Best Literature Books 2020: Learn How to Write Literature

best literature books
In this article, we provide a collection of the best literature books. If you are finding the books to learn how to study literature and compose critical essays on the literature, then you should check out these valuable books.
The Literature Review: Six Steps to Success
Author: Lawrence A. Machi,Brenda T. McEvoy
Published at: 09/06/2016
ISBN: 1506336248

If composing literature reviews seems intimidating to you, then you should read this Literature book. With the six-step process pioneered by this book, you can learn to easily compose a formal literature review.

What You'll Learn From This Book:

  • Identifying a subject to study
  • Translating your personal interest of concern into a research query
  • Building a case for a literature review
  • Understanding the basic parts of an argument
  • Refining your topic
  • Organizing and analyzing the data
  • Writing and reviewing your literature

Writing Literature Reviews
Author: Jose L. Galvan
Published at: 07/04/2017
ISBN: 0415315743

Writing Literature Reviews is a very useful guide to help you in the preparation of literature reviews for term projects, theses, and dissertations. With numerous examples from published reviews, this Literature book illustrates the guidelines you must learn to compose a great literature review.

What You'll Learn From This Book:

  • A complete overview of writing reviews of academic literature
  • Practical instructions for navigating the electronic resources in your university's library
  • Selecting a topic for your review
  • Organizing yourself to begin the section of relevant titles
  • Analyzing the relevant literature
  • Guidelines for writing the first draft of your review
  • Editing and preparing the final draft of your review
  • Preparing a reference list
  • Instructions for using  digital tools, including bibliographic and plagiarism detection software

How to Read Literature Like a Professor: A Lively and Entertaining Guide to Reading Between the Lines, Revised Edition
Author: Thomas C Foster
Published at: 25/02/2014
ISBN: 0062301675

This book offers a lively and entertaining introduction to literature and literature basics. With this comprehensive guide, you can learn how to read literature like a professor and will be able to make your everyday reading experience more rewarding and enjoyable.

What You'll Learn From This Book:

  • Literary basics including symbols, themes, and contexts of a literature
  • Understanding the hidden meaning of a story
  • Interpretations of symbols
  • Literary codes-of the ultimate professional reader
  • Assessment of classic literature

Literary Wonderlands: A Journey Through the Greatest Fictional Worlds Ever Created (Literary Worlds Series)
Published at: 01/11/2016
ISBN: 0316316385

Literary Wonderlands is a thoroughly researched book that explores the timeless and captivating features of the imagined world of some of the best-known fictions to date. If you are a literature lover and want to learn more than the story that you have read, then this is a must-read for you.

What You'll Learn From This Book:

  • How the writer's own life reflects the creation of the story
  • Influential contemporary events and philosophies related to the story
  • A detailed overview of the plot of each fiction
  • The meaning that can be extracted from the details of work
  • Historical foundation of the fictions
  • A detailed overview of the characters of each Fiction

Literature: An Introduction to Fiction, Poetry, Drama, and Writing, MLA Update Edition (13th Edition)
Author: X. J. Kennedy,Dana Gioia
Published at: 25/08/2016
ISBN: 0134586468

This book introduces you to the appreciation and experience of literature in its major forms. With this book, you will develop your ability to study the literature in a way that you can think critically and communicate effectively through writing.

What You'll Learn From This Book:

  • Introduction to the genres of fiction, poetry, and drama
  • Analyzing the literature from the writer's perspective
  • Writing critical notes on the literature
  • Writing and researching using the computer and the internet
  • Suggestions on writing including writing assignments for term papers and thesis

The Norton Introduction to Literature with 2016 MLA Update (Shorter Twelfth Edition)
Published at: 04/11/2016
ISBN: 0393623572

The Norton Introduction to Literature is an unparallel guide to understand, analyze, and write literature. With a balanced selection of literature to suit any coursebook, this book encourages you to learn close reading and thoughtful writing.

What You'll Learn From This Book:

  • A thorough treatment of historical and critical context of several renowned pieces of literature
  • Multiple examples of various genres of literature
  • Understanding the most comprehensive media package available
  • Introduction to a rich suite of tools

The Norton Anthology of World Literature (Fourth Edition)  (Vol. Package 1: Volumes A, B, C)
Published at: 11/06/2018
ISBN: 0393265900

The Norton Anthology of World Literature is a great collection of world literature to date. This edition contains all the volumes of this great anthology.

What You'll Learn From This Book:

  • Introductions and headnotes on each literary piece
  • Beautiful illustrations of fiction
  • Maps and timelines of each work of literature
  • Collections of media resources
  • Helpful apparatus to understand the literature

Making Literature Matter: An Anthology for Readers and Writers
Author: John Schilb,John Clifford
Published at: 28/12/2017
ISBN: 1319054722

Making Literature Matter cluster pays careful attention to emerging pedagogical needs. This valuable thematic anthology is the ultimate guide to learn key skills of argumentation, critical reading, and research.

What You'll Learn From This Book:

  • Understanding the theme of memorable stories, poems, plays, and essays
  • Harnessing the key skills of argumentation
  • Developing critical reading and research
  • How to write about different genres including poems, stories, plays, and essays
  • How to write a research paper

Backpack Literature: An Introduction to Fiction, Poetry, Drama, and Writing, MLA Update Edition (5th Edition)
Author: X. J. Kennedy,Dana Gioia
Published at: 04/08/2016
ISBN: 0134586441

Backpack Literature is a very helpful book for the introductory course of literature. With this book, you will develop your ability to think critically and communicate effectively through writing.

What You'll Learn From This Book:

  • Basics of reading a story and understanding the plot
  • Writing critically
  • Understanding the point of view
  • Realizing the tone and style of a literature piece
  • Recognizing symbols
  • The ways a poem suggests
  • Understanding the rhythm of poems

Literature: An Introduction to Reading and Writing, Compact Edition (6th Edition)
Author: Edgar V. Roberts,Robert Zweig
Published at: 10/02/2014
ISBN: 032194478X

This is another broad and effective book to learn the principles of writing about literature.  With a broad selection of stories, you will learn how to engage yourself deeply and critically into reading and write essays according to your understanding.

What You'll Learn From This Book:

  • Basics of literature
  • Understanding the genres
  • Discovering ideas for writing
  • Determining the work's historical period and background
  • Studying the characters in the work
  • Analyzing the work's economic and social conditions
  • Describing the work's artistic qualities
  • Building ideas from your original notes
  • Tracing patterns of action and thought
  • Making an initial draft of your essay
  • Writing and reviewing your final draft

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