Best Philosophy Books - Beginners guide

Philosophy is the discipline that looks for reasoned answers to certain very abstract questions, usually left unasked in everyday life, about the nature of the universe and the place in it of humans and everything distinctively human. These are questions that the sciences usually do not tackle, though it may, in the end, turn out that scientific discoveries are relevant to answering them. By reading these best philosophy books you can solve the mystery of our existence through philosophy. You can also know about many great philosophers whose contribution has changed this world we are living now.

The Philosophy Book: Big Ideas Simply Explained
Author: DK
Published at: 21/02/2017
ISBN: 1465458557

The Philosophy Book sums up all the theories and concepts of Philosophy starting from ancient Greece to modern-day. This book does an outstanding job of breaking down the history of philosophy into language that everyone can understand. It explains the complex concepts of Philosophy with appealing illustrations and straightforward text and references. These best Philosophy books will let you see through the most important minds of all time. It consists of more than 100 of history's well-known philosophers. It is easy to read and easy to understand, especially with simple diagrams. Excellent book for beginners trying to understand philosophy and philosophers. Explore feminism, rationalism, idealism, existentialism, and other influential movements in the world of philosophy by reading this book.

What's in it:

  • Divided into 6 important stages of Philosophy
  • Philosophers of ancient age and their theories about the world and life
  • The medical world
  • Renaissance and the age of reason
  • Important theories from great scholars and philosophers
  • The age of revolution
  • The modern world philosophy
  • Contemporary Philosophy
  • Over 100s of history's great philosopher and their quotes

Philosophy 100 Essential Thinkers
Author: Philip Stokes
Published at: 08/08/2012

Philosophy 100 Essential Thinkers is an excellent introduction to Western Philosophy. It captures the lifestyle, important events, concerns and circumstances that made them a true thinker of more than 100s of history's greatest Philosophers. With clear and substantial writing Philip Stokes answered all of the fundamental questions of young adults by the help of the greatest minds of all time. He also explains each essential thinker's philosophy and adds his views on each subject as well as comparisons to other philosophers. This book explores the most asked questions and arguments of philosophy and demystifies them. Covering philosophical, scientific, political and religious thought over a period of 2500 years, this book will keep you engaged until you finished reading it.

What you will find in this book:

  • The history of social, political and technological change
  • Details of individual thinkers--such as Plato, Aristotle, Rousseau, and Nietzsche, etc.
  • Views of the greatest scientists, mathematicians, and logicians of all time
  • Answers many of the fundamental questions of philosophy

Wicca for Beginners: Fundamentals of Philosophy & Practice
Author: Thea Sabin
Published at: 08/04/2006
ISBN: 0738707511

WICCA for beginners provides a solid understanding of Wiccian tradition and their spiritual practices and philosophy. Wicca is a modern, Earth-centered religion with roots in the ancient practices of our shamanic ancestors. Its practitioners, who call themselves Wiccans, honor the life-giving and life-sustaining powers of Nature through ritual worship and a commitment to living in balance with the Earth. these best Philosophy books combine both spiritual and practical concepts of Wiccian philosophies, culture, and beliefs behind the religion, without losing the mystery that draws many students to want to learn about Wicca. It explains spiritual practices like grounding, raising energy, visualization, and meditation. It also provides core techniques before launching into more complicated rituals and spell work.

Contents of this book:

  • Basic principles and ethics of WICCA
  • Details about Fundamental tools of Wicca
  • Trance, Meditation and Path Working
  • Wiccian sacred practices and spell works
  • Histories of Wiccian Gods
  • Wiccian Holidays and wheel of the year and much more

Philosophy 101: From Plato and Socrates to Ethics and Metaphysics, an Essential Primer on the History of Thought (Adams 101)
Author: Paul Kleinman
Published at: 18/09/2013

Philosophy 101 is an excellent read for the beginners who want to know about the fundamental of Philosophy. This book binds together with the greatest philosophers of all time. From Plato and Socrates to the ethics and the metaphysics, this book covers it all. It breaks down the complex theories, principles, and figures of philosophy and makes them easily understandable for the newbies. This book presents the principles and concepts of philosophy in a comprehensive way that cuts off the extra details and methodologies. You can explore the fascinating history of human thought and inquisition by reading this book. It will stimulate your intellectual curiosity about Philosophy.

