the difference between a stock, bond, mutual fund, an index fund. If you are ready to whip your financial system into shape, the book is for you. 
 What you'll learn-
  • How to double your income and halve your expanse
  • How to create a budget
  • How to lower your student loan interest rate
  • How mortgages work
  • How to physically open up an account and make a trade
  • Allocating your money between debt payoff, short-term savings

Get a Financial Life: Personal Finance in Your Twenties and Thirties
Author: Beth Kobliner
Published at: 21/03/2017
ISBN: 1476782385

A complete reference book for younger and adult through the world of personal finance. In this book you can learn how to get out of debt, learn to save and invest for the future. You can also learn how to struggle to live on a budget in an uncertain economy.

It covers brand-new insights and concrete, actionable advice geared to help a new generation of readers form a healthy financial system. In a word, the book is called the financial bible in the field of finance. Also, you can learn how to decrease debt, avoid common money mistakes and navigate the world of personal finance into a modern finance system.

The Total Money Makeover: Classic Edition: A Proven Plan for Financial Fitness
Author: Dave Ramsey
Published at: 17/09/2013
ISBN: 1595555277

This book will help you to build up your money expense system with America's favorite finance course. If you want to decrease your fat and flabby expenses into a well-toned budget, the book will help you to do so.

It shows you the way to whip your finance into shape. Also, it has the simplest, straightforward planning for your complete financial system. The most interesting thing is the book shows you 10 most dangerous money myths.

Financial Management: Core Concepts (3rd Edition)
Author: Raymond Brooks
Published at: 18/01/2015
ISBN: 0133866696

This book represents the ideal source materials for non-finance readers to learn the key element of financial operations. The text writes in a way that anybody can understand complex financial concepts easily. Every topic is discussed with step by step functionalities.

What you'll learn-

  • Three major learning skills
  • Major concepts of finance
  • Up to date information in financial concepts
  • Financial measurements
  • Financial ideas and real-world situations.

Financial Management for Beginners: You Need a Budget to Manage Your Money. Personal Planning, Money Mindset and Discipline for Financial Independence
Author: David Stokes
Published at: 08/03/2018
ISBN: 1986146081

This interesting and basic level book helps you to learn the financial management system from the very basic. Financial management can be challenging. Without the proper guidance and right understanding of its importance, it would be really tough.

This book shows you how you need to act fast to start saving up and properly budget your finances. Also, it is an informative book on investing in the stock market.

What you'll learn-

  • How to improve your budgeting techniques
  • How to create a budgeting system to be able to manage your money well
  • How financially successful people take care of their finances
  • The true value of budgeting.

Introduction to the Financial Management of Healthcare Organizations, Sixth Edition (Gateway to Healthcare Management)
Author: Michael Nowicki,EdD,FACHE,FHFMA
Published at: 13/07/2014
ISBN: 1567936695

This book presents financial management in the context of healthcare organizations and about the heath care environment. It shows you aspects of finance in healthcare and the objectives of healthcare financial management. This book is intended to be the primary textbook in any introductory courses in healthcare financial management

What you'll learn-

  • Health economics and health accounting
  • Organizational billing and collection policies
  • Overview of Medicare and Medicaid
  • HIPAA requires
  • Cases differentiating for-profit and not-for-profit hospitals
  • Information regarding federal government settlements
  • Important points and discussion questions are added at the end of every chapter

Financial Modeling For Equity Research: A Step-by-Step Guide to Earnings Modeling
Author: John Moschella CFA CPA
Published at: 26/09/2017
ISBN: 1549832867
This book gives you step by step process of making financial model and how to maintain it. It will introduce you to more complex topics such as financial statements, incorporating macroeconomic variables and future period calibration.

What you'll learn-
  • Template to create your own earning model
  • Features of a basic income statement
  • Breakdown of the company's products
  • Advanced analysis
  • Financial statements integration
  • Calculation of beta, using an Excel-based regression. 

Budgets and Financial Management in Higher Education
Author: Margaret J. Barr,George S. McClellan
Published at: 31/01/2018
ISBN: 1119287731

This book will help you to become more proficient in your financial management. It is filled with examples and solutions from all types of institution. A complete reference for any financial management courses in graduate programs.

What you'll learn-

  • Details on the basics of budgeting and fiscal management
  • The elements of the budget, budget cycle, and step of creating a cycle
  • Problems and solutions for managing budget
  • Effective strategies for dealing with the loss of resources
  • A number of suggestions for practitioners
  • Reflection questions and an expanded glossary of terms  

Financial Accounting Essentials You Always Wanted To Know (Self Learning Management Series) (Volume 4)
Author: Vibrant Publishers
Published at: 15/07/2017
ISBN: 194638366X

This book covers financial accounting concepts and easy to understand things for professional business. It also shows solved examples and important concepts and principal. 

What you will learn-

  • Financial accounting terms
  • Purpose of financial statements
  • An audience of financial statements
  • Balance sheet
  • Income statements

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