Best Meteor Js books for developing modern web and mobile applications

Meteor is a full-stack JavaScript platform for developing modern web and mobile applications. Meteor includes a key set of technologies for building connected-client reactive applications, a build tool, and a curated set of packages. Meteor provides full stack reactivity, allowing your UI to seamlessly reflect the true state of the world with minimal development effort. To learn meteror, you can follow these books:
Your First Meteor Application: A Complete Beginner's Guide to the Meteor JavaScript Framework (Meteor Tutorial Book 1)
Author: David Turnbull
Published at: 30/07/2014

If you think that learning Meteor is hard, then this book is for you. It's a simple and comprehensive book to learn this framework effectively. This book is specially designed for the beginner. So the materials are covered in a manner that any beginner can learn Meteor without any concern. It explains all the basic and advanced functionalities of Meteor. With practical examples, it'll teach how to build your first Meteor application using Javascript and other technologies.

What you'll learn

  • Installing Meteor on your device
  • Operating your computer with the command line
  • Working with MongoDB database for your Meteor application
  • Creating real-time interfaces using templates
  • Working with button clicks and form submissions in a browser
  • Updating data inside your Meteor application
  • Developing a user login system for your application
  • Securing your application
  • Deploying your applications on the web

Getting Started with Meteor.js JavaScript Framework - Second Edition
Author: Isaac Strack
Published at: 01/07/2015
ISBN: 1785285548

Getting Started with Meteor.js JavaScript Framework is another good book for the beginner. It'll teach you how to use Meteor framework for building dynamic, multi-user web applications quickly and easily. It starts with explaining you the basic concepts of Meteor. It then goes deeper and covers all the most important concepts you must know to build a killer web application. This coverage includes using HTML templates, MVC, data synchronization and NoSQL (document-based) databases.With this guide, you'll become an expert web application developer in Meteor.

What you'll learn

  • Uses of reactive programming and live HTML in modern web applications
  • Managing MongoDB/NoSQL databases
  • Developing fast, simple web interfaces with HTML templates
  • Working with design patterns, including MVC/MVVM and Publisher-Subscriber
  • Using local and server synchronization to make apps more user-friendly
  • Maintaining your application's security
  • Developing user authentication systems (Facebook and Twitter) for your application
  • Integrating third-party packages and add-ons such as Bootstrap and jQuery
  • Deploying Meteor applications on web

Learn Meteor - Node.js and MongoDB JavaScript platform
Author: Arnaud Weil
Published at: 30/07/2016
ISBN: 1365291200

If you are a programmer who understands nothing about Meteor. It’s ok, you can begin your next application using Meteor. This book author has been coaching hundreds of programmers through 15 years and transformed his experience into this book.

He understands from his experience instructing what requires more time to learn Meteor, and also spend some time just where appropriate. Plus this book is full of exercises that build into a complete job: you can build a little e-commerce program.

You will enable consumers to browse for products, add them to your own basket, and you will also make a whole backend where the website administrators will have the ability to list, generate, alter, and delete items. Read this book, and you'll be able to code your Meteor program in a week.

Meteor Programming in 24 Hours, Sams Teach Yourself (Teach Yourself -- Hours)
Author: Stephen O'Brien
Published at: 25/07/2016
ISBN: 0672337851

Using Meteor, you can build cloud-based powerful web and mobile apps! From this book, you can learn all the skills and techniques about meteror if you really spend 24 hours. In each easy lesson you'll learn all of Meteor's and capable of to do these projects :

  • Twitter Mapper: A web app that plots geolocation data from tweets in real-time on a world map, and lets you filter them by those you follow or by hashtag
  • A complete bulletin board system with profiles, groups, oAuth support for signup through social networks, messaging, and chat rooms
  • A stock portfolio manager, with charting, market quote integration, reporting, and a complete dashboard


As you work, you'll master techniques including fully responsive design, effective source code management, unit testing, cloud hosting, the use of pre-built packages to save time, and much more:

  • Setting up your Meteor IDE, and getting started fast
  • Programming Meteor like a pro, from the very beginning
  • Extending Meteor packages to get instant gratification
  • Linking to Twitter's API
  • Building modern user interfaces
  • Manipulating and securing data
  • Integrating social features into your web apps
  • Adding dashboards, interactive charts, and advanced visualizations
  • Improving security: passwords, hashes, salts, and browser policy lockdown

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