Best Resources To Learn ASP.NET MVC Core

ASP.NET MVC Core is an open-source server-side web application framework and cross-platform .NET framework for building modern cloud-based web applications on Windows, Mac, or Linux. It is developed by Microsoft to allow programmers to build dynamic web sites, robust data-driven web applications, and interactive web services.

MVC is a design pattern by breaking the program down into the three MVC components.

  1. Model: The classes which are used to store and manipulate state, typically in a database of some kind and annotations.
  2. View: The user interface bits (in this case, HTML) necessary to render the model to the user.
  3. Controller: The brains of the application. The controller decides what the user's input was, how the model needs to change as a result of that input, and which resulting view should be used.

Some key advantages of using ASP.NET framework are:

  • Minimized length of the code.
  • Language-independent.
  • Provides a high level of performance.
  • Widely used for enterprise-level web applications.

Here, we will introduce you to some of the best resources that will help you to learn the ASP.NET MVC Core. These resources are ideal for all the fields of skill level including novice, intermediate, and advanced programmers.

1. Microsoft Documentation

This online guideline is provided by Microsoft. It is a step-by-step guide that teaches readers about the concepts of ASP.NET. Here you can easily learn about some advanced concepts as well, including Razor pages and web apps. This tutorial will provide you with useful examples while going through the concepts of ASP.NET.

Some key topics included in this tutorial are:

  • Build web apps.
  • Build web APIs.
  • Data access and storage.

2. Microsoft Virtual Academy

If you are looking for a platform where you can learn about ASP.NET, how to work with it, and all other related concepts? Then this is the perfect destination for you. The Microsoft virtual academy provides video tutorials to learn ASP.NET. These videos are created by experienced and professional developers. You can learn ASP.NET from this resource very easily.

Some key topics included in this tutorial are:

  • Getting started.
  • Web applications.
  • Razor Pages and CRUD operations.

3. Lynda

Are you ready to create a dynamic website with ASP.NET? If yes, then this tutorial will lead you and teach how to create websites with the help of ASP.NET. It has a plethora of video tutorials, which will assist you with different concepts of ASP.NET.

Some key topics included in this tutorial are:

  • Deploying Core applications.
  • Learning Core MVC.
  • MVC: HTTP request life cycle.

4. W3Schools

W3Schools is one of the best web development websites that provides a free online tutorial about several languages including HTML, CSS, ASP.NET, JavaScript, SQL, PHP, Bootstrap, and jQuery. It emphasizes simple, easy to understand and good-quality course content so that everyone can learn something from it. It is ideal for all skill levels, including aspirants and professional developers.

Some key topics included in this tutorial are:

  • Intro.
  • Layout.
  • Objects.

5. Tutorials Point

Whenever we are looking for free online tutorials to learn any specific topic or programming language, then the only name that comes to our mind is It provides an accurate and quality course to learn ASP.NET. The entire tutorial is written in a very easy-to-learn and follow language and it is well-suited for beginners. If you have decided to get started with ASP.NET, then Tutorials Point is the best place for you.

Some key topics included in this tutorial are:

  • Event handling.
  • Server-side.
  • Server controls.

6. Code With Mosh

If you are a developer and have decided to boost your career, then ASP.NET is the best platform to start with. Whether beginner, intermediate or expert, this tutorial will help you to answer all your questions about ASP.NET. It follows a step-by-step practical approach towards teaching ASP.NET to young aspirants, so it has become popular among all the existing online resources. Here, you will learn how to create a real application in ASP.NET. You have to enroll in this course to get started with ASP.NET. So, don't wait and register now to begin this journey.

Key topics included in this tutorial are:

  • Implement CRUD operations.
  • Build forms with validation.
  • Deploy the application and database.

7. Dot Net Tricks

Dot Net Tricks is an internationally recognized platform that provides real-time development training about ASP.NET. It has divided the entire course content according to skill levels. You can choose your skill level and get started with ASP.NET.

Some key topics included in this tutorial are:

  • Introduction.
  • Brief history.
  • Functions.

8. Pragim Technologies

If you have decided to become a developer and are looking forward to learning ASP.NET, then Pragim Technologies provides you the best-suited platform to get started. It offers video tutorials for both refreshers and advanced programmers. A novice programmer can easily begin coding with ASP.NET.

Key topics included in this tutorial are:

  • What is ASP.NET?
  • Creating your first ASP.NET website.
  • What is ViewState?

9. Guru99

Guru99 provides free quality online education to all aspirants who want to learn programming languages and frameworks such as ASP.NET. This tutorial is designed for those who want to start their journey to ASP.NET. It offers free tutorials for any language or platform. You do not have to pay a single penny to study from this tutorial.

Key topics included in this tutorial are:

  • Architecture.
  • Application and page life cycle.
  • First program.

10. Books

Books are the best tools for everything if you really want to learn anything from scratch. It contains each and every detail you need to know. There are a lot of books of ASP.NET MVC Core in market and online that you can read and learn easily. For your convenience, you can take a look at this: Best ASP.NET Books to Learn. Here you will find the ultimate supplements you should have if you really want to learn ASP.NET MVC Core.

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