What you will learn:

  • In brief details about the Greatest Minds of Philosophy
  • The idea about Existentialism, Hedonism, Hard Determinism, Realism, Dualism, etc
  • Empiricism vs Rationalism
  • Language Philosophy
  • Metaphysics
  • Philosophy of Humor, Culture, Science, and Religion
  • Eastern Philosophy
  • Ethics and many more

The Yoga Mind: 52 Essential Principles of Yoga Philosophy to Deepen Your Practice
Author: Rina Jakubowicz
Published at: 17/04/2018

The Yoga Mind explains 52 essential principles of Yoga Philosophy. It is a great introduction to learn the secrets of Yoga. It is easy to read, written in short but effective descriptions and covers the fundamentals of Yoga. Yoga helps you to connect your mind and body and keep a balance between them. This book simplifies the complex Philosophies of Yoga. It has everything you need to deepen your yoga practice and discover a meaningful way of life. It's clear and thoughtful guidance will help you to make the best use of your Yoga and get the best results.


  • Basics of Yoga
  • Clear explanations of core yoga principles
  • The eight limbs of Yoga
  • Yoga practice and different kinds of Chakra
  • Guided meditations and simple exercises
  • A structured approach to vital yoga themes and many more

The Philosophy Book: From the Vedas to the New Atheists, 250 Milestones in the History of Philosophy (Sterling Milestones)
Author: Gregory Bassham
Published at: 06/09/2016
ISBN: 1454918470
The Philosophy Book is an excellent introduction to Philosophy. It covers a huge range of topics, theories, and concepts of historical and modern philosophy. Starting by answering the fundamental questions of reality this book guides you through the most important and interesting events in the field of Philosophy. The author's implicit definition made this book charm and a must-read for Philosophy lovers. This book discusses physics, biology, psychology, the arts, politics, morality, ethics, metaphysics, logic, and epistemology based on Philosophy. It also discusses Eastern Philosophy and culture, Islamic philosophy, Hindu Vedas and Plato’s theory of forms to Ockham’s Razor, Pascal’s Wager, Hume’s A Treatise of Human Nature, existentialism, feminism, Philosophical Zombies, and the Triple Theory of Ethics. Get this amazing book now. 

What's in it:

  • Ancient Greek philosophies, Eastern philosophies, and various modern philosophical movements
  • Wide range of topics and cultures, from the Hindu Vedas and Plato’s theory of forms and many more
  • 250 milestones of the most important theories, events, and seminal publications
  • Influence of Philosophers like Plato, Rousseau, Hobbes, John Stuart Mill, Adam Smith, Karl Marx, Derek Parfit, and Robert Nozick in changing the world
  • Psychology, the arts, politics, morality, ethics based on Philosophy and many more.

Philosophy For Beginners
Author: Richard Osborne
Published at: 21/08/2007
ISBN: 1934389021

Philosophy For Beginners is a wonderfully illustrated basic introduction to the history of philosophy. This fully illustrated volume is organized into twenty-two areas of study. It begins with a brief explanation of philosophy. It moves to the most famous philosophers of Greece, such as Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, and others. The Roman philosophers are covered next such as Marcus Aurelius. Early Christianity is explained, medieval religious philosophy, the renaissance, reformation and counter-reformation, the enlightenment and the rise of capitalism, idealism, American philosophers, and other influential social movements such as Marxism is also covered in this text. It gives a brief overview of important philosophical ideas that have occurred in the last 2,500 years.


  • A brief explanation of the philosophy
  • Development of Western Philosophy for over the last 2,500 years
  • History of most famous Greek and Roman Philosophers
  • Early Christianity and medieval religious philosophy is explained
  • Philosophy of different ages and times like the renaissance, reformation, and counter-reformation
  • Capitalism, idealism and other influential events are also covered

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