Best Java Books in 2021 for Beginners

best java books in 2021

Java is the most popular object-oriented programming language. It is secure, fast and powerful. This open-source language is used for mobile applications, desktop applications, web applications, web servers, and application servers, games, database connection and much. Here you will get some best java books in 2021. Carefully check them out and find the best ones for you!

Head First Java, 2nd Edition
Author: Kathy Sierra,Bert Bates
Published at: 22/02/2005
ISBN: 0596009208

Head First Java is the leading book to learn java programming for beginners. Java is an object-oriented computer programming language so that learning java sometimes takes time. This book combines puzzles, strong visuals, mysteries, and soul-searching interviews with famous Java objects to engage you in many different ways.

The best book to learn core java with the following topics

  • Primitives and references
  • Extra -strength method like flow control, operations and more
  • How to use Java library
  • Planning for the future
  • Exploiting abstract classes and interfaces
  • Constructors and memory management
  • Math, formatting, wrapper, and statics
  • Exception handling
  • Intro to GUI, inner handling and inner classes
  • Layout managers and component
  • Serialization and I/O
  • Networking sockets and multithreading
  • Collections and generics
  • Packaging and deployment and much much more.

Learn Java in One Day and Learn It Well (Learn Coding Fast) (Volume 4)
Author: Jamie Chan
Published at: 07/10/2016
ISBN: 1539397831

If you want to learn the Java language fast then you should collect this book to learn Java 8. In this book, complex concepts are broken down into simple steps to ensure that you can easily master the Java language even if you have never coded before. This is one of the top books to learn how to code java quora where examples are carefully chosen to illustrate all concepts. It's a great resource for classes as it is written very clearly.

What you'll learn from this beginners to intermediate level book

  • What is Java?
  • Software need to code Java programs
  • How to install and run JDK and Netbeans?
  • The eight primitive types in Java
  • Arrays and lists
  • How to format Java strings?
  • Primitive type vs reference type
  • The common Java operators
  • Object-oriented programming
  • How to write your own classes, encapsulation, inheritance and polymorphism, abstract class and interface?
  • Condition statements
  • How to use control flow statements in Java, handle errors and exception and throw your own exception?
  • Generic, lambda expressions and functional interface.

Effective Java
Author: Joshua Bloch
Published at: 06/01/2018
ISBN: 0134685997

This is the updated and one of the best java books to learn functional programming java for Java 7, 8, and 9. This book gives you the update to the essential topic and an explanation of not only the how but the why. It also provides you the great advice on Lamda, streams, etc. Experienced Java programmers will get great information from this book.

The coverage includes

  • Functional interfaces, lambda expressions, method references, and streams
  • Default and static methods in interfaces
  • Type inference, including the diamond operator for generic types
  • The @SafeVarargs annotation
  • The try-with-resources statement
  • New library features such as the Optional interface, java.time, and the convenience factory methods for collections

Mastering Java: An Effective Project Based Approach including Web Development, Data Structures, GUI Programming and Object Oriented Programming (Beginner to Advanced)
Author: Michael B. White
Published at: 13/12/2018
This is the finest book for mastering Java. It's designed to provide in-depth guidance and all the information is up to date. The way of organizing is excellent. This book includes lots of examples to help the learner. The beginner will find the guideline of the book very helpful as it is one of the top books for Java basics, Java web development, etc.

Key contents are

  • Java basics
  • Java data structures and algorithms
  • Java web development
  • Java GUI programming
  • Object-oriented programming
  • Java interview questions

Introduction to Java Programming and Data Structures, Comprehensive Version, Loose Leaf Edition (12th Edition)
Author: Y. Daniel Liang
Published at: 14/12/2019
ISBN: 0136520154
This book is completely revised to enhance clarity and presentation, and includes new and expanded content, examples, and exercises. This is one of the perfect books to learn Java programming and data structures. The programming of this book improves the programming competence of beginning students who often struggle with the basic concepts of programming languages.

Important topics are

  • Introduction to computers, programs, and Java
  • Elementary programming
  • Single-dimensional arrays, multidimensional arrays
  • Objects and classes, object-oriented thinking
  • Inheritance and polymorphism, exception handling and text I/O, abstract classes and interfaces
  • JavaFX basics
  • Event-driven programming and animations, JavaFX UI controls and multimedia
  • Binary I/O, recursion, generics
  • Lists, stacks, queues, and priority queues
  • Sets and maps, developing efficient algorithms
  • Implementing lists, stacks, queues, and priority queues
  • Binary search trees, AVL trees
  • Hashing, graphs and applications, weighted graphs and applications
  • Aggregate operations for collection streams.

Java: A Beginner's Guide, Eighth Edition
Author: Herbert Schildt
Published at: 02/11/2018
ISBN: 1260440214
This is of the highest quality book to started programming in Java right away. It will provide you chapter-opening lists of specific skills, Q&A sections filled with bonus information and helpful tips, hands-on exercises that show you how to apply your skills, end-of-chapter quizzes to reinforce your skills, example code with commentary that describes the programming techniques being illustrated and much much more.

What you'll learn from this very beginners book

  • The fundamental of Java
  • How to handle syntax errors
  • Data types and operators
  • How to dynamically initialize a variable
  • How to cast incompatible types
  • Some program control statements
  • How are objects are created
  • Inheritance, package, and interface
  • How to add a constructor to the vehicle class
  • Exception handling, multithreaded programming
  • How to operate on strings
  • Pass objects o methods
  • Generic, module, swing, etc.

Java: Programming Basics for Absolute Beginners (Step-By-Step Java) (Volume 1)
Author: Clark, Nathan
Published at: 10/10/2017
ISBN: 1978104472

Learning a programming language can seem like a daunting task. You may have looked at coding in the past, and felt it was too complicated and confusing. This comprehensive beginner’s guide will take you to step by step through learning one of the best programming languages out there. In a matter of no time, you will be writing code like a professional.

Java is one of the most popular and widely used programming languages available. Most of the modern applications built around the world, including server-side and business logic components, are made from the Java programming language. Its portability and ease of use have ensured that it is a favourite among novices and seasoned developers alike.

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