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best quantum physics books

Quantum Physics is a branch of modern physics that describes the behavior of substances in the nucleus and atomic particles/waves.   In 1686 Sir Isaac Newton briefly presented the principles of classical mechanics in Principia Mathematica.

But later the 19th century the events like some discoveries on the structure of the atom and the light of the atom could not be explained with classical physics. That is where the idea of Quantum Physics has risen.

Between 1900 and 1927, several physicists (Maks Plank, Niels Bohr, Albert Einstein, Warner Heisenberg, Louis de Broe, Erwin Schrodinger, etc.) developed Quantum Mechanics which can accurately explain many factors of atoms and atomic levels, and this degree of accuracy cannot be achieved with the help of classical physics. Let's know about Quantum Physics by reading these awesome books discussed below:

Quantum Physics For Dummies
Author: Steven Holzner
Published at: 29/01/2013
ISBN: 1118460820

As the name suggests, Quantum Physics for Dummies is a complete reference for the beginners which will take one to the advanced level. Quantum physics is necessary to understand the properties of solids, atoms, nuclei, subnuclear particles and light.

This book contains the basic to advanced terms related to Quantum Physics will help you to understand the difficult topics of it. This book also provides a lot of examples which makes it easy to solve the tough mathematical equations.

From what Quantum Physics can do to the structure of atoms, gases and beyond, this book is a made easy solution for all. In addition, this book is also compatible with regular classroom courses.

This book covers the following topics:

  • Fundamentals of Quantum Physics and it's applications
  • Vector notations to Quantum Matrix manipulation
  • The Schrodinger Equation and its Applications
  • Three Dimensional problems solving like Eigenvectors, wave functions, etc.
  • Detailed idea about the problems with numerous examples

This book is highly recommended to anyone studying Quantum Physics at school or self-study.

    Quantum Physics for Babies (Baby University)
    Author: Chris Ferrie
    Published at: 02/05/2017
    ISBN: 1492656224

    Quantum Physics for Babies is a very interesting book for the children to the grown-ups to understand the complex ideas of Quantum Physics in a fun and simple way. This books express the ideas of Quantum Physics with a colorful illustration and simple explanation.

    Surely this book will help the youngest of readers to have an interest in the very amazing world of Physics. This book covers the combinations of physics, space, and technology which will guide the reader to the idea behind how matter and energy interact with each other in an atomic level.

    From Newton's three laws of motion or Einstein's theory of general relativity to Neutrons, protons, atoms and electrons all are described in a way as simple as possible. To amaze the young minds with what Quantum Physics can do is the main motive of this book. Grab this book and make your young ones a future Quantum Physicist.

    What Is Real?: The Unfinished Quest for the Meaning of Quantum Physics
    Author: Adam Becker
    Published at: 20/03/2018
    ISBN: 0465096050

    Quantum Physics is one of the most interesting branches of science. From an early age, there was an argument for what Quantum Physics actually means. Most of the physicist followed Niels Bohr’s Copenhagen interpretation as a meaning of Quantum Physics.

    Although many physicists came with competing interpretations with the above idea. What Is Real? It is all about the competition of ideas of numerous scientists to establish the true meaning of Quantum Physics based on their research and view of thinking. This book tells the story of the evolution of the idea of Quantum Physics.

    With deep and detailed research of the scientist’s theories, this book establishes an overview of the debates surrounding the interpretation of Quantum Physics. There is not any source that is more reliable than this if you are trying to find out the history of Quantum Theory. This single book is the best explanation of the historical progression of Quantum Physics.

    Divided into 3 parts this book explains the foundation of the theories and the debates among them. Though it is impossible to cover all foundational issues in this book, the author covers everyone from Einstein, Bohr, Schrodinger, Heisenberg, de Broglie through Bohm, Everett, Bell, Clauser, Aspect, GRW, Zeh and beyond. If you don't have it, make sure to add it to your collection, it is a must have.

    Quantum Physics: A Beginner's Guide (Beginner's Guides)
    Author: Alastair Rae
    Published at: 01/07/2005
    ISBN: 1851683690

    This book is a good, concise beginner's guide. Anyone who is interested to learn about Quantum Physics this book is much appreciated. It is easy to read and explains each of the terms in detail.

    It continues the detailed explanation with an adequate amount of background and physics history. It is easily understandable for a person who is not familiar with Quantum Physics. One can learn how Quantum Physics effects on everyday life.

    This book focuses on the most important things to care about when learning Quantum Physics and also are outlined in the chapters of this book. The book is constructed in a way that you will be able to understand the general concept even if you do not fully understand all the details.

    The book includes:

    • A simple explanation of Quantum Physics
    • An idea about Waves and Particles
    • Power from the Quantum
    • Structure of metal, insulators, semiconductors and computer chips
    • Superconductivity and spin doctoring
    • A detailed explanation of the above all terms

    The Physics of God: Unifying Quantum Physics, Consciousness, M-Theory, Heaven, Neuroscience and Transcendence
    Author: Joseph Selbie
    Published at: 18/09/2017
    ISBN: 1632651106

    The Physics of God describes the connections of science and religion. We simply just can’t separate science from religion or spirituality. Setting aside the altercation between science and religion this book will make you believe and show you the unity of them.

    The writer Mr. Joseph Selbie offers a clear description of the difficult concepts of quantum physics such as no locality and entanglement, the need for an intelligent viewer, and the dimensions and branes posited by M-theory. You will find this book useful for you according to your area of interest which makes it a must read a book to know about Quantum Physics and its intersection with reality.

    This book surveys a complex field of Physics and religion and pulls together the points that really matter. The author weaves all the threads together in a way that everyone will understand.

    You will find the following in this book:

    • The connection between science and religion
    • Connects string theory's hidden brane worlds to religion's transcendent heavens
    • The light show illusion of matter
    • The scientific secret of life and immortality

    Quantum Physics: What Everyone Needs to Know®
    Author: Michael G. Raymer
    Published at: 05/07/2017
    ISBN: 0190250712

    Quantum Physics: What Everyone Needs to Know is suitable for all kinds of reader who wants to have a clear theoretical concept about Quantum Physics than complex mathematical explanations. From 19th century physicists had discovered many core particles like electrons, protons, and neutrons based on which a matter is created.

    But their explanations towards predicting the internal behaviors of atoms were far away than explaining classical physics. From that aspect, the idea of Quantum Physics was evolved. In this book, the writer focuses upon the idea of the fundamentals of Quantum Physics what everybody should know.

    The book has a question and answer format which answered many questions about Quantum Physics. With various examples and illustrations, the book will help a reader to cover up all his thoughts and queries about Quantum Physics.

    This book is not mathematical but the writer did an outstanding job of explaining the physics behind the math. Besides this book also describes modern Quantum Computing and its applications.

    What we will learn:

    • Fundamentals of Quantum Physics
    • Quantum Measurements and its consequences
    • Applications of Quantum Physics
    • An idea about Quantum possibilities and waves
    • What is Quantum Computing?
    • Fields of Quantum physics and their future

    Don’t miss the chance to grab this amazing book about Quantum Physics.

    Mathematics of Classical and Quantum Physics (Dover Books on Physics)
    Author: Frederick W. Byron,Robert W. Fuller
    Published at: 20/08/1992
    ISBN: 048667164X

    This book is a complete and concise solution to mathematical physics for both graduate and undergraduate levels. With a clear concept and explanation of mathematical problems, this book covers the major topics of Quantum Physics.

    This book introduces the reader to the basic mathematical structures of theoretical physics: mainly Quantum Mechanics, Electromagnetic Theory, and Classical Mechanics. It offers excellent coverage of mathematical physics and can be easily adapted by the students of different levels. Anyone with an interest in quantum physics math can find this book very helpful.

    It contains an enormous amount of insight and a great amount of mathematics of both Classical and Quantum Physics. This book is divided into several chapters and the reader will gain enough knowledge to start the next chapter after completing the previous one.

    This book consists of the following:

    • Discussion about Vectors, Calculus, and Matrices
    • Vector and Hilbert-space
    • Analytic function theory and applications
    • Details of Green Functions
    • Integral Equations in Hilbert-space
    • Introduction to Group Theory
    • Mathematical problems and solution

    Genesis, Zen and Quantum Physics - A Fresh Look at the Theology and Science of Creation
    Author: Jeff A. Benner,Michael Calpino
    Published at: 11/10/2011
    ISBN: 1602648719

    The never-ending quests of realizing the connection between science and rationality have been running from an early age. Putting aside the conflicts and debates "Genesis, Zen and Quantum Physics" this book draws the attention upon the relationship between the Genesis account and modern science.

    This book is re-translated from the creation history from the ancient Hebrew pictographic language which defines the affinity between God, science, and the very reason for man's existence. Quantum Physics has a direct context with religious views.

    By reading the book we can have a clear perception about the rare glimpse through the eyes of an Ancient Hebrew which tells the story of the Creation of the Universe. This book offers a fresh new perspective on creation theology. It incorporates science and physics offering a balanced approach on an often divisive subject. This book will redefine your idea about the history of the universe in a scientific way.

    My First Book of Quantum Physics
    Author: Kaid-Sala Ferrón Sheddad
    Published at: 01/08/2018
    ISBN: 1787080137

    My First Book of Quantum Physics will take you to an amazing journey of learning Quantum Physics and its meaning. Every matter is made of a lot of Nano particles. Quantum Physics delivers the explanation of these particles.

    It is a bridge between science, reality and the structure of this universe. This book is a must read book to know about the world of Quantum Physics and its weird activities. This amazingly illustrated guide will make you wonder how everyday things works and will take you deep into the core of the possibilities of what Quantum Physics can do.

    With numerous theoretical and practical examples this books serves as a definitive way of learning Quantum Physics. The main attraction of this book is the illustrated presentation of complex concepts in a simple and accessible way.

    The book is a picture-text format and easy to read. You will find the world from a new perspective after finishing this book.

    Topics include:

    • Introduction to Quantum Physics
    • Theories of Einstein, Maxwell, and Planck
    • Structure of Atoms and Molecules
    • An idea about quanta, light, waves, and particles
    • Schrodinger’s cat and the Uncertainty Principle
    • Quantum entanglement, radioactivity and quarks
    • Things we do and can do with Quantum Physics

    Enlighten your world of imagination about Quantum Physics with this amazing book.

    How to Teach Quantum Physics to Your Dog
    Author: Chad Orzel
    Published at: 07/12/2010
    ISBN: 1416572295

    The title of this book can seem to be weird but the contents will amaze you for sure. Physics professor Chad Orzel adopted a dog and soon he found out the activities of his dog have a link with Quantum Physics.

    Then he took the initiative to teach us the meaning of Quantum Physics by taking the activities of his dog on the account. Like can a dog use Quantum Tunneling to get through the neighbor’s fence and get her to pray? Or can she use teleportation to catch squirrels before getting away?

    These simple questions have extraordinary and amazing answers which are described in this book. The writer explains how Quantum Physics works in everyday life and what it can do to unlock the limitless possibilities of the universe. Quantum Physics is very well explained, with very few equations.

    It does an excellent job of getting complex concepts across and this book does it in an amusing way.

    This book discusses the following topics

    • Introduction to Quantum Physics
    • Heisenberg Uncertainty
    • Schrodinger’s Dog
    • Quantum Zeno Effect
    • Quantum Tunneling
    • Quantum Entanglement
    • Teleportation
    • Misuses of Quantum Physics

    With a clear and concise representation of the theories of Quantum Physics this book will help anyone to learn it very precisely.

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