Best invisible web books 2023 to know the secrets of dark world wide web

Best invisible web books

Invisible Web, also known as "Deep net," "Deep Web," the "Undernet" or the "hidden Web," are parts of the Internet that are not considered part of the "surface web," or the portion of the World Wide Web that is indexed by conventional search engines. Many invisible websites are not indexed because they use dynamic databases that are devoid of hyperlinks and can only be found by performing an internal search query.

We have listed the Best Invisible web books 2023 to know the secrets of the dark world wide web. 

The 99% Invisible City: A Field Guide to the Hidden World of Everyday Design
Author: Mars, Roman
Published at: 06/10/2020
ISBN: 1529355273

This book will change you... but maybe for the better. An appreciation for the unseen lies between these pages and the integral operations of a seemingly infinite city is remarkably distilled to formerly diminutive paint traces on the pavement. It's like learning a new language that gives one an appreciation for the otherwise invisible substructure of everyday life. IMHO: pure joy. Tip: either get new friends or hesitate before boring your current ones with the gleaned observations of this book that you'll be aching to dispense.

The Grand Biocentric Design: How Life Creates Reality
Author: Lanza, Robert
Published at: 16/11/2021
ISBN: 1953295800

If I said this with the appropriate emphasis I'd need a screen that covers the sky: This is the most important book ever written. It will lead humanity away from the edge of the abyss and save humanity from itself. While it is casual and even light-hearted the science supporting it is in peer-reviewed physics journals and is summarized in an appendix with mathematical precision and rigour. If you do nothing else for the rest of your life, read this book.

Invisible Web
Author: Heij, Diana - Loïs Lara
Published at: 24/04/2021

This is the best invisible web book which is really awesome. Never in my life had I felt so unbelievably bad. The large empty waiting area reflected the loneliness I felt. My knees had become completely swollen, my back had a strange bulge and I had blood crusts on my head and hands. This was the lowest point of my life, my worst moment ever. For so long I was trapped in a web and not in charge of my own life. Now my body also stopped working. It had to stop here, it was too much. It was time I got back in control before this horror movie got a really bad ending.’

The Art of Invisibility: The World's Most Famous Hacker Teaches You How to Be Safe in the Age of Big Brother and Big Data
Author: Mitnick, Kevin
Published at: 10/09/2019
ISBN: 0316380520

This is a very informative invisible web book. While I'm not looking to go underground or off-grid, I will be making changes to protect my privacy online. I was outraged by the decision made by our country's legislators to allow Internet providers to disclose and sell the online browsing histories of their customers, which could affect prospective jobs and insurance. For example, if you or your child have a health issue or disability, and you search the Internet for information, a prospective employer who has access to this browsing history could interpret this to mean you will take more time off from work, or be more of a liability with insurance. This is just one type of example the book brings up, among numerous other situations I would never have even thought about. 

The Astrophotography Manual: A Practical and Scientific Approach to Deep Sky Imaging
Author: Woodhouse, Chris
Published at: 12/12/2017
ISBN: 1138055360

The best generic astrophotography book I have read by far! A comprehensive reference book that I will continue using for many years to come. Plenty of meat in the technical arena to gain a useful understanding of all aspects of imaging and so many practical examples for current hardware and software that save much trial and error. The sections on choosing and setting up equipment alone are worth the price - he gives practical advice that will not only help you navigate the bewilderingly large variety of equipment available but also help you factor location, stability, portability, power supply etc. into your decision. This will help you avoid some of the common pitfalls that await the beginner.

Generative Deep Learning: Teaching Machines to Paint, Write, Compose, and Play
Author: Foster, David
Published at: 23/07/2019
ISBN: 1492041947

Generative modelling is one of the hottest topics in AI. It’s now possible to teach a machine to excel at human endeavours such as painting, writing, and composing music. With this practical book, machine-learning engineers and data scientists will discover how to re-create some of the most impressive examples of generative deep learning models, such as variational autoencoders, generative adversarial networks (GANs), encoder-decoder models, and world models.

Author David Foster demonstrates the inner workings of each technique, starting with the basics of deep learning before advancing to some of the most cutting-edge algorithms in the field. Through tips and tricks, you’ll understand how to make your models learn more efficiently and become more creative.

  • Discover how variational autoencoders can change facial expressions in photos
  • Build practical GAN examples from scratch, including CycleGAN for style transfer and MuseGAN for music generation
  • Create recurrent generative models for text generation and learn how to improve the models using attention
  • Understand how generative models can help agents to accomplish tasks within a reinforcement learning setting
  • Explore the architecture of the Transformer (BERT, GPT-2) and image generation models such as ProGAN and StyleGAN

Hidden Circles in the Web: Feminist Wicca, Occult Knowledge, and Process Thought (Volume 4) (Pagan Studies Series, 4)
Author: Wise, Constance
Published at: 14/10/2008
ISBN: 0759110077

As one of the fastest-growing Pagan traditions, Feminist Wicca appeals to many through its emphasis on the deep interconnectedness of life and its focus on the woman's religious experience. In Hidden Circles in the Web or we can say in the invisible web, scholar and practitioner Constance Wise explores Feminist Wicca through the lens of process thought, developing a new theology of feminist spirituality that can enrich and deepen the religious practice.

Although the twentieth-century philosophy of process thought is often portrayed as a complex and inaccessible system, Wise explains its concepts in simple language and illustrates her points with accessible examples from life. Wise invites readers into the hidden wisdom of Feminist Wicca and process thought, proposing statements of Feminist Wiccan beliefs and practices in six areas: history, anthropology, epistemology, ethics, cosmology, and theology. While the focus of the book is on Feminist Wicca, her insights into process thought to apply to an array of traditions and will interest a range of practitioners and scholars across the religious spectrum.

The Demon in the Machine: How Hidden Webs of Information Are Solving the Mystery of Life
Author: Davies, Paul
Published at: 16/10/2019

In this penetrating and wide-ranging book, world-renowned physicist and science communicator Paul Davies searches for answers in a field so new and fast-moving that it lacks a name; it is a domain where biology, computing, logic, chemistry, quantum physics, and nanotechnology intersect. At the heart of these diverse fields, Davies explains, is the concept of information: a quantity which has the power to unify biology with physics, transform technology and medicine, and force us to fundamentally reconsider what it means to be alive—even illuminating the age-old question of whether we are alone in the universe.

From life’s murky origins to the microscopic engines that run the cells of our bodies, The Demon in the Machine journeys across an astounding landscape of cutting-edge science. Weaving together cancer and consciousness, two-headed worms and bird navigation, Davies reveals how biological organisms garner and process information to conjure order out of chaos, opening a window onto the secret of life itself.

Hacking: The Art of Exploitation, 2nd Edition
Author: Erickson, Jon
Published at: 04/02/2008
ISBN: 1593271441

Hacking is the art of creative problem-solving, whether finding an unconventional solution to a complex problem or exploiting holes in sloppy programming. Many people call themselves hackers, but few have the solid technical foundation needed to really push the envelope. Rather than merely showing how to run existing exploits, author Jon Erickson explains how arcane hacking techniques actually work. To share the art and science of hacking in a way that is accessible to everyone, Hacking: The Art of Exploitation, 2nd Edition introduces the fundamentals of C programming from a hacker's perspective.

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