Best Mystery Books in 2021 With Suspense, Thriller and Mystery

best mystery books

Mystery falls into the genre of fiction where the stories are usually involving a mysterious death or other paranormal events. Most of the mysteries are about sudden death, murder and other heinous crime with abnormal elements and incidents and how the detectives or other persons solve the mysteries. The mystery is a very popular section of reading.

Below you will find some of the best mystery books in 2021 of the events worldwide written by the famous mystery writers.

The Book of Mysteries
Author: Jonathan Cahn
Published at: 06/09/2016
ISBN: 162998941X

THE BOOK OF MYSTERIES is one of the finest works of renowned writer Jonathan Cahn. This book contains the secrets and the hidden keys to unlock joy, happiness, and success of your life. You will be amazed by the depth of topics the author covered in this book. It is extremely informative and helpful for everyone. This mystery book is divided into 365 very short readings, which are easy to read, meaningful and enriching. Each mystery will open your eyes to something you never noticed or thought about before. This book also contains a reference from the Bible after each of the devotional. Each of the pages of this book contains fascinating information about God and his master plans and also has the answers to the most enduring mysteries of mankind. 

Topics covered in this book:

  • Know about the mysteries of God
  • Uncover the secret of ages
  • Bible reference after each devotional
  • Life-changing stories and motivation
  • Hidden keys to open the doors of a life of joy, blessing and the fulfillment of your destiny

Once Gone (a Riley Paige Mystery--Book #1)
Author: Blake Pierce
Published at: 28/07/2017
ISBN: 1632914697

If you are looking for a mystery book that will make you double-check your windows and doors whether they are closed or not then ONCE GONE, this book will be the perfect book for you. The author Blake Pierce has built an astonishing environment of thriller and mystery throughout the book with an amazing story of an FBI agent Riley Paige. The author did an excellent job building the characters psychologically that the ones who are reading can easily understand the plot of the stories and feel the situation. This mystery book is full of twists. The FBI agent is to solve the case of a serial killer. While solving the case how she got into it and instead of solving it how she falls into the list of a victim is a small glimpse of the whole story. Read this amazing book, it will keep you awake until the turn of the last page.

The Walt Longmire Mystery Series Boxed Set Volumes 1-4: The First Four Novels (Walt Longmire Mysteries)
Author: Craig Johnson
Published at: 27/11/2012
ISBN: 0147508770

THE WALT LONGMIRE MYSTERY SERIES is the collection of the first four novels written by famous author Craig Johnson. There is a TV series named Longmire which resembles these books but the books are far better than the series. In these books, the author shows how the characters build a story. The development capacity and the depth of morality among the characters are alike with the current social issues. Craig Johnson's amazing writing capability will amaze you in every bit. The plots are intriguing and the characters are well developed. The characters are real, they have feelings, emotions and they describe the horrible situation of human trafficking and develop a real living story about the main character's heroism and tragic loss of the victims. These books will take you to an amazing journey of mysteries and thrillers filled with emotion, love, and loss.

Deadly Stillwater: A compelling crime thriller (Mac McRyan Mystery Series Book)
Author: Roger Stelljes
Published at: 12/01/2014
DEADLY STILLWATER is one of the amazing creation of a compelling crime thriller by Roger Stelljes. This book combines mystery and suspense and creates a whole new plot of a crime thrilling experience. This book is based on the story of Detective Mac McRyan and his fellow St. Paul Police Chiefs and their effort to solve a double kidnapping. The story and the characters are really interesting and you will find the suspense increasing as you progress through the book. Two girls having high profile fathers got kidnapped in broad daylight. Witnesses have very little information about the kidnappers. There is no ransom demanded. Then how the detectives approach the kidnappers? How do they find the girls? There are twists and turns on every page of this book. The plot will keep you engaged until the very end. You will find yourself experiencing the effort of the detective's race against time to solve the mysteries of this crime. If you are a mystery lover then don't waste your time, Go and grab this amazing crime mystery book.

