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best psychology books

Psychology is the scientific research of the mind and behavior. If you really want to understand what motivates your thoughts, feelings, and actions, read the best psychology books that illuminate the human psyche.

Here you will get some of the best psychology books which will motivate you, guide you and help you to become the best version of yourself.

Psychology, 11th Edition
Author: David G. Myers,C. Nathan DeWall
Published at: 12/01/2015
ISBN: 1464140812

This psychology book is an informative book meant for an introductory psychology course. It has a tendency to put a lot of effort into the biology aspect more so than the psychological aspects at a time. 

This book features:

  • Tips about nurturing key strengths.
  • Tons of material.
  • Easy to follow.
  • Good pricing and great conditions.

Gut and Psychology Syndrome: Natural Treatment for Autism, Dyspraxia, A.D.D., Dyslexia, A.D.H.D., Depression, Schizophrenia
Author: Natasha Campbell-McBride
Published at: 15/11/2010
ISBN: 0954852028

Get and Psychology Syndrome is a decent book with some interesting information about mental and autoimmune health issues and vaccines. It is easy to read, there is a lot of good information about how your digestive system should work and what it looks like when it is deficient. 

This book includes:

  • A wealth of information.
  • Breaks down information on health for children and adults.
  • Great recommendations for those who have digestive problems.
  • Lots of useful tips and tricks, recipes.
  • Easy to read and understand.

Psychology (5th Edition)
Author: Saundra K. Ciccarelli,J. Noland White
Published at: 14/10/2016
ISBN: 0134477960

It's a great basics psychology book that is engaging and contemporary. It can be a little redundant but a great resource. It has quizzes along the way and then chapters tests at the end of each chapter. The answer key is in the back for you to correct your work.

This book offers:

  • A comprehensive psychology textbook.
  • Well written and well researched.
  • Very easy to read and follow.
  • The information is pertinent and understandable.
  • Great pricing with great quality.

Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience (Harper Perennial Modern Classics)
Author: Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
Published at: 01/07/2008
ISBN: 0061339202

The book focuses on ways that we can encourage flow in our lives, and also talks about the perils of over-reliance on a particular flow activity.

It is about trying to see the potential for flow in our daily lives, using it and harnessing it to achieve worthwhile goals, and encouraging flow in a multitude of mundane and transcendental activities.

This book contains:

  • Happiness revisited.
  • The anatomy of consciousness.
  • Enjoyment and The quality of life.
  • The conditions of flow.
  • The body inflow.
  • The flow of thought.
  • Work as flow.
  • Enjoying solitude and other people.
  • Cheating Chaos.
  • The making of meaning.

Exploring Psychology, 9th Edition
Author: David G. Myers
Published at: 02/11/2012
ISBN: 1464111723

Exploring Psychology is a good textbook that illustrates information so concisely and thoroughly that anyone can understand. Full of relevant questions to help retain information and a good book for freshening-up on how to study. 

The book delivers:

  • Lots of relevant color pictures, comic strips, graphs, diagrams, and quotes in the margins make the book more like a (very large) magazine.
  • Vocabulary words appear in the margins for contextual reviews.
  • The inside cover shows a timeline of great people and events in psychology.
  • Sections have both conventional titles and goals for learning that set expectations.
  • Text is easy-to-read, often entertaining and summarizes many interesting facts and experimental findings.
  • Interspersed self-tests throughout a chapter are like rest stops on a turnpike that help verify comprehension and retention.
  • Chapter end review, vocabulary lists, and self-tests are great refreshers.
  • Glossary provides a full vocabulary of terminology.
  • Indexes of subjects, names, and references make reviews easy.

Psychology in Everyday Life
Author: David G. Myers,C. Nathan DeWall
Published at: 21/10/2016
ISBN: 1319013732

This is a good gateway into the world of psychology. The book itself is very informative about the basics and general information on Psychology.

This book offers:

  • Very good for beginning psychology and a great introduction to advanced psychology.
  • Gives you key concepts throughout each chapter and there is a review appendix for quick study
  • Very well written and fun to read.
  • Incredibly easy to read and understand.

The Psychology Book: Big Ideas Simply Explained
Author: DK
Published at: 21/02/2017
ISBN: 1465458565

A good overview of the development of psychological theory and practice. The coverage of recent developments is much deeper than the discussion of earlier and more theoretical issues.

