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best python 3 books

Python 3 is an interpreted, high-level, general-purpose popular programming language. Python is used for web development, software development, mathematics, system scripting and so on. Python can also be used to handle big data, perform complex mathematics, rapid prototyping and production-ready software development.

Here you will get some of the best python 3 books

A Smarter Way to Learn Python: Learn it faster. Remember it longer.
Author: Mark Myers
Published at: 06/12/2017
ISBN: B077Z55G3B

A Smarter Way to Learn Python is an amazing book for learning Python. People who are new to python and haven't done any coding are still familiar with the basic elements and structure of programming languages in general. It contains 12 repetitive exercises so that you can practice python. It covers all the very basic elements of python. It also does not require you to setup python on your system or mess with a text editor/IDE as all the exercises are done on the author's website. Again this book will show you a very effective method to read and write python which makes your learning super easy.

What you'll get here

  • Online quizzes to reinforce what you have learned.
  •  77 chapters with a short description
  • .A step by step learning method that ensures you understand each step before going on to the next

Beginners will find this book very efficient. This well-structured book gives you the true way to learn things easily.

LEARN PYTHON 3: Practical Course for Beginners to Programming in One Week. A Complete introduction Guide to Learn Python Step by Step, with Examples, Tips & Tricks and Simple Exercises for Everybody
Published at: 07/04/2019

In this book, all programming concept is explained well. This is a great book for beginners which is very easy to follow. You don't need to have any prior knowledge. There is a large range of projects at the end of the chapters that reinforce learning and challenge creativity. The author also explains the programming with examples in an understandable way.

You'll get the following

  • The basics of Python
  • The benefits of Python
  • Python Glossary
  • How to get up and running with Python
  • The most important concepts
  • Full instructions of how to code
  • Basics of the object-oriented programming
  • Real-world examples of Python and so on.

Python 3 Programming: A Beginner Crash Course Guide to Learn Python 3 in 1 Week
Author: Timothy C. Needham
Published at: 08/08/2018

Python 3 Programming is a very informative book that includes an amazing introduction to Python. After reading this book you'll know how to design software. You'll learn to create data types and variables, conditional statements, etc. It will show you how to use files, automate coding tasks by building custom Python functions, manipulate and working with strings.

This book includes

  • Visual charts that will help you to learn specific codes
  • A few exercises that have been given in the book to help you improve on writing code
  • Different aspects of the language, different structures, and functions in Python
  • Data types, files, and strings including others
  • Simple examples

Illustrated Guide to Python 3: A Complete Walkthrough of Beginning Python with Unique Illustrations Showing how Python Really Works. Now covering Python 3.6 (Treading on Python) (Volume 1)
Author: Matt Harrison
Published at: 03/11/2017
ISBN: 1977921752

Python is used for automation of simple or complex tasks, numerical processing, web development, interactive games, etc. Here the author covers the foundation of classes, subclasses, functions, etc.  Pictures, examples, and exercises are really helpful for everyone including beginners for learning python. This book is packed with useful hints and tips for you. that's why most of the people say this is the best python 3 books

What you will learn

  • Distilled best practices and tips
  • Interpreted languages work
  • How to use basic types such as strings, integers, and floats
  • Best practices for using the interpreter during development
  • The difference between mutable and immutable data
  • Sets, lists, and dictionaries
  • Gathering keyboard input
  • How to define a class
  • Looping constructs
  • Handling exceptions in code
  • Slicing sequences
  • Creating modular code
  • Using libraries
  • Laying out code
  • Community prescribed conventions

Python: Programming Basics for Absolute Beginners (Step-By-Step Python Book 1)
Author: Nathan Clark
Published at: 02/04/2018

Python: Programming Basics for Absolute Beginners is an introductory programming book for beginners. If you want to learn the basics of Python programming easily and perfectly, this book is for you. This is a great resource for homework, assignment, and projects. With each concept, it provides one or more example to illustrate the topic in a way that makes it easy to understand. It includes 78 practical examples.

This book offers

  • History of Python
  • Features of Python
  • The way to build your environment
  • Data types
  • Variables
  • Operators
  • Decision making in Python
  • Loops
  • Working with numbers
  • Working with strings
  • Type conversion.

Python Programming: Your Advanced Guide To Learn Python in 7 Days: ( python guide , learning python ,  python programming projects , python tricks , python 3  )
Author: Maurice J. Thompson
Published at: 17/04/2018

Python Programming, a very easy to learn programming languages. This book provides you the fundamentals of programming with python, including some history of the language. It also explains some of the most common functions, as well as the definitions of basic concepts, such as strings, integers, functions.

This book covers

  • Visual charts that will guide you to learn those specific codes that you want to learn really fast
  • File management
  • Python iterator
  • Python generator
  • Regular expressions
  • Python closure
  • Python property
  • Python assert, and
  • Simple recap projects.

Raspberry Pi 3 Cookbook for Python Programmers: Unleash the potential of Raspberry Pi 3 with over 100 recipes, 3rd Edition
Author: Tim Cox,Dr. Steven Lawrence Fernandes
Published at: 30/04/2018
ISBN: 1788629876

After reading Raspberry Pi 3 Cookbook for Python Programmers you will learn about sentiment analysis, face recognition techniques, and building neural network modules for optical character recognition. You will be able to build movie recommendations system on Raspberry Pi 3, predict sentiments in words and create games and graphics, detect edges and contours in images. You will also learn to sense and display real-world data, use Python to drive hardware and so on. This book is for those who want to master the skills of Python programming using Raspberry Pi 3.

This guide includes the following

  • Getting started with a Raspberry Pi 3 computer
  • Dividing text data and building text classifier
  • Using Python for automation and productivity
  • Predicting sentiments in words
  • Creating games and graphics
  • Detecting edges and contours in images
  • Creating 3D graphics
  • Building thermal infrared face recognition application
  • Using Python to drive hardware
  • Sense and display real-world data
  • Building a neural network module for optical character recognition
  • Building robots
  • Interfacing with technology
  • Hardware and software list

Python Programming For Beginners: Learn The Basics Of Python Programming (Python Crash Course, Programming for Dummies)
Author: James Tudor
Published at: 28/08/2018

Even if you have no programming background you can learn the basics of Python by reading this book. In this book, you find a lot of examples, illustrations, end of chapter summary and practice exercises (with solutions) that are provided to help the reader learn faster, remember longer and develop a thorough understanding of key concepts.

You'll know

  • An end of a chapter summary
  • How to get started
  • What you need and where to get it
  • How a computer functions
  • What a computer program is
  • Simple data types
  • How to manipulate data types and so on.

Python 101 - Learn Python 3 From Scratch: Beginner's Guide to Python Programming (Python 3 for Beginners Book 1)
Author: Mihai Catalin Teodosiu
Published at: 15/04/2019

You can do so many jobs by using Python. This book is aimed at anyone having little or no experience in coding and a great desire to start learning Python from scratch. You can learn things from the beginning and intermediate to advanced levels

By using Python you will be able to do the following task ranging from

  • Database querying to excel spreadsheet handling
  • Data analysis and visualization to unit testing and web testing
  • Network automation to web development.

You can learn Python topics like

  • File operations
  • Regular expressions and comprehensions
  • Strings
  • Numbers and Booleans
  • Lists, sets, tuples, and ranges
  • Conditionals and Loops
  • Handling Errors and Exceptions
  • Functions and file operations
  • OOP basics
  • Advanced Python Tools
  • Cheat-sheets
  • Regular expressions.

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