Major Facts and Resources for Undergraduate Students to Get Easy Access into the World of Applied Mathematics

Easy Access into the World of Applied Mathematics

Applied Mathematics is one of the most prestigious and favored professions. It combines the excitement of abstract science and engineering, a wit of chess, and a grandiose of architecture. Applied Mathematics problems are inspired by natural phenomena or social needs. The treatment of the problem can be abstract and rigorous; sometimes, a study of a problem leads to the development of novel areas (calculus, differential geometry, linear algebra, or probability, to name a few). Applied mathematicians are employed in Quantitative Finance, Material Science, Computer Science, Epidemiology, Genetics, City Planning, Climate Science, and so on. Our work is of exceptional social value as well as of great beauty and elegance. In academia, we work on our own problems and collaborate with colleagues in departments of science, engineering, mining, finances, and medicine.

Areas of Study:

  • Linear Algebra
  • Differential Equations
  • Computational Mathematics
  • Probability and Statistics
  • Cryptography
  • Abstract Algebra
  • Mathematical Modeling

Career options:

  • Professor
  • Data Analyst
  • Code-breaking
  • Medical imaging
  • Bioinformatics
  • Oil Exploration
  • Designing Mechanical Devices

Major Facts of Applied Mathematics:

Mathematics is vast with all its branches and branches within. Pure mathematics and applied mathematics have always been confusing as which one to pick exactly, as it may shape your career.

Pure Mathematics is the process of extracting the underlying essence of a mathematical concept, removing any dependence on real-world objects with which it might originally have been connected, and generalizing it so that it has wider applications that will help you in research and for mostly teaching purposes.

Applied Mathematics is a branch of mathematics that deals with mathematical methods that find use in science, engineering, business, computer science, and industry. Thus, applied mathematics is a combination of mathematical science and specialized knowledge. And this part of mathematics is fast-growing, in-demand and might help you to reach out to various perspectives of mathematics still unexplored and especially it won't bind you to the single field as applied mathematics has its branches in all other areas like statistics, physics, genetics, etc. So, if you are interested in the applications and really want to pursue your career in analytics, operations, statistics and similar fields you must choose your major in applied mathematics because, with growing competition and development in industries, the kind of people they prefer from mathematics is the one who has strong problem-solving skills, strategic thinking, and can form algorithms.

Besides, the job sector of Applied Mathematics is increasing day by day and it has a very decent job sector. It has vast areas to work on. Scholar of Applied Mathematics can easily make themselves well established in no time. They can surf around into the job sector. Studying Applied Mathematics enables you to study a broad range of mathematical techniques while keeping your options open as to how you will use them in your future career. Many of you may wonder, Can they get a decent job if they major Applied Mathematics?

The answer is not only a decent job, but also you can get one of the best jobs. If you look at the jobs that repeatedly make it to the top of the "best jobs" lists in terms of salary, growth potential, and job satisfaction, Applied Mathematics / Mathematics often holds the top spots.

Salary: To get an idea of how a math major can affect your salary, consider the following data extracted from a salary survey, which provides a comparison of average starting salaries for students by undergraduate major.

Job Satisfaction: There is more to life than money, and in addition to higher pay, a math major's employment promises higher levels of job satisfaction. The website ranks 200 jobs according to environment, income, outlook, physical demands, and stress. Based on these criteria, "Mathematician" is the number one spot on the list of 200 outranking jobs in medicine, finance, engineering, and law. Numbers two and three on the list are "Actuary" and "Statistician", which are also careers that an undergraduate degree in mathematics prepares you for. In addition, many of the jobs in the top 20 involve significant mathematical reasoning and knowledge and are likely to be filled by math majors as well.

Resources of Applied Mathematics:

This is one of the best school for learning throughout the world. It is initiated to provide a new model for the dissemination of knowledge. Here you will get free lectures, notes, exams and guideline to learn algebra and trigonometry. Everything is completely free and you can get from anywhere.

AMSER is a portal of educational resources and services built specifically for use by those in Community and Technical Colleges but free for anyone to use.

QuantStart's Quantcademy membership portal provides detailed educational resources for learning systematic trading and a strong community of successful algorithmic traders to help you.

Build your skills with incredible instructors and master anything you want to learn. It is designed for students with basic math backgrounds to learn Applied Mathematics in the most simple and effective way. The aim of this course is to provide students with the knowledge of not only mathematical theories but also to real-world applications so students understand how and when to use them.

This research area includes topics that help to advance the development and practice of educational programs, courses, and resources in applied and computational mathematics.

This collection of resources, which originally appeared in KET's Workplace Essential Skills and GED Connection series and accompanying workbooks, is designed to help learners with math skills. Students may find practicing applied mathematics helpful. This collection is partially funded by support provided by the Bluegrass Community Foundation.

  • Books

Books are the best supplement for learning anything well concisely. It will provide everything you need. Books are the best comprehensive reference and it will provide you the complete outline in brief. There are several books written by the experts which will help you to go through step-by-step. Make a start and shape up your plan to learn in a more efficient and effective way.

For undergraduate students to get easy access, into the world of Applied Mathematics, you can take a look at Best Books of Applied Mathematics

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