Best Python Programming Books 2021: Beginners to Advanced

best python programming books

Python is an interpreted, high-level, general-purpose programming language. Its language constructs and object-oriented approach aims to help programmers write clear, logical code for small and large-scale projects. Python is a dynamically typed language. It supports multiple programming paradigms, including procedural, object-oriented, and functional programming. Python is gaining popularity due to its comprehensive standard library and it's the ability of integration into data science research tools. By reading these books given below you will learn all about Python and it's awesome features and will be able to implement the knowledge in your daily life.

Here you will get some of the best python programming books 2021.

Python Programming: A Practical Introduction To Python Programming For Total Beginners
Author: Jason Rees
Published at: 28/04/2019

Python Programming is one of the best books you can get to learn Python from the start. It is mainly focused on the total beginners but its lessons are preferable for the intermediate and advanced learners also. These best Python Programming books are updated with the latest Python. Each programming concept is explained well and followed codes that have a line-by-line narrative explanation of what the code does. The examples and case studies are very broad in terms of practical coverage and help you understand all the important terms about Python. The writing is clear without any grammatical and syntax errors in the code examples. Anyone with or without computer programming language experience can read this book any time anywhere.

Why you should read this book:

  • Updated with the latest of Python
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Clearly explains how to program in Python and includes many examples and practice exercises
  • Very well structured, simple pictures and paradigms, thorough explanations
  • In-depth analysis of the methods and techniques used in the program
  • Error-free code examples and many more

Python Programming Language: Complete Guide for Beginners, Intermediates and Advanced:  7 Days Crash Course
Author: David Rones
Published at: 08/04/2019
ISBN: 1092429565

Python Programming Language is designed for learners who want to learn Python in lesser time from the start. This book is filled with the pro tips that will make you a Python expert. It is easy to understand, follow and practice. Formatting of this book makes it interesting to start and continue reading without any confusion. These best Python Programming books also equips a 7 Days Crash Course which is suitable for Beginners, Intermediates and Advanced level learners. It has guides and tools, codes with examples that will make a strong foundation in Python. It is also updated with the latest of Python. Starting from the basics this book discusses all the important topics of Python. Grab this amazing book.

Contents of this book:

  • Fundamentals of Python
  • Installing Python on your computer
  • Variables, String, Date, Files, and other functions and data types are explained
  • Iterative statements, Arguments, OOP concept
  • Error handling and troubleshooting.

Python:  3 Manuscripts in 1 book: - Python Programming For Beginners - Python Programming For Intermediates - Python Programming for Advanced
Author: Maurice J. Thompson
Published at: 27/04/2018

This is the collection of 3 books for all beginners, intermediate and advanced level Python programmers which provides step by step instructions from setting up your first working environment to advanced programming with python. Each of these 3 books discusses Python and it features separately according to the level of the learners. These books are well structured and easy to follow.

Book 1: Python Programming For Beginners

  • A basic introduction to Python
  • Background and how Python works
  • Installing Python and running your first code
  • Data Types
  • Functions and coding style
  • Project practice

Book 2: Python Programming For Intermediates

  • OOP concept in Python
  • Recursion in Python
  • Testing and Debugging
  • Namespace, Arguments and Python Modules
  • Intermediate projects

Book 3: Python Programming For Advanced

  • File management
  • Python Iterator and Generator
  • Regular Expressions
  • Python Property
  • Simple recap projects and many more

Python Programming: The Crash Course To Learn How To Master Python Coding Language With PRACTICAL Exercises To APPLY Theory And Some TIPS And TRICKS To Learn Faster Computer Programming
Author: Joseph Mining
Published at: 18/05/2019

Python Programming contains proven steps and strategies to help beginners learn Python Programming in no time. It offers essential programming concepts and tutorials to help self-learners understand the capabilities of Python and help them create simple and practical programs on their own. This book is clearly written and covers topics in short, clear sections. It also gives clear explanations of how the code works and what to do when it doesn't. This book also explores a lot of the different aspects of a Python code to ensure that you are able to write some of your own codes. Readers of all levels will find this book a valuable learning material for harnessing the powerful features of Python as a programming language.

What you will learn:

  • Fundamentals of Python Programming Language
  • Reasons for choosing Python as your favorite language
  • Installation of Python on different operating systems
  • Working with conditional statements and loops
  • Applying OOP in Python
  • Regular expressions in Python
  • Python Generators
  • Practical exercises
  • Coding tips and tricks

A Smarter Way to Learn Python: Learn it faster. Remember it longer.
Author: Mark Myers
Published at: 09/08/2017
ISBN: 1974431479

A Smarter Way to Learn Python is all you need if you want to learn Python easily from the beginning. This book is not like conventional books. What separates this book from other learning books is its short chapters with interactive exercises. The chapters include about two pages of reading followed by 10-20 practice exercises to drill the concepts into your memory. Each chapter builds bit by bit on the knowledge built up in previous chapters so it really gives you a good grasp and a complete overview of the concepts by the time you're done. With clear step-by-step explanations and online practice exercises, this book is a must-read for the newbies who want to learn Python programming language.

This book contains:

  • 77 Chapters
  • Fundamentals of Python
  • A brief discussion on Variables, Data Types, and Functions
  • Details about Dictionaries in Python
  • Conditional statements, loops and iterative
  • Working with Classes and Data Files
  • Python modules
  • Working with CSV files
  • Retrieve Python files from JSON
  • Exception Handling in Python
  • Online exercises and codes.