This book includes:

  • Psychology in the making.
  • Behaviorism, responding to our environment.
  • The unconscious determines behavior.
  • The calculating brain.
  • Social Psychology, Being in a world of others.
  • Developmental philosophy, From infant to adult.
  • Psychology of difference, Personality, and Intelligence.

Exploring Psychology
Author: David G. Myers,C. Nathan DeWall
Published at: 04/01/2016
ISBN: 1464154074

Pretty good for a textbook. Fairly progressive and contemporary, supported by reputable research. It was a required textbook for school and more interesting than other psychology textbooks.

This book features:

  • Facilitate learning by teaching critical thinking and helping students at every step.
  • Present psychology as a science, emphasizing the process of inquiry and putting facts in the service of concepts.
  • Make sure students come away with an appreciation of psychology’s big ideas, and with a deeper respect for humanity—what drives us, distinguishes us, unifies us.

Barron's AP Psychology with Online Tests
Author: Allyson J. Weseley Ed.D.,Robert McEntarffer Ph.D.
Published at: 01/01/2018
ISBN: 1438010699

Barron's AP Psychology with Online Tests provided great material and almost everything you need to know for the exam. The book has real-life situations/exams for psychology terms. Provides practice questions and a summary of all the chapters. Looks very helpful. 

This book contains:

  • 3 full-length practice exams: 1 diagnostic test and 2 full-length practice tests,
  • Comprehensive answer explanations for all questions.
  • Review of all AP test topics, including research methods, the biological basis of behavior, and treatment of disorders.
  • 15 additional multiple-choice practice questions for each unit with explained answers.
  • Analysis of the test's essay section with a sample essay.

Psychology (12th Edition)
Author: Carole Wade,Carol Tavris
Published at: 13/01/2016
ISBN: 0134240839

This book takes it from the perspective of studying human behavior from 5 different perspectives: Biological, Learning, Cognitive, Sociocultural and Psychodynamic. This means you can get to the section you're more interested in and still get the information you require without having to get into all the details that cover all approaches in an integrated way. 

This book delivers:

  • An excellent approach to understanding Psychology.
  • Good information and study material.
  • So understandable and interesting.
  • Help students learn to think like psychologists.

Psychology For Dummies
Author: Adam Cash
Published at: 15/07/2013
ISBN: 1118603591

If you want to know about Psychology and don't know where to begin then this book is for you. A very good book for getting the gist of what Psychology is all about. 

This book features:

  • How understanding human psychology can help you make better decisions, avoid things that cause stress, manage your time to a greater degree, and set goals.
  • Grasp human behavior and mental processes.
  • It helps you make informed choices when seeking psychological counseling.
  • An invaluable supplement to classroom learning.
  • The influence of society on group behavior.
  • Advice on maintaining good psychological health.

Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, Revised Edition
Author: Robert B. Cialdini
Published at: 26/12/2006
ISBN: 006124189X

Insightful with good breakdowns of each principle and great examples. Very interesting and compelling at points. It's a quick and easy read, and you'll probably learn lots of interesting things even if you usually read all the layman psychology you can get your hands on. 

This book offers:

  • Weapons of influence.
  • Reciprocation.
  • Commitment and Consistency.
  • Social Proof: Truths are us.
  • Liking: The Friendly Thief.
  • Authority: Directed Deference.
  • Scarcity: The rule of the few.

Dark Psychology: 10 Books in 1- 5 Books of Manipulation+ 5 Books of Empath
Author: Daniel Pratt
Published at: 02/11/2018
ISBN: 1730731570

This book looks at things from a whole new perspective and will open your eyes to new possibilities. Dark Psychology shows you the dark side of people who know how to spot easy prey and move in for their benefit.

This book will give the reader the upper hand so they can be on the lookout for these negative people. It gives exactly how these people operate so you know what to expect and will see it coming a mile away.

This book contains:

  • Manipulation Decoding Process.
  • 18 proven strategies for manipulating people into having your way.
  • Unlocking the secrets of hypnotic mind control.
  • Neuro-linguistic programming and manipulation.
  • 7 tips for safeguarding yourself from manipulation.
  • 9 brilliant strategies for seducing a person using manipulation.

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