Best Microsoft PowerPoint books to improve your proficiency in using PowerPoint

best Microsoft PowerPoint books

Microsoft PowerPoint is a presentation program that was originally designed to provide visuals for group presentations within a business organization. It will show you how to efficiently create presentations with visual enhancements.

Here you will get some of the best Microsoft PowerPoint books.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 Introduction Quick Reference Guide - Windows Version (Cheat Sheet of Instructions, Tips & Shortcuts - Laminated Card)
Author: Beezix Inc
Published at: 27/11/2015
ISBN: 1939791936

This is the best Microsoft PowerPoint book which is definitely a great tool and quick reference for saving your valuable time. This is an easy to use reference guide and is a valuable resource to improve your proficiency in using PowerPoint 2016.

Covered topics are

  • Adding a new slide
  • Changing a slide's layout
  • Switching between standard and widescreen format
  • Custom slide size and orientation
  • Entering text
  • Starting a line without a bullet
  • Moving between text areas with the keyboard
  • Adding other text on the slide
  • Changing the level of indention
  • Text formatting.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 Step by Step
Author: Joan Lambert,Joyce Cox
Published at: 25/01/2013
ISBN: 0735669104

A very nice learning tool that shows you a nice way to learn new things. This Microsoft PowerPoint book is designed for the beginning level to intermediate level computer users. It consists of three parts: basic presentations, presentations enhancements, and additional techniques.

What you'll learn

  • How to create presentations and work with slides
  • How to add simple visual enhancements
  • Review and deliver presentations
  • Fine-tune visual elements
  • How to add animations, audio, and video
  • Work in PowerPoint more efficiently
  • Custom presentation elements.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 Step by Step
Author: Joan Lambert
Published at: 07/01/2016
ISBN: 0735697795

This book shows you all the way to get started with PowerPoint 2016. After reading this book you'll be able to create and manage presentations, create and manage slides, enter and edit text on slides, present text in tables, insert and manage simple graphics, business graphics, add sounds and movements to slides. Again you can prepare and deliver presentations accurately best Microsoft PowerPoint book.

The included five parts are

  • Part 1: Get started with PowerPoint 2016
  • Part 2: Insert and manage slide text
  • Part 3: Insert and manage visual elements
  • Part 4: Finalize presentations
  • Part 5: Use advanced PowerPoint functions.

MOS 2016 Study Guide for Microsoft PowerPoint (MOS Study Guide)
Author: Joan Lambert
Published at: 25/11/2016
ISBN: 0735699402

In MOS 2016 Study Guide for Microsoft PowerPoint, each chapter is divided into sections addressing groups of related skills that correlate to the exam objectives. Here, each section includes review information, generic procedures, and practice tasks you can complete on your own while studying. This book is basically designed for experienced computer users but is useful for every level of users.

After reading this book you'll be able to

  • Create and manage presentations
  • Insert and format text, shapes, and images
  • Insert tables, charts, Smart Art, and media
  • Apply transitions and animations
  • Manage multiple presentations.

Exploring Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 Comprehensive (Exploring for Office 2016 Series)
Author: Mary Anne Poatsy,Rebecca Lawson,Cynthia Krebs,Robert T. Grauer
Published at: 31/03/2016
ISBN: 0134479483

This is a great learning tool for exploring Microsoft PowerPoint where all the tips and tricks are explained in a proper way. The learning tools can be accessed from anywhere, anytime. It includes PowerPoint introductory capstone exercise and Powerpoint comprehensive capstone exercise.

Important coverages are

  • Introduction to PowerPoint
  • Presentation development
  • Presentation design
  • Enhancing with multimedia
  • Posters, tables, and statistical charts
  • Interactivity and advanced animation
  • Customization
  • Collaboration and distribution.

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