Best HTML5 Books in 2020 for Handling Different Web Applications

best html5 books

The fifth and current major version of the HTML standard is HTML5 which can be used to build incredibly complicated applications that run in your browser, to handle high definition video, and to deliver extraordinary graphics.

Here you will get some best HTML5 books in 2020. Check them carefully and get the most effective ones for you.

HTML5 Pocket Reference: Quick, Comprehensive, Indispensable (Pocket Reference (O'Reilly))
Author: Jennifer Robbins
Published at: 11/08/2013
ISBN: 1449363350
HTML5 Pocket Reference is a good reference book for the beginner or the more experienced programmer when they designing their web pages. It is easy to carry around because of its size and is a good summary of all the new elements and tags.

Contents include

  • HTML5 overview
  • HTML5 global attributes
  • Alphabetical list of elements
  • Elements organized by functions

You'll learn the following

  • Tags and attributes
  • Markup examples
  • Content categories, content models, and start- and end-tag requirements for every element
  • Differences between the HTML5 specifications and HTML 4.01
  • HTML5 APIs

Web Development and Design Foundations with HTML5 (8th Edition)
Author: Terry Felke-Morris
Published at: 12/02/2016
ISBN: 0134322754

This book is very simple and easy to understand which covers both the hard skills and soft skills with examples of code demonstrated to presents a comprehensive introduction to the development of effective websites.

It gives you step by step instructions with lots of pictures to illustrate concepts.

This book covers the following

  • Projects are provided at the end of each chapter to reinforce the learning.
  • Lots of tutorials to get familiar with HTML and CSS
  • History of web development
  • Lots of great exercises helping you understand the content
  • Expanded coverage of designing for mobile devices.

HTML5 for Masterminds, 3rd Edition: How to take advantage of HTML5 to create responsive websites and revolutionary applications
Author: J D Gauchat
Published at: 09/02/2017
ISBN: 154292331X

In HTML5 for Masterminds, J D Gauchat shows how well HTML5 and CSS3 operate together and the beginning steps of web development. This book presents information straightforwardly and gives you the benefit to program in JavaScript, design websites with responsive web design, create 2D and 3D graphics, animations.
video games.

What you'll learn

  • You will be able to add some extra functionality to improve the look of your websites
  • You can create websites and applications for desktop and mobile devices with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • Understand complex techniques with the help of functional examples

HTML5: The Missing Manual (Missing Manuals)
Author: Matthew MacDonald
Published at: 03/01/2014
ISBN: 1449363261
This book is written in a clear, concise manner with a lot of details to the new standard that makes learning more efficient. It contains useful information and examples that work perfectly to support the text. In this book, Matthew MacDonald presents a very good introduction, details, example of HTML topics and an easy to follow sample code with Lots of links to helpful sites.

After reading this book you'll be able to

  • Build web apps that include video tools, dynamic graphics, geolocation, offline features
  • Build playback pages that work in every browser.
  • Create stunning visuals with canvas
  • Collect information from visitors more efficiently with HTML5 form elements.
  • Build a responsive design to make your site look good on desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

HTML5 in easy steps
Author: Mike McGrath
Published at: 21/03/2017
ISBN: 1840787546
HTML5 in easy steps is easy to understand with a lot of fast and focused exercises, new graphs features that make web developers excited to read this book. Contents include page Information, creating body content, Inserting hyperlinks, arranging content sections, writing lists and tables, embedding media content, building input forms, painting on canvas, performing web magic.

Also provides

  • New features of the HTML5 standard that allows easy creation of stunning web pages
  • Examples and screenshots that illustrate each feature of HTML5
  • The idea to create web pages to display text, images, lists, tables, hyperlinks, forms, audio, and video
  • The sequential flow of the concepts and visual explanation of the crucial elements that make up HTML5
  • The way of writing script instructions that draw and animate graphics on embedded 'canvas' areas

HTML5 Digital Classroom, (Book and Video Training)
Author: Jeremy Osborn,AGI Creative Team
Published at: 04/10/2011
ISBN: 1118016181

HTML5 Digital Classroom book is an excellent introduction to advanced HTML5 topics that allow you to learn the coding which was very helpful in understanding the concepts for creating a website. This book gives you a good introduction to HTML, XHTML & CSS with a CD containing examples and video lessons.

This book covers the following

  • Video tutorials to create web pages and web applications using HTML5, styling using CSS3, and working effectively with JavaScript and jQuery.
  • Sample files that allow you to test your skills
  • Includes examples at the end of each chapter
  • Questions and answers to understand the principles and application of HTML5 and CSS3
  • Easy to follow exercises at the end of the chapter.

7. Html5

Author: Inc. BarCharts
Published at: 31/05/2013
ISBN: 1423218698

This book is very informative and a great source guide for new HTML users. By reading this book you will get the information on constructing forms, HTML tags, character formatting, lists, tables, hyperlinks to URLs, images and image maps, sound and animations.

You will learn

  • How to create an HTML5 document
  • Details of new global HTML5 elements
  • Graphics and multimedia
  • Forms and microdata

Core HTML5 2D Game Programming (Core Series)
Author: David Geary
Published at: 21/07/2014
ISBN: 013356424X

Core HTML5 2D Game Programming covers the process of creating a game from beginning to end by connecting to the data server, preparing assets for deploy or accommodating game for mobile platforms. This book is an excellent resource for those who have some experience programming and is familiar with Javascript and looking for a good launching platform to familiarize them with game development.

It also shows you how to create smooth, flicker-free animations.

The book covers two  projects

  1. Snail Bait and
  2. Bodega's Revenge

Contents include

  • Raw materials and development environment
  • Graphics and animation
  • Loading screens
  • Sprite behaviors, animations, and special effects
  • Collision detection
  • Gravity
  • Sound and music
  • Mobile devices
  • Particle systems  and user interface
  • Developer backdoor

HTML5 for Masterminds, Revised 2nd Edition: How to take advantage of HTML5 to create amazing websites and revolutionary applications
Author: J D Gauchat
Published at: 01/07/2014
ISBN: 1500429120

In HTML5 for Masterminds, J D Gauchat presents how to structure your documents with HTML5, how to style them with CSS3 and how to work with the most powerful Javascript APIs. This book covers many things including introduction to HTML, CSS, Javascript, HTML5 elements, attributes, CSS traditional and flexible box model, HTML5 video and closed captioning, Javascript selectors, canvas API, web audio API, web storage API, file API, geolocation API, offline API.

You will learn how to

  • Build compelling websites and amazing web applications
  • Create 2D and 3D graphics, animations and video games
  • Generate audio for your video games and create audio effects in 3D
  • Create a system to make video calls and transfer data peer-to-peer
  • Closed captioning your videos and create CSS3 animations.

Head First HTML5 Programming: Building Web Apps with JavaScript
Author: Eric Freeman,Elisabeth Robson
Published at: 21/10/2011
ISBN: 1449390544
Head First HTML5 Programming is much easier to digest than many others and is the best book to learn web apps with Javascript. From this book you will learn how to make your pages truly interactive by using the power of the DOM, use any API in your web pages, use the geolocation API to know where your users are, bring out your inner artist with canvas, learn the secret to grabbing five megabytes of storage in every user's browser, improve your page's responsiveness and performance with web workers.

Key topics include

  • A little code for introducing JavaScript and the DOM
  • A little interaction of events, handlers, and all that jazz
  • JavaScript functions and objects
  • Geolocation
  • Talking to the web
  • Bringing out your inner artist by the canvas
  • Web storage
  • Putting javascript to work

Also you can check these books:
  • HTML5 Digital Classroom, (Book and Video Training)

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