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Best RF Circuit Design Books
RF stands for Radio Frequency. It is implemented and used to compose any devices that are designed to operate on radio-frequency. This technology is implemented in any device that is capable of a sending or receiving radio waves such as mobile phones, and Wi-Fi networks.

The popularity of RF wireless system is increasing day by day because of its low power consumption, high flexibility, and compact designs. Anyone who wants to build up his knowledge as well as his carrier on this interesting field of the modern communication system, the below books will be the choice for them. So read these best RF circuit design books

Secrets of RF Circuit Design
Author: Joseph Carr
Published at: 11/12/2000
ISBN: 0071370676

This amazing book is for the people who want to build their own radio frequency-based wireless circuitry, You can learn about the secret of a wireless network with RF operation. Thousands of electronics enthusiasts take you to the inside of wireless technology step by step.

This super guide demonstrates RF theory as it shows you how to overcome the technical and materials challenges facing those who build real-world electronics. Gradually, you'll love to design any RF circuits.

Also, this new edition packs the latest information on directional and hybrid couplers, and seven new chapters on demodulators, circuit vectors, measuring L-C circuits and filtering circuits against EMI.

At a glance, you'll come to learn about-

  • How to design receiver and transmitter circuit
  • RF bridge and amplifier
  • Receiver preselector
  • Spectrum analyzer
  • Time-domain reflectometer
  • UHF and Microwave components
  • Circuit vectors
  • Filtering circuits

Overall, a great book on wireless technology for persons starting out in RF electronics, as well as for RF technicians and ham radio operators.

RF and Microwave Circuit Design: Updated and Revised with 100 Keysight (ADS) Workspaces
Author: Ali A. Behagi
Published at: 17/02/2017
ISBN: 0996446648

This book is special in the way that it's not written as like any traditional book. It gives you a practical and hands-on approach for introducing any students and engineers to any fascinating topics of the RF system and shows the way for solving it.

Electronics design automation is used for illustrating all the principles of RF and microwave circuit design. It introduces you up to 100 ADS examples. University students and practicing engineers will find the book both as a potent learning tool and as a reference guide to quickly set up designs using the ADS software.

Additionally, in designing complex impedance matching networks, the book develops and frequently uses the MATLAB Script capability that may not be familiar to some engineers and university students.

You're going to learn about-

  • Basic of ADS software
  • RF and microwave concepts
  • Smith chart
  • S-parameters
  • Impedance matchmaking
  • Resonators
  • Filters and amplifiers
  • Practical examples of microwave circuit design

The most important thing about this book, it discusses ADS software which is used by world leading electronics companies for designing their electronic components.

Fundamentals of RF and Microwave Circuit Design: Practical Analysis and Design Tools
Author: Ali Behagi,Manou Ghanevati
Published at: 04/09/2017
ISBN: 0692948201

This book introduces you to the most fascinating world of radio frequency based wireless network systems. It covers the subject from a Computer Aided Design (CAD) standpoint using low-cost or free software such as LTspice, AppCAD, Smith V3.10, and TX LINE.

A spice model is added in this book for designing several amplifiers. And the special things consist in this book is, a DC analysis has been performed first and transistor DC-IV curves have been generated for proper selection of DC operating points.

An AC analysis is then followed to generate S-parameters at desired DC biasing conditions. From simulated two port parameters, RF parameters of interest including stability factors can be generated using LTspice equation editor. All the topic are covered with many practical examples

What you'll learn-

  • RF and microwave concepts
  • Transmission lines
  • Network parameters
  • Smith chart
  • Resonant circuits 
  • Filter designs
  • Power transfer 
  • Lumped impedance matching network design
  • Distributed impedance matching network design

University students will find this book as an essential learning tool and practicing engineers will find it very useful as a reference guide.

RF and Microwave Circuit Design: A Design Approach Using (ADS)
Author: Ali A. Behagi
Published at: 05/08/2015
ISBN: 0996446613

This textbook helps you to understand the basic concepts of microwave and radio frequency engineering. It follows the approach of Electronic Design Automation (EDA). 

Almost all subject matters covered in the textbook are accompanied by examples that are solved using the latest version of Keysight ADS software. Also, it covers the basics as well as introducing techniques and subjects such as the frequent use of the MATLAB Script capability.

This book consists of-

  • RF and microwave components
  • The transmitter and receiver design
  • Frequency set up 
  • Frequency generation
  • Network parameters
  • Lumped and distributed matchmaking impedance
  • Various linear amplifier design

This book will be helpful for engineering students in their wireless system course as well as the practicing engineer who works on the wireless system.

An Introduction To RF Circuit Design For Communication Systems
Author: Roger C. Palmer
Published at: 20/02/2016
ISBN: 0995022402

This book offers you the techniques which are used in modern RF communication equipment. It mainly emphasizes on the construction and rules of operations of the basic tools of RF systems.

For understanding those equipment working principles, you never have to learn special mathematical skills. Only grade 10 algebra and Some basic trigonometry are enough for understanding it. It consists of many design examples.

What you'll learn-

  • Basic on Radiofrequency
  • How to build up RF circuit
  • Mandatory components and their construction 
  • Basic rules for RF circuit
  • How RF circuit works
  • Frequency equation for the integration of Tx and Rx circuit.

Practical Rf Circuit Design for Modern Wireless Systems, Volume Ii: Active Circuits
Author: Rowan Gilmore
Published at: 01/06/2003
ISBN: 1580535224

This book consists of many highly practical volumes and hands-on resource of active and non-linear circuits. It can introduce you to the advanced topics in RF circuit and system design.

An overview of active RF devices and their modeling is added in this book. Also, it explores nonlinear circuit simulation techniques such as harmonic balance, and extensively illustrates the use of Cad tools in active circuit design.

This text is guaranteed to provide even the most experienced Rf designer with fresh, intuitive insight into circuit operation.

What you'll learn-

  • The theory behind linear and low-noise Rf amplifiers
  • High power Rf transistor amplifiers
  • Frequency multipliers
  • Radio chipsets and components
  • Explanation of practical issues with clear examples

Practical RF Circuit Design for Modