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best minecraft books

Minecraft is a game about placing blocks and going on adventures. It is one of the most widely popular game throughout the world. Besides playing games, it also has several benefits too. It enhances life skills, complements school kids, problem-solving skills, delivers work skills, etc.

Here you will get some of the best Minecraft books of 2023 that will let you build and explore your imaginary world. It will let you think creatively and share your thoughts from a global perspective.

Minecraft Official Dungeons Sticker Book (Minecraft)
Author: Random House
Published at: 15/06/2021
ISBN: 0593373022

Minecraft Dungeons is a stand-alone game based on Minecraft--the best-selling and most popular video game of all time! Explore this new game world with this awesome full-colour activity book that features over 500 stickers. It's hours of fun for Minecraft Dungeons fans 6 to 9.

In this book:

  • Planning.
  • Decoration.
  • Building.
  • Tips and Tricks.
  • Maths.
  • Puzzles.
  • Word Search.
  • Parkour Game.
  • Various Fun Activities.

Minecraft: The Dragon: An Official Minecraft Novel
Author: Drayden, Nicky
Published at: 06/07/2021
ISBN: 0593355733

Take flight with the ender dragon in this official Minecraft novel! When a desert town is threatened by illegal raids, a young adventurer turns to a newborn dragon to save her home.    Zetta is the best potion-maker in the village of Sienna Dunes. Okay, maybe she’s the only potion-maker in the village of Sienna Dunes. And maybe her potions don’t exactly work like they’re supposed to all the time. But when her village is menaced by a pack of villagers, only Zetta can see that the traditional ways won’t keep Sienna Dunes safe anymore. 

Minecraft: Guide to Combat
Author: Mojang Ab
Published at: 09/11/2021
ISBN: 0593355881

Learn how to survive and thrive in Minecraft with this brand-new guide! With insider info and tips from the experts at game-creator Mojang on how to defeat mobs and defend your base, this is a must-have, fully illustrated guide to combat.

Don your armour, pick up your sword and charge headfirst into Minecraft: Guide to Combat—the only book you need to take your game to the next level.   Read how to craft the deadliest weapons and enchant them with mystical powers, discover the vicious mobs that you’ll go toe-to-toe with, and learn crafty strategies that will help you best your friends in PVP.

Minecraft: The Mountain: An Official Minecraft Novel
Author: Brooks, Max
Published at: 02/03/2021
ISBN: 0593159152

Wandering a vast, icy tundra, the explorer has never felt more alone. Is there anything out here? Did I do the right thing by leaving the safety of my island? Should I give up and go back? So many questions, and no time to ponder not when dark is falling and dangerous mobs are on the horizon.   Gurgling zombies and snarling wolves lurk in the night, and they’re closing in. With nowhere to hide, the lone traveller flees up a mountain, trapped and out of options . . . until a mysterious figure arrives, fighting off the horde singlehandedly. The unexpected saviour is Summer, a fellow castaway and master of survival in these frozen wastes.

Color By Number For The Minecrafters: 50 Color by number activity for Kids | Ages 4-8, 8-12 | Boys and Girls, Fun Early Learning (unofficial) (Unofficial Minecrafter Kids)
Author: Publishing, Gary & Nachos
Published at: 16/02/2021
ISBN: B08WS7726W

This series is the unofficial fan book and a perfect gift for the kids, teens and young adults during any weekend or holiday/vacation.

This color by number book contains 55 exciting imaginary color by number characters in various background setup your kid, teen or young adult would love coloring. This activity book would help the kids in the age range 4-12 to focus and color their favorite gaming characters.

It offers:

  • 55 coloring pages
  • Beautiful artwork and designs
  • Suitable for all skill levels
  • High-Resolution printing
  • Single-sided pages
  • Perfectly sized 8.5 x 11 inches; 21.59 x 27.94 cm

The Accidental Minecraft Family: MegaBlock Edition (Books 1-4)
Author: Ate, Pixel
Published at: 27/11/2020
ISBN: B08P1QK896

We are a mom and dad to five kids, who wrote these Minecraft books as a way to engage kids who have a hard time finding books they enjoy reading. Our son hated reading. He was good at it and did not struggle, but it was a chore. He didn’t get any pleasure from the books, no feelings from the stories. Nothing we could find resonated with him. He would read for his twenty minutes a day then slam the book shut to do something- anything- else.

Until he found Steve the Noob, Dave the Villager, and Diary of a Surfer Villager. He couldn’t read them fast enough. He would burn through a book in a couple of hours and beg for the next. He’d snuggle up in his bed and read all day. We’d have to force him to turn off his light at night and actually get some sleep. It was all he’d talk about around the dinner table. He constantly retold the story, relayed the jokes he couldn’t stop laughing about. He would finish one series and start another. Then another. And another. And from those books, his love of reading was born.

