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GMAT means Graduate Management Admission Test. It's required for admitting yourself to graduate business programs (MBA) globally. Your ability to analyze written material, think critically and problem-solving capability are measured by GMAT. If you eagerly want to make yourself more confident and prepared yourself completely than these best GMAT preparation books 2022 will be the perfect choice for you.

GMAT Prep Book 2021 and 2022 - GMAT Exam Secrets Study Guide, Full-Length Practice Test, Includes Step-by-Step Review Video Tutorials: [5th Edition]
Author: Mometrix
Published at: 28/11/2020
ISBN: 1516714776

Mometrix Test Preparation's GMAT Prep Book 2021 and 2022 - GMAT Exam Secrets Study Guide is the ideal prep solution for anyone who wants to pass their Graduate Management Admission Test. The exam is extremely challenging, and thorough test preparation is essential for success. Our study guide includes:

  • Practice test questions with detailed answer explanations
  • Step-by-step video tutorials to help you master difficult concepts
  • Tips and strategies to help you get your best test performance
  • complete review of all GMAT test sections
  • Analytical Writing
  • Integrated Reasoning
  • Quantitative
  • Verbal

GMAT Official Guide 2021 Bundle, Books + Online Question Bank: Books + Online Question Bank
Author: GMAC (Graduate Management Admission Council)
Published at: 30/06/2020
ISBN: 1119689651

Get the ultimate collection with 1,895 real GMAT practice questions with answer explanations―PLUS the online tools you need to study the way you want including:

  • New! Review with online flashcards to master key concepts
  • Creating your own practice sets
  • Filter by fundamental skill and difficulty level
  • Track your improvements with performance metrics
  • Study in exam mode so that you are prepared for test day
  • Practice on the go with the mobile app! Even if not connected to the internet.

You’ll receive the most extensive study prep to prepare you for test day:

  • An overview of the GMAT exam to become familiar with the content and format.
  • Learn what is―and isn't―tested on the GMAT exam.
  • Questions organized from easiest to hardest so that you can build upon your knowledge
  • Integrated Reasoning questions accessible only through the Online Question Bank.
  • Detailed answer explanations to understand the reasoning behind the answers to help improve your performance.
  • Verbal and Quantitative Review supplements provide more than 700 questions not included in the Official Guide.

GMAT Official Guide 2021, Book + Online Question Bank
Author: GMAC (Graduate Management Admission Council)
Published at: 30/06/2020
ISBN: 1119687829

Get comprehensive practice by studying with 1,172 questions across quantitative and verbal reasoning from past GMAT™ exams. Answer explanations are included so that you can study the reasoning behind the answers to help improve your understanding and performance. The questions in each section are organized by difficulty level: easy, medium and hard. Start at the beginning and work your way up to the harder questions as you build upon your knowledge.

GMAT Complete 2021
Author: Kaplan Test Prep
Published at: 02/06/2020
ISBN: 1506262406

Kaplan's GMAT Complete 2021 is your comprehensive guide to acing the GMAT—get an advantage on test day with our three best-selling prep books, a one-year access to online practice, and our expert test-taking strategies. 

The Most Practice

  • Kaplan's best-selling GMAT Prep Plus 2021GMAT Math Workbook, and GMAT Verbal Workbook together provide ample practice and content review.
  • 2,000+ practise questions with detailed explanations cover the Verbal, Quantitative, Analytical Writing, and Integrated Reasoning sections.
  • Six full-length online practice tests in the same format as the GMAT help you practice with the same computer interface and adaptivity you'll see on test day.
  • Our 500+ question online Quiz Bank lets you customize your practice and select problems by topic.

GMAT Prep Plus 2021
Author: Kaplan Test Prep
Published at: 02/06/2020
ISBN: 1506262376

Updated for the most recent exam changes, Kaplan’s GMAT Prep Plus 2021 has the strategies and practice you need for an advantage on test day. This edition includes 6 online practice tests and our proven test-taking strategies, plus more practice questions and updated videos in the online resources. We’re so confident that GMAT Prep Plus 2021 will raise your score that we guarantee it: After studying with the book and online resources, you'll score higher on the GMAT or you'll get your money back.

What you'll learn-

  • 1,200+ practise questions cover all sections of the test and come with detailed explanations.
  • Six full-length online practice tests in the same shorter format as the revised GMAT help you practice using the same interface and adaptivity you'll see on test day.
  • A 200-question online Quiz Bank lets you select problems by topic, customizing your practice.
  • Questions have been reviewed, revised, and updated by Kaplan's expert teachers.

The PowerScore GMAT Sentence Correction Bible
Author: Victoria Wood
Published at: 30/04/2018
ISBN: 0972129650

This complete book offers you full instructions on sentenced correction sections in GMAT. It can teach you how to correctly solve the most complicated sentence correction problems. Also, this book is also supplemented by a unique website which provides additional materials for your GMAT exam

What you'll learn-

  • Detailed methodology for sentence correction
  • Strategies for determining possible errors
  • Techniques for quickly eliminating answer
  • 200 GMAT Sentence Correction questions
  • How to deconstruct the sentence presented
  • Step-by-step analysis of every error
  • Additional materials for GMAT

GMAT Analytical Writing: Solutions to the Real Argument Topics (Test Prep Series) (Volume 17)
Author: Vibrant Publishers
Published at: 14/04/2017
ISBN: 1946383570

This book contains sixty samples to analyze argument essays with the rubrics, prompts, and tips for using in your own essays. The pre-writing activities show you how the writer selected a point of view and created evidence to use in developing the responses. 

What you'll learn-

  • 60 solved arguments topics
  • Simplified methods
  • Expert strategies             
  • Scoring guideline

GMAT Official Guide 2018 Verbal Review: Book/Online
Author: GMAC
Published at: 01/01/2017
ISBN: 8126567066

This amazing guide provides you with a complete guideline for the comprehension section of GMAT. It offers you various techniques about comprehension which can help to answer in a very short time. Also, it supplies an exclusive website that provides additional materials, information and assistance.

What you'll learn-

  • How to deconstruct reading passages
  • How to identify the various question types
  • The comprehensive system for breaking down any passage
  • Discussion of techniques and question analysis
  • Additional materials and information for GMAT
  • Essential passages and questions

GMAT Official Guide Quantitative Review 2021, Book + Online Question Bank: Book + Online
Author: GMAC (Graduate Management Admission Council)
Published at: 30/06/2020
ISBN: 1119687845

This supplement to the GMAT™ Official Guide 2021 provides over 370 quantitative practice questions from past GMAT™ exams. You’ll also get access to the GMAT™ Online Question Bank, customizable study tools, and a new mobile app for practicing on the go – even when you’re not connected to the internet.

Get extensive quantitative practice from the makers of the GMAT™ exam, including:

  • Over 370 quantitative reasoning practice questions that are not included in the GMAT™ Official Guide 2021
  • Review of essential algebra, geometry, arithmetic, and word problems
  • Detailed answer explanations that provide insight on how the test maker thinks about each question
  • Questions organized in order of difficulty – easiest to hardest – to build upon your knowledge
  • An overview of the GMAT™ exam to familiarize yourself with its content and format 

Princeton Review GMAT Premium Prep, 2021: 6 Computer-Adaptive Practice Tests + Review & Techniques + Online Tools (2021) (Graduate School Test Preparation)
Author: The Princeton Review
Published at: 19/05/2020
ISBN: 0525569367

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