Learn About the Undeniable Roles Trigonometry Play in Engineering

Trigonometry in Engineering

So have you ever thought why our schools and colleges put so much emphasis on learning trigonometry? If you take a moment and think you will figure out each and every day we rely on it for making our life easy. And most importantly Trigonometry is widely used in the field of engineering. Satisfy your curiosity and read through the full article to know more about it.

Trigonometry: Trigonometry is basically a branch of mathematics that focuses on the study of a triangle. So a clear conception about the length, height, and angles of a triangle is very essential as it helps to figure out the distance, depth and so much more.

The relation of Trigonometry in engineering: Not everything can be measured by using hands or tools. Some works need pre-calculation for accuracy.

  • For example Spaceships and submarines explore long distances in the space and sea. So a pre-calculation is very necessary that requires a clear understanding of length and dimensions.

In these situations, engineers have to rely on something that will give them possible solutions to these mandatory cases. So they use trigonometric knowledge to previously calculate the distance, length, depth, and dimensions. These projects are very sensitive that require accurate calculations.

Like this, mechanical, electrical, civil, flight engineering and so much more requires the knowledge of trigonometry. If you're wondering how? Then we will discuss these topics shortly.

1. Trigonometry in Civil engineering: Civil engineers plan different large structure projects. Such as; roads, buildings, bridges. They determine the force distribution of large structures.

  • Example: During construction beams and pillars are used. So they calculate how much force the pillars can withstand and in what angle they should be placed so that the large structures can balance. They calculate the vertical and horizontal force impact of the structures.

    2. Trigonometry in marine engineering: Trigonometry is widely used in this field. In the ocean or sea, large ships and vessels set voyage. The building and navigation of these vessels require mathematical knowledge. The construction of marine ramp which is a sloping surface is also done by applying trigonometry.

    3. Trigonometry in electrical engineering: The knowledge of trigonometry is fundamental in this case. Circuits are created using trigonometric knowledge. Resistive and reactive values are organized as right angles.

    • Example: A clear example of this field is that waves appear as sine and cosine functions. FM broadcast, television broadcast, WiFi network, etc follow this method.

      4. Trigonometry in mechanical engineering: The different angles of a 3-D structure have to be previously determined to design a mechanical part. The understanding of a mechanical system requires trigonometric knowledge.

      • Example: For having an understanding, we will provide a very simple and easy example. Imagine the activity of a wrench. In which angle the wrench will work with how much force all require trigonometric calculations.

      5. Trigonometry in-flight engineering: In this field, the knowledge of trigonometry is very essential. A little trifle can create a mass accident. Flight engineers take actions of direction, speed in response to the direction and velocity of the wind. The wind is a major factor and determines the arrival of a plane into a specific place. So, in how much time a plane will arrive that's all previously calculated by using vectors and trigonometric knowledge. In which direction the plane should take off is also calculated by this method.

      • Example: Suppose a plane is taking off maintaining a 230 mph speed at 50-degree angle N of E. Wind is blowing through south at 23 mph. So the right side of the angle can be solved by using trigonometric knowledge that will help the plane to go in the right direction.

        6. Trigonometry in video game engineering: Just think of your favorite game or any game. Did you notice there are lots of activities? Like jumping, sliding, rolling. These things are designed previously through computer programming in the accumulation of graphics designing and trigonometric knowledge. It's all about the angles. When you see something related to angles there is only one simple word. Trigonometry!

        Because of these previously calculated concepts, the action hero of your game is following a straight pattern in his actions. So, the next time you're playing a game, be thankful for the great inventions of trigonometry.

        7. Trigonometry in sound engineering: Sound is one kind of wave and so is sine and cosine. Trigonometry is used while measuring the pitch of the sound wave.

        • Example: During recording and making music these things are highly kept in mind. By directing the sound wave in a perfect direction a melodious sound can be produced.

          So, from our article, you can see that in every step we rely on the wonderful interventions of trigonometry to make our life easy. If your future plan is to become an engineer then you should work on your trigonometric skills from this very moment. Because without having a clear concept of trigonometry it's almost impossible.

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