Minecraft Dungeons: The Rise of the Arch-Illager: An Official Minecraft Novel
Author: Forbeck, Matt
Published at: 07/07/2020
ISBN: 0399180818

Learn the tragic origins of the wicked Arch-Illager in this official Minecraft novel, a prequel to Minecraft Dungeons! Brave heroes have banded together to take a perilous journey through the war-torn Overworld to defeat the Arch-Illager and his formidable army. But how did that army come to be? And just where did the Arch-Illager come from?

The terrible truth behind the Arch-Illager is that he never asked for ultimate power. Known as Archie, this little Illager is bullied by his fellow Illagers and mistrusted by fearful Villagers. Archie only ever wanted a place to call home, but he finds himself shunned by all. As he wanders through deep forests and up craggy mountains, he stumbles upon a dark cavern with a sinister secret waiting inside.

Archie discovers an object that whispers to him promises of power: the Orb of Dominance. With it, Archie realizes he can wield incredible magic and reshape a world that turned its back on him. All he needs to do is exactly what it tells him. After all, it’s called the Orb of Dominance for a reason, right? But is it named for the way Archie uses it or is it using him?

300 Minecraft Tricks: Tips, Tricks, and Strategies for Minecraft Players
Author: Steve Block
Published at: 14/08/2018
ISBN: 1718151527

This Minecraft book is like a complete helpline. Those who just learn how to play Minecraft, it suits them best. They will know numerous suggestions, 300 Minecraft tips, and tricks, strategies from the experienced Minecraft players.

It will guide them to learn how the game should be played and how to be a winner. This is very easy to read and understand. Any Minecraft player would love to have this book on their shelf. 

Minecraft Books for Kids: Collection of Amusing Minecraft Short Stories for Children. An Unofficial Minecraft Book 2019 (Minecraft Books, Minecraft Books For Kids, Minecraft Children Stories)
Author: Mika Kettunen
Published at: 21/01/2019

Minecraft Books for Kids is an adorable collection for kids about Minecraft and also a great resource for the kids who really love Minecraft. It consists of three mini-chapters that cover everything and helps them to understand and read very concisely. 

This book offers:

  • Incredible Tale of Steve.
  • Diary of Herobrine.
  • Neverending Story.
  • Tales of Steve's Friends.
  • Stories with lovely images. 
  • Examples are easier to understand.

Minecraft: Guide Collection 4-Book Boxed Set: Exploration; Creative; Redstone; The Nether & the End
Author: Mojang Ab,The Official Minecraft Team
Published at: 16/10/2018
ISBN: 1984818341

This box set is full of ultimate guideline having lots of tips and tricks which represents different aspects of a videogame. Minecraft: Guide to Exploration will help you to learn how to find resources, craft equipment and protect yourself from hostile mobs.

Minecraft: Guide to Creative will teach you how to create builds more impressive than you could have dreamed of. Minecraft: Guide to the Neither & the End will guide you on how to navigate the alien terrain, battle the native mobs and find rare blocks and items.

Minecraft: Guide to Redstone will provide you the instructions for how to make working circuits and then create clever builds using your new skills.

This book provides:

  • The introduction along with the technical stuff.
  • Key before you spawn.
  • The Minecraft Landscape.
  • Mobs.
  • Survival.
  • Tips and Tricks.

Minecraft: Guide to Creative (2017 Edition)
Author: Mojang Ab,The Official Minecraft Team
Published at: 30/05/2017
ISBN: 0399182020

It's a great addition to the Minecraft library. It teaches how to go beyond your imagination. With definitive instructions, it will let you build more impressively that anyone could dream of.

This book having a well concise description with captivating images that motivates children. This is an excellent guide that is easy to read and follow. 

This book contains:

  • Introduction about creativeness.
  • Planning.
  • Decoration.
  • Building. 
  • Tips and Tricks.
  • Excellent illustration and graphics.

Amazing Activity Book For Minecrafters: Puzzles, Mazes, Dot-To-Dot, Spot The Difference, Crosswords, Maths, Word Search And More (Unofficial Book) (Volume 1)
Author: Gameplay Publishing
Published at: 22/06/2017
ISBN: 1973919095

This is a quality book because many of the activities require real thinking to figure out. The activities are all very centered around the Minecraft series, so the kid would need to be familiar with the series to do the activities. This is perfect for Minecraft lovers who can use some real thinking and also fun activities. 

This book includes:

  • Mazes.
  • Crosswords.
  • Dot-to-Dot.
  • Spot the Difference.
  • Maths.
  • Puzzles.
  • Word Search. 
  • Parkour Game. 
  • Various Fun Activities.

Minecraft: The Island: An Official Minecraft Novel
Author: Max Brooks
Published at: 18/07/2017
ISBN: 0399181776

This is a fun book for the kiddos. The kids remain engaged with the thrilling story of this book. Any parent who wants their kid to read more and play Minecraft less should get their kid this book. It is written in a way where you actually feel like you're playing.

This is quite an excellent book for any kid into Minecraft. It teaches them good life lessons in the setting of their favorite game. This is the best part of this book. It's a great adventure with a thoughtful ending.

Minecraft: 14 Book Mega Minecraft Box Set
Author: Craft Steve
Published at: 19/02/2019

This book has all the things one needs to know in order to play with and enjoy Minecraft like a pro. The tips and tricks given are so powerful and so well explained that one will be able to comprehend right away. This book set is a real treasure for the real fan of the game.

This set of books contains fascinating stories from the life of the characters of the game. Full immersion in the world of Minecraft. Everyone who likes Minecraft would be happy to read this set of books. 

This book is very informative with the explanations on 14 Book Mega Minecraft Box Set. This book is a must-read for all. It is very simple and easy to read. The book itself is a beautiful quality and has fun artwork. This is a complete gift for the Minecraft lovers. 

Diary of a Minecraft Zombie, Book 2: Bullies and Buddies
Author: Zack Zombie
Published at: 27/01/2016

Diary of a Minecraft Zombie is cute, engaging and enjoyable for the school-age group. Kids will cherish their imagination through this book. The story building is brilliant and it holds the attention of the kids. It makes them so interested in the story and also the game. 

This is a great read for Minecraft loving elementary students. The characters learn how to get along and stop being bullies. The story is well decorated and if you are a reluctant reader who happens to love Minecraft - Get This Series.

Minecraft: Mobestiary
Author: Mojang Ab
Published at: 10/10/2017
ISBN: 1524797162

With insider gaming info and tips, this is the official, definitive, fully illustrated guide to mobs and how to outsmart them in Minecraft.

Minecraft: Mobestiary reveals the secrets of every mob in the game. You’ll find little-known facts about passive, neutral, hostile, utility, and boss mobs, as well as more general information about their locations, behaviours, threat levels, and drops. Written by Alex Wiltshire, author of Minecraft: Blockopedia and former editor at Edge magazine, who has made it his life’s work to study Minecraft’s mobs. Illustrated with field sketches throughout by Anton Stenvall.

The Ultimate Unofficial Encyclopedia for Minecrafters: An A - Z Book of Tips and Tricks the Official Guides Don't Teach You
Author: Miller, Megan
Published at: 16/06/2015
ISBN: 1634506987

Want to know where you’ll find the most diamonds or how to protect your villagers at night? This A–Z reference is a quick guide to all the tips you want to know, including:

  • How to spawn and kill the Wither boss
  • How to rescue a baby zombie villager
  • How to make a portal without a diamond pickaxe
  • How to make a secret passageway using paintings

Learn to Program with Minecraft: Transform Your World with the Power of Python
Author: Richardson, Craig
Published at: 10/12/2015
ISBN: 1593276702

In Learn to Program with Minecraft, you'll do all this and more with the power of Python, a free language used by millions of professional and first-time programmers! Learn how to customize Minecraft to make mini-games, duplicate entire buildings, and turn boring blocks into gold.

You'll also write programs that:

  • Take you on an automated teleportation tour around your Minecraft world
  • Build massive monuments, pyramids, forests, and more in a snap!
  • Make secret passageways that open when you activate a hidden switch
  • Create a spooky ghost town that vanishes and reappears elsewhere
  • Show exactly where to dig for rare blocks
  • Cast a spell so that a cascade of flowers (or dynamite if you're daring!) follows your every move
  • Make mischief with dastardly lava traps and watery curses that cause huge floods

The Gigantic Book of Graphic Novels for Minecrafters: Three Unofficial Adventures
Author: Stevens, Cara J.
Published at: 04/06/2019
ISBN: 1510740473

For boys and girls who love Minecraft, one big book with three graphic novel adventures. Over 2200 full-colour images transport young readers into the world of the game they love most.

When quiet farm girl Pixel receives an acceptance letter from the prestigious academy for gifted students, Redstone Junior High, she is thrilled! Little does Pixel know that the school's long history of safety is about to take an unsettling turn. The adventures that unfold will test Pixel's courage, reveal a unique and precious gift that she never knew she had, and help her create friendships that will change the course of her life.

With three full adventures (Zombies Ate My Homework, Creepers Crashed My Party, and Dragons Never Die, this huge book of adventures will enchant boys and girls of all ages who love playing Minecraft and love stories full of action, adventure, and bravery.

Minecraft: Guide Collection 4-Book Boxed Set: Exploration; Creative; Redstone; The Nether & the End
Author: Mojang Ab
Published at: 16/10/2018
ISBN: 1984818341

The ultimate gift for any Minecraft fan

The official Minecraft: Guide to Exploration will help you survive. Learn how to find resources, craft equipment, and protect yourself from hostile mobs. • Minecraft is so varied and limitless that incredible creations can often be daunting to think about, let alone to build.

The official Minecraft: Guide to Creative will teach you all you need to know to create builds more impressive than you could have dreamed of. • Survival is difficult in the perilous Nether and End dimensions, and you’ll need to up your game if you want to make it back to the Overworld.

The official Minecraft: Guide to the Nether & the End will teach you how to navigate the alien terrain, battle the native mobs, and find rare blocks and items.

Become a master engineer and create awesome contraptions with the official Minecraft: Guide to Redstone. Discover the uses of Redstone components, learn how to make working circuits, then create clever builds using your new skills.

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