Best ged math preparation 2018 - 2019 book to achieve a great score on the GED exam

General Education Development (GED) is a test in North America and Canada for adults who do not have a high school diploma. It certifies that a person possesses high school level academic knowledge and receive a California High School Equivalency Certificate.

Here you will get some books of GED math preparation 2018 - 2019 book

GED Preparation 2018-2019: GED Study Guide and Strategies with Practice Test Questions for the GED Test
Author: Trivium All Subjects Exam Prep Team
Published at: 31/10/2017
ISBN: 1635302633

People who want to prepare for the GED test, GED preparation 2018-2019 is one of the best books for them. This guide provides you a detailed overview of what you need to know for the GED exam, coverage of all the subjects over which you will be tested, practice questions for you to practice and improve, test tips and strategies to help you score higher and much more.

It will also provide you

  • Quiz at the end of each topic
  • More than one test for each subject
  • Detailed explanations and answers for students
  • A great variety of illustrations, graphs, charts
  • Many other things to assist in emphasizing the content and appealing to visual learners
  • Real-life examples

This guide includes

  • Mathematics
  • Reasoning through language arts
  • Science
  • Social studies
  • Full practice test.

GED Preparation 2018 & 2019 All Subjects Study Questions: Three Full-Length Practice Tests for GED Test Prep 2018 & 2019 (Test Prep Books)
Author: Test Prep Books Study Guide 2018 All Subjects Prep Team
Published at: 04/06/2018

People planning to take GED exam should take advantage of the GED practice questions and test-taking strategies contained in this Test Prep Books study guide. It includes very clear and helpful illustrations of diagrams, tips, and tricks, to achieve a passing score on the GED exam.

Each practice exam contains

  • Reading comprehension
  • Mathematical reasoning
  • Science, and
  • Social studies.

GED Preparation 2018 & 2019 All Subjects Study Questions include

  • Quick Overview
  • Test-Taking Strategies
  • Test-taking tips 
  • An offer for a free test taking tip DVD
  • Practice Test
  • Answer Explanations.

Cracking the GED Test with 2 Practice Exams, 2018 Edition: All the Strategies, Review, and Practice You Need to Help Earn Your GED Test Credential (College Test Preparation)
Author: Princeton Review
Published at: 06/06/2017
ISBN: 0451487710

This is a wonderful item for them who want to get the essential materials to pass the GED test. Online features include multiple-choice practice questions in all 4 test subjects, tutorials to help boost your graphics and reading comprehension skills, insider advice on the GED test and college success, custom printable answer sheets for the in-book practice tests and much more.

This book covers

  • 2 full-length practice tests
  • 100% aligned with GED test objectives
  • 700+ drill questions in the book and online
  • The tips and sample tests
  • "What exactly you need to know" section
  • The Social Studies Section.

GED Math Workbook 2018 - 2019: The Most Comprehensive Review for the Math Section of the GED TEST
Author: Reza Nazari,Ava Ross
Published at: 01/03/2018
ISBN: 1986284271

This book provides the confidence and math skills with an in-depth focus on the math portion of the exam to help you to succeed on the GED Math. It reinforces your knowledge and helps you master the math skills. 

It provides you

  • Confidence and math skills you need to succeed on the GED Math
  • The solid foundation of basic math
  • Dynamic design and easy-to-follow activities
  • A fun, interactive and concrete learning process
  • Targeted, skill-building practices
  • Fun exercises that build confidence
  • Math topics are grouped by category, so you can focus on the topics you struggle on
  • Abundant exercises for each topic
  • 2,500 sample questio2 complete GED tests
  • most common sample questions.

CHSPE Preparation Book: Study Guide Book & Practice Test Questions for the California High School Proficiency Exam
Author: Test Prep Books Study Guide Preparation Team
Published at: 16/08/2017
ISBN: 1628454687

CHPE Preparation Book is a great book developed by Test Prep Books Study Guide Preparation Team where each question are followed by detailed answer explanations. By reading this book you'll be able to get review material, practice test questions, and test-taking strategies and much more.

You will learn the following topic very clearly

  • Factorials
  • Mean/median/mode
  • Stem-leaf plots
  • Graphing parabolas
  • Function tables
  • Properties of angles

What you will get

  • Quick overview
  • Test-taking strategies
  • Introduction
  • Reading
  • Language
  • Writing
  • Math
  • Practice questions
  • Detailed Answer Explanations.

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