If By Chance: Thriller, Suspense, Mystery (Chance Rios FBI Book 1)
Author: Javier Magria
Published at: 10/12/2018
ISBN: B07L96H1R4

Looking for a book that combines thriller, suspense, and mystery at the same time? Then IF BY CHANCE can be the best option for you. This book will give you an original story lineup and take you to a mysterious journey of sting operations. Thrilling action, real-life police work, mystery, suspense, and well-developed characters have made this book a must-read. The original story is very much alike with today's immigration laws. Dr. Chance Rios is a Special Agent in Charge of the FBI’s Violent Crime Task Force Unit, in New York City. She was following a lead to capture the serial killer and rapist. As she comes close to capture the criminal, she discovered the dark underworld related to it. Full of exciting turns and twists, the plot will keep you awake until you are finished reading it. This book is much recommended to all the mystery lovers.

Yesterday's Lost (Yesterday's Mysteries)
Author: Sam Cheever
Published at: 25/01/2018
YESTERDAY'S LOST is an excellent and horrific paranormal murder mystery book. If you like haunted stories and mysteries then this book is for you. Written by Sam Cheever this book will give you shivers in your spine while reading it. The story is well developed with the touch of a paranormal element. Detective Pratt Davies is a reputed officer who is confident and experienced. He has encountered many difficult cases in his life. But one day he and his partner were called to home from where there were horrific screams coming out. When he and his partner arrived at the house, they cautiously entered into it. But all of a sudden they encountered a very strange mist. When the mist was over his partner came out crawling from the house bleeding and traumatized with fear. Pratt experienced something very unusual like he had never experienced before. What caused a very strong police office like Pratt to be horrified? What caused his partner to be terrified and injured? Were there any supernatural activities behind those crimes? To get answers to all those questions you must have to read this amazing book.

The Frank Bennett Adirondack Mountain Mystery Series: Books 1-3: Frank Bennett Adirondack Mountain Mystery Series Boxed Set
Author: S. W. Hubbard
Published at: 30/09/2018

THE FRANK BENNETT ADIRONDACK MYSTERY SERIES is the collection of three amazing books written by S. W. Hubbard. This book is based on the main character Frank Bennett a small-town cop fighting crime with his morals and dignity. You will fall in love with Frank and all the characters and mainly with the outstanding plot. Each of these books covers a different story of Frank and his subordinates fighting crime in a different situation. With full of twists and turns, these books are all that a mystery lover wants. The first book The Lure is about the group of environmental activists who shows up to close down Raging Rapids a popular tourist place. How Frank Bennett finds out the real reason for targeting the tourist spot is all described in this book. Blood Knot the second book is about an Academy student who turns up dead. Frank then unveils the mystery behind that murder. In the third book The Dead Drift, Frank investigates three puzzling crimes and unfold the mysteries. You will get engaged with the story of these amazing books.

MURDER AT MIDNIGHT a gripping crime mystery full of twists
Published at: 25/08/2018
MURDER AT MIDNIGHT is a crime mystery full of well-observed characters and amazing plots with twists and turns. Written by the gifted writer Faith Martin the story is full of mysterious case-solving of a female detective Hillary Greene. The plots are well throughout, the characters are set in a truly fascinating way and the ending is beyond your imagination. With delightful description and characterization, the story starts with the murder of Felix Oliphant in a New Year Eve Costume Party. There is no evidence and no spectator. The detective has zero clues about that murder. But how she solves the case is the best thing about this book. This book will keep you engaged from start to a thrilling conclusion. The characters seem so real that you will find yourself being part of the story. Don't miss a chance to experience the amazing thriller and mystery of this book.

The David Wolf Mystery Thriller Series: Books 1-4 (The David Wolf Series Box Set)
Author: Jeff Carson
Published at: 14/07/2017

THE DAVID WOLF MYSTERY SERIES is a collection of 4 books filled with mystery and suspense. These books are among the extraordinary creations of Jeff Carson. If you love mysteries, suspense with a touch of humor and romance then these series will satisfy you the most. The main character is Sargent David Wolf. All four books have the display of Sargent David Wolf's crime-solving skills and unfolding mysteries. The first book Foreign Deceit is about the death of David Wolf's own brother. He was devastated to hear about his brother but things heat up more when he heard that it was ruled as a suicide in the other country. The Sargent then follow the accident and discover the reason for his brother's death. The second book The Silversmith is about a conspiracy taken against David Wolf and how he got out of that trap. The third book is Alive and Killing. It is about the tragic attack on the Wolf family by a psychopath. The last book is Deadly Conditions. It is about a woman's dead body found on a snow pile with an X mark on the forehead of the woman by lipstick. All the stories will keep you in your seat until you finish reading the series.

