Best Books on Building Mobile Apps with Ionic 2 Framework

Ionic is an open source, front-end framework that allows you to develop hybrid mobile apps without any native-language hassle for each platform. It offers a library of mobile-optimized HTML, CSS, and JS components for building highly interactive mobile apps. We recommend Where the Ionic Framework fit in. To get a good understanding of Ionic you must should this books. Here you will find the best books review on ionic framework books.
Ionic 2 Cookbook - Second Edition
Author: Hoc Phan
Published at: 30/11/2016
ISBN: 1786465965

This book will get you started with Ionic and help you create Angular 2 components that interact with templates. From there, you'll work with Ionic components and find out how to share data efficiently between them. You'll discover how to make the best use of the REST API to handle back-end services and then move on to animating the application to make it look pretty.

Key Features

  • Leverage Ionic 2 and its exciting new features to create cutting edge real-time apps
  • Work through simple recipes to address your problems directly and solve them effectively
  • Get examples at each step to guide you on your learning curve

What you will learn

  • Create custom UIs using Angular 2 directives
  • Make the best use of REST APIs to submit forms
  • Create beautiful animations and graphics in the application
  • Embed videos and other media into the app
  • Access native device functionalities such as a camera and maps using ngCordova
  • Theme the application based on the various platform styles available
  • Publish your application to a variety of platforms
  • Leverage Angular 2 events and Ionic-specific events to communicate.

Ionic in Action: Hybrid Mobile Apps with Ionic and AngularJS
Author: Jeremy Wilken
Published at: 08/10/2015
ISBN: 1633430081


Ionic in Action teaches web developers how to build cross-platform mobile apps for phones and tablets on iOS and Android. You'll learn how to extend your web development skills to build apps that are indistinguishable from native iOS or Android projects.

Purchase of the print book includes a free eBook in PDF, Kindle, and ePub formats from Manning Publications.

About the Book

Wouldn't it be great if you could build mobile apps using just your web development skills? With Ionic, you can do just that: create hybrid mobile apps using web technologies that you already know, like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, that will run on both iOS and Android.

Ionic in Action teaches web developers how to build mobile apps using Ionic and AngularJS. Through carefully explained examples, the book shows you how to create apps that use UI components designed for mobile, leverage current location, integrate with native device features like the camera, use touch gestures, and integrate with external data sources. Learn to test your apps to improve stability and catch errors as you develop. Finally, you'll discover the command-line utility, and how to build and deploy to app stores.

What's Inside

  • Create mobile apps with HTML, JavaScript, and CSS
  • Design complex interfaces with Ionic's UI controls
  • Build once and deploy for both iOS and Android
  • Use native device hardware and device-specific features
  • Covers the entire mobile development process

About the Reader

Readers should know HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Familiarity with AngularJS is helpful but not required.

About the Author

Jeremy Wilken is a senior UX software developer who works with Ionic, AngularJS, and Node.js. He lives in Austin, Texas.

Table of Contents

  1. Introducing Ionic and hybrid apps
  2. Setting up your computer to build apps
  3. What you need to know about AngularJS
  4. Ionic navigation and core components
  5. Tabs, advanced lists, and form components
  6. Weather app, using side menus, modals, action sheets, and ionScroll
  7. Advanced techniques for professional apps
  8. Using Cordova plugins
  9. Previewing, debugging, and automated testing
  10. Building and publishing apps

Ionic Framework By Example
Author: Sani Yusuf
Published at: 27/01/2016
ISBN: 1785282727

This book shows you how to get started with Ionic framework immediately. But it doesn't just give you instructions and then expect you to follow them. Instead it demonstrates what Ionic is capable of through three practical projects you can follow and build yourself.

Key Features

  • Learn how to use one of the most exciting mobile development frameworks around to build even better apps
  • Follow the featured sample projects to experience Ionic's impressive capabilities
  • Extend your developer skillset to build, test, and launch mobile apps with confidence

What you will learn

  • Learn Ionic by creating three complete mobile applications
  • Get to know the Ionic CLI
  • Add basic and advanced features to the Ionic framework
  • Connect an Ionic app with a Firebase back end
  • Integrate PhoneGap plugins with NG-Cordova
  • Test your apps to improve and optimize performance.

Mobile App Development with Ionic, Revised Edition: Cross-Platform Apps with Ionic, Angular, and Cordova
Author: Chris Griffith
Published at: 04/09/2017
ISBN: 1491998121

Learn how to build app store-ready hybrid apps with Ionic, the framework built on top of Apache Cordova (formerly PhoneGap) and Angular. This revised guide shows you how to use Ionic’s tools and services to develop apps with HTML, CSS, and TypeScript, rather than rely on platform-specific solutions found in Android, iOS, and Windows Universal.

What You Will Learn 

  • Understand what a hybrid mobile app is, and what comprises a basic Ionic application
  • Learn how Ionic leverages Apache Cordova, Angular, and TypeScript to create native mobile applications
  • Create a Firebase-enabled to-do application that stores data across multiple clients
  • Build a tab-based National Park explorer app with Google Map integration
  • Develop a weather app with the Darksky weather API and Google’s GeoCode API
  • Debug and test your app to resolve issues that arise during development
  • Walk through steps for deploying your app to native app stores
  • Learn how Ionic can be used to create Progressive Web Apps

Hybrid Mobile Development with Ionic: Building highly interactive mobile apps
Author: Gaurav Saini
Published at: 27/04/2017
ISBN: 1785286056

About This Book

  • Develop high-grade and performance-optimized hybrid applications using the latest version of Ionic
  • Discover the latest and upcoming features of Ionic
  • A practical guide that will help you fully utilize all the features and components of Ionic efficiently

What You Will Learn

  • Use every Ionic component and its customization according to the application along with some important third party components
  • Recently released Lazy Loading and Grid System supporting desktop application with Electron
  • Integration of the various Ionic backend services and features such as Ionic Push, DB, Auth, Deploy in your application
  • Exploration of white-listing, CORS, and various other platform security aspects to secure your application
  • Synchronization of your data with the cloud server and fetching it in real time using Ionic Cloud and Firebase services
  • Integration of the Cordova iBeacon plugin which will fetch contextual data on the basis of location and Websockets for real time communication for IOT based applications
  • Implementation of offline functionality in your PWA application using service-worker, cache storage and indexedDB.

Published at: 23/10/2017
ISBN: B076QG33C4

Ionic iѕ a роwеrful HTML5 SDK thаt helps you build native-feeling mоbilе аррѕ using wеb technologies like HTML, CSS, and Jаvаѕсriрt. Ionic iѕ fосuѕеd mainly оn thе lооk аnd fееl, аnd UI intеrасtiоn оf уоur арр. That mеаnѕ wе аrеn't a replacement fоr PhоnеGар оr уоur fаvоritе Javascript frаmеwоrk. Instead, Ionic ѕimрlу fits in wеll with these рrоjесtѕ in оrdеr to ѕimрlifу оnе big part оf your арр: thе frоnt еnd. Wе rесоmmеnd rеаding Whеrе dоеѕ thе Ionic Framework fit in? tо gеt a gооd undеrѕtаnding of Iоniс'ѕ gоаlѕ. 

Ionic сurrеntlу rеԛuirеѕ AngularJS in оrdеr to wоrk at itѕ full роtеntiаl. While you саn still use thе CSS роrtiоn of thе framework, уоu'll miss оut оn powerful UI interactions, gеѕturеѕ, animations, аnd оthеr things. 

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