Python advanced: How to master Python
Author: Gary Gold
Published at: 02/04/2019
ISBN: 1092324119

Python Advanced is a good learning guide to learn Python programming step by step. It explains the most fundamental topics of Python to advanced and complex topics. The author Gary Gold made Python easy for the learners. He has clarified troublesome ideas and codes of Python in such a way that anybody can understand. This book discusses procedural, object-oriented programming and functional-style programming. You will also learn about profilers and reactive programming, concurrency, and parallelism, as well as tools for making your apps quick and efficient from this book.

What's in it:

  • What's new in Python 3
  • Python 3 Installation Guide
  • Graph Theory and Fork In Python
  • How to create dynamic websites with Python
  • Multi-threading and Socket Programming in Python
  • Web Automation with Python and much more

Python Crash Course: A Hands-On, Project-Based Introduction to Programming
Author: Eric Matthes
Published at: 01/11/2015
ISBN: 1593276036

Python Crash Course covers all the topics you need to know about Python. It is one of the best learning guides for you to learn Python. Each of the chapters teaches you the core programming concepts that are explained well with coding techniques and examples. At the end of each section, there are "Try It Yourself" mini-projects to apply your learning. This book starts with covering the basic programming concepts and then teach you to build interactive programs and error-free coding techniques. In the later part of this book, you will learn to build an arcade game, data visualization with Python's library and a simple web app with Python.

Why you should read this book:

  • It contains python installation and trouble-shooting tips for Linux, UNIX, MAC and windows operating systems
  • Basics of Python
  • In-depth details of core Python materials like defining variable, string, list, dictionary, loops
  • Functions and classes
  • Working with files and exceptions
  • Data visualization with Python
  • Building web application with Python
  • 3 amazing projects to test your skills
  • Coding techniques with plenty of examples

Automate the Boring Stuff with Python: Practical Programming for Total Beginners
Author: Al Sweigart
Published at: 14/04/2015
ISBN: 1593275994

Automate The Boring Stuff With Python is by far the best book written in the practical real-life approach of using and learning Python. This book will not only teach you Python Programming but also let you apply the knowledge in real-world applications and automate them. The book begins with the essential skills and concepts necessary to build a solid foundation in Python. The lessons are easy to follow that even a newbie can understand. The author does a fantastic job of bridging between the concepts and skills you learned in real-world applications. From working with web pages, to automate documents, spreadsheets, drawing programs, and even GUI automation, all are discussed in this amazing book.

Contents of this book:

  • Introduction and basic installation techniques of Python
  • Discussion of Data Types, Variables, Loops and Statements
  • Python flow control
  • Function, List, Dictionary and Structuring Data
  • String manipulation
  • Automating tasks like:
    • Pattern matching with regular expression
    • Search for text in a file or across multiple files
    • Create, update, move, and rename files and folders
    • Debugging, Web Scraping
    • Working with Excel Spread Sheets
    • Working with CSV files and JSON
    • Split, merge, watermark, and encrypt PDFs
    • Send reminder emails and text notifications
    • Fill out online forms
    • Image manipulation and many

Learning Python, 5th Edition
Author: Mark Lutz
Published at: 06/07/2013
ISBN: 1449355730

Learning Python is the 5th edition of Mark Lutz popular training course on Python. This is an in-depth analysis of the Python programming language. The updated edition explains why Python is so popular and how to code with Python. It is filled with exercises and helpful illustrations which helps the reader to understand the basics of Python and make a strong foundation in it. All of the chapters are composed of necessary information regarding Python. It has over 1500 pages of information that covers all you need to know about this language. Grab this book now and start learning Python.

What you will learn:

    • Introduction to Python
    • Python code architecture and how your code works
    • Various Data Types and Operations in Python
    • Python statements and Python’s general syntax model
    • Usage of Function and Generators in Python
    • Converting larger programs into Modules and Packages
    • Object-Oriented Programming in Python
    • Exception handling and development tools
    • Learning advanced topics like decorators, descriptors, meta-classes, and Unicode processing

    Python Coding for Teens Learn to Code Course for Beginners: Introduction to Python Programming Language. Guide to Coding with 139 activities with answers. ... Adults. Practical Programming Intro Book 1)
    Author: A. Morrison, Mark
    Published at: 16/01/2021
    ISBN: B08T8KW6H9

    Python Programming is a step by step guide for you to start as a beginner to be an expert in learning Python. Python has gained the attention of many students and researchers for its dуnаmiс nаturе and simple ѕуntаx. Moreover, it has some high-level features that make it preferable than other programming languages. This book discusses the fundamental features of Python and then guides you through to code your first Python program to be an expert in it. Exercises with solutions at the end of the book. Basics of simple and pleasant to learn Python language. Issues useful for understanding various programming languages. Developing logical thinking. Elements of mathematics.

    What you will learn:

    • Fundamental things about Python.
    • Why you should choose Python over other languages.
    • Downloading, setting up and running your first Python program.
    • Values, variables, expressions and arithmetic notation of Python.
    • Explanation of Object-Oriented Programming.
    • Error finding, debugging and troubleshooting your code and much more.

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