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Philosophy is basically a tool to help us find a path of sustainable happiness and to flourish with skill. Philosophy uses the tools of logic and reason to analyze the ways in which humans experience the world. It teaches critical thinking, close reading, clear writing, and logical analysis and uses these to understand the language we use to describe the world and our place within it. Children's are said to be a natural philosopher. Children learn to reflect before speaking so that they are accurate in what they really want to say. So it helps to develop higher-order thinking skills, improve communication skills and helps children learn to co-operate with others. Here you will get some best philosophy books for kids that demonstration of social empathy for others and to achieve a better academic result as well.

Children's Book of Philosophy: An Introduction to the World's Great Thinkers and Their Big Ideas
Author: DK
Published at: 03/03/2015
ISBN: 1465429239

Children's Book of Philosophy is an excellent introduction for inquisitive young children. This is a great broad overview of philosophical topics for kids. With the help of this best Philosophy Books for Kids, one can teach his/her child how to think clearly and to ask searching questions  Because Children are great at asking the big questions: Where did I come from? Why does the world exist? What is real?

Encourage your child's curiosity with this kid-friendly handbook to some of life's biggest questions, because it is never too early to start thinking about thinking. An excellent investment in your child's future.

This Colorful Book Provides:

  • Philosophical questions with engaging graphics that are fun and easy for kids to process
  • Biographical information, timelines, and conceptual thinking on philosophy
  • Interesting philosophical puzzles

Examined Life: Advanced Philosophy for Kids
Author: David White Ph.D.
Published at: 01/01/2006
ISBN: 1593630085

The Examined Life: Advanced Philosophy for Kids is an excellent book full of great philosophical ideas for students at the basic level. Through vibrant discussions and debate, Dr. White sets the stage for delving deeper into the philosophical questions that interest young people. Divided into three main sections, the book mainly focuses on readings that will encourage discussion and debate; activities that focus on the direct application of philosophy to areas such as critical thinking, language, and the arts; and a philosophical look at how educators can become more reflective philosophers themselves. This book is highly recommended as a home-school resource of philosophy for young kids.

This Book May Help to Understand:

  • Reasons to study philosophy and the adventure of philosophy
  • Primary sources and elements to know about philosophical ideas
  • Philosophical visions and its educational importance in humans life

Big Ideas for Little Kids: Teaching Philosophy through Children's Literature
Author: Thomas E. Wartenberg
Published at: 28/04/2014
ISBN: 1475804458

Big Ideas for Little Kids is a wonderful introduction to the philosophy of children. Wartenberg offers a straightforward and engaging discussion of ways to inspire philosophical discussions with young children using interesting stories. This Philosophy Books for Kids includes everything a teacher, a parent, or a college student needs to teach philosophy to elementary school children from picture books. Written in a clear and accessible style, the book explains why it is important to allow young children access to philosophy during primary-school education. Wartenberg also gives advice on how children discuss philosophical issues with one another as they respond to open-ended questions by saying whether they agree or disagree with what others have said. This book an invaluable resource for both educators and young children who have interests in philosophy.

Philosophy for Young Children
Author: Berys Gaut
Published at: 22/09/2011
ISBN: 0415619742

Philosophy for Young children is an excellent study material that can help a teacher to start teaching philosophy to children today. This book is a concise, practical guide for teachers. It contains detailed session plans for 36 philosophical inquiries - enough for a year’s work - that have all been successfully tried, tested and enjoyed with young children from the age of three upwards.

The inquiries explore a range of stimulating philosophical questions about fairness, the environment, friendship, inclusion, sharing, right and wrong, manners, beauty, pictures, emotions, dreaming and reality. All the stories, drawings, and photographs that you will need to carry out the inquiries are provided and can be used with your children directly from the book.

Each Step-by-Step Enquiry Includes:

  • The philosophical topic and the aim of the inquiry
  • The stimuli you will need
  • Questions to ask the children
  • Possible answers to help move the discussion forward
  • Ideas to help you summarise and extend the inquiry

If you are a primary school teacher, this complete resource will enable you to introduce philosophy to your children quickly and with confidence.

The Cartoon Introduction to Philosophy
Author: Michael F. Patton,Kevin Cannon
Published at: 21/04/2015
ISBN: 0809033623

The Cartoon Introduction to Philosophy is one of the captivating books of philosophy introducing fundamental ideas in philosophy presented in a fun and unique way that will engage younger readers. The book is separated into chapters that deal with the different branches of philosophy. This book uses the graphic novel format effectively in providing a well-rounded introduction to the field of Philosophy. The progression of knowledge in Philosophy is symbolized in the book by a journey down The River of Philosophy, narrated by Heraclitus, one of the pre-Socratic philosophers introduces different philosophers and their ideas through the book.

Rather than provide a linear historical outline, the book is divided into seven chapters: an introduction to the field and then chapters devoted to six of the major subfields of Philosophy: Logic, Perception, Minds, Free Will, God, and Ethics.

Combining Cannon's playful artistry and Patton's humorous, instructive prose, this book puts the fun back into the quest for fundamental truths, imparting a love of wisdom to anyone willing to grab a paddle and join the ride.

This is an excellent introduction written and illustrated in a fun and engaging way with good examples of great thinker’s ideas.

Philosophy for Kids: 40 Fun Questions That Help You Wonder about Everything!
Author: David White
Published at: 01/01/2001
ISBN: 1882664701

Philosophy for Kids is an excellent classroom discussion starter that relates philosophy to kid's real-life concerns. This book is a wonderful, helpful, handy, practical resource for introducing young people to philosophy. Depending on the age and intellectual maturity of the child, this book can either be a gateway into showing a child how to look at the world more deeply or as a means to seriously familiarize a child with key philosophical concepts, persons and terms. This book is highly recommended for those who wish to explore serious questions about ethics, epistemology, and metaphysics along with critical thinking with their children.

This Book Covers:

  • General introduction to philosophy
  • Follow-up questions on philosophy with detailed  explanations
  • Teaching tips and notes on how to take classes on philosophical topics
  • Open-ended discussions on the included topics

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