Foreign Deceit: A David Wolf Mystery
Author: Jeff Carson
Published at: 26/10/2013
FOREIGN DECEIT is a thrilling mystery of the assassination of David Wolf's brother. It is one of the amazing creations of Jeff Carson. David Wolf is a member of the Sluice County Sheriff's Department. Wolf receives news that his brother has committed suicide in Italy. But Wolf doesn't believe that his brother would kill himself. Devastated by the news of his sibling's death he arrived in Italy to find out the truth. Will he be able to find out the cause of his brother's death? Or will he be another victim of the criminal? How did his brother die? All the questions will be answered on this amazing mystery. With the brilliant writing skills of Jeff Carson and his ability to develop characters in accordance with the plot has made this story very enjoyable to read. There are plenty of twists and surprises along the way and the ending will make you more eager to know what happens next. Don't miss a chance to read this amazing mystery thriller.

The Woman (Linda Darby Mystery Book 1)
Author: David Bishop
Published at: 19/11/2013
THE WOMAN is the mysterious story of the assassination attempt on seven years divorced lady named Linda Darby. Written by the famous mystery writer David Bishop This book tells us the story of an adrenaline-filled fight of a woman to escape death and other consequences who is also been threatened not to inform the police about the incident. The book is well written with an absorbing chain of events which will guide you to the end of the story with a lot of twists and turns. Linda Darby on a walk into town, get threatened by two people in the ally. A mysterious stranger comes to save her from them. But the other day she finds that the two men were left dead. Soon after that, she discovers that one of the dead body is of her friend Cynthia. After that, she receives a cryptic phone call from the man who saved her from them and the new twists begins. How Linda gets out of the trap? How she escapes death? How she changes the ways she never imagined possible before? Want to unfold all the mysteries? Then go and grab this amazing book right now.

A Scone To Die For (Oxford Tearoom Mysteries ~ Book 1) (Volume 1)
Author: H.Y. Hanna
Published at: 18/01/2016
ISBN: 099429249X
A SCONE TO DIE FOR is a cozy mystery book written by H.Y. HANNA on a surprisingly different plot. The main plot of this book is near a small village in Oxford, England. Gemma opened a tearoom near Oxford shire. But after the opening of her tearoom, a murder takes place near her restaurant. An American tourist gets killed on the site. People felt threatened by this incident. But this will bring a loss in Gemma's newly opened business. Besides Gemma finds out that the police are not doing much about the murder. So she decided to take the case into her own hands and starts investigating. Miss Hannah has built some interesting characters for making this story amazing. There are full of twists and mysteries around the murder. Can Gemma solve the case and unfold the mysteries? You will be acquainted with this book until the very end. A clean, violence-free thrilling mystery which is well worth reading for all of you.

Broken (Deep Ops Book 3)
Author: Zanetti, Rebecca
Published at: 26/05/2020

Dangerous: Former Navy SEAL Clarence Wolfe’s unit was taken out with a land mine. Injured and devastated, he hasn’t been quite right since. Worse, the tragedy was no accident. All Wolfe wants now is to take down the man responsible. In the meantime, he’s good with being the muscle for the Deep Ops team—and leading a steamy no-strings-attached personal life. Until one intriguing woman changes everything.

Determined: Reporter Dana Mulberry is on a mission to avenge the death of a fellow journalist. She’s finally hot on a trail—the right to a sex club—where she runs into . . . Wolfe? It seems both their leads have led to the same spot. To keep from blowing their covers, they’ll have to at least pretend to have a little fun. Trouble is, they genuinely like each other. And that’s way too risky for Wolfe, especially when, to his surprise, Dana agrees.

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