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The deep web contains a vast amount of data that is not accessed by our general search engines like google or bing. It possesses a huge amount of information for doing research Knowing how to dive into the vast amount contained in the deep web is important for every researcher. For this, you need some tools that can help you to access this information for your research. 

In this article, I've gathered a list of some of the best research tools and resources that serve the best job for finding and collecting all the information you might need during your current research project.

    This is a gigantic media database that contains almost everything you need such as sound recordings, old videos, rare books. Whenever you need any media documents, you should come here to search. And there is a very chance that you'll get your thing!
  2. Way Back Machine
    This is another giant database indexing over 284 billion webpages since the first days of the web. Here you'll get the old versions of websites. It's very useful when you are researching something that requires documents that may be contained on a previous version of a website or old ¦webpages It also provides services that will store your searches in case there are frequent searches of the same type.
  3. Surfwax
    It is very good at mining data from the deep web. You'll get better visually organized searches than you get from standard Google searches. It'll save a lot of your time and effort at finding anything in the deep web
  4. Yippy
    If you are looking for a google style search engine that is not filled with adult content and gambling websites., then Yippy is the perfect search engine for you. While blocking unwanted contents, it also protects your privacy.
  5. Pipl
    It is specially designed to search the deep web for people. It gives you access to a database of over three billion people. It provides information regarding age, location, and even some career information about a person in the database.
  6. Fazzle
    Fazzle is a metasearch engine that combines the search results of several other search engines. That is quite a lot of information. It also lets you organize your search into specific engines like travel, wikis, Wolfram Alpha search project and Project Gutenberg engine.
  7.  Library of Congress
    If your research topic requires historical information about any period of time that has affected our lives and society, this is the best site where you can search for. The library has been collecting documents and books for the last 200 years which makes it an excellent source for academic research. From the law library to the digital collection, this site is a one-stop place to find almost everything you need for your research.
  8.  Google Scholar
    It is a search engine from google but unlike Google, it only can be used for searching journals and articles. It indexes the full text or metadata of scholarly articles from all publishing formats and disciplines.
    You can also categorize your searches for a certain time period, disciplines, and author. It also shows the citations and other measures of an article. You can also have your own account and share and manage your work with other researchers and people. It even allows you to search case laws also.
  9. JSTOR
    This is a treasure for researchers. It contains digitized back issues of academic journals, books, and primary sources. Here, you can search for over 2,000 individual journals and 15,000+ books.
  10.  Wolfram|Alpha 
    This site is a unique engine to search for computing answers and knowledge. Unlike other search engines, this search engine does not just show web pages that might provide the answer, rather it answers questions, does analysis, and generate reports. If you need any computational queries for your research work, then this is the best place you can go to. You can submit queries and computation requests via a text field. Then it will compute answers and show relevant visualization from a vast store of expert knowledge and structured data that come from other sites and books.
  11. Getty Research Institute
    It is a good place to search for rare collections of art history and architecture. This library curates over one million books, study photographs, periodicals and auction catalogs. If you are researching history, art or culture, then this is a good place to have a look.
  12. HighWire Press
    This is one of the largest repositories of free and paid full-text, peer-reviewed content. It has a collection from over 1,000 different journals.
  13.  FRED 
    This database is a good resource for up-to-date financial data. It has a collection of 470,000+ time-series data from 85 different resources and it's free to access. If you are doing research in the fields of finance and economic theory in the Us, then it should be the primary resource for you.
  14.  IEEE Xplore Digital Library
    If you wish to do research on electrical engineering and technology, then you have to come to this place. This searchable database contains over 1.4 million documents and materials almost everything to do do with electrical engineering and technology as a whole.
    This is a database containing science information provided by US government agencies. Here, you can search for an aggregated database of 200 million different publications and journals. If your research topics are under the "science" category, then this is an important place for you. 

I hope, this article will help you in doing your research. If you have no idea about what deep web is or want to learn more about the deep web, you should check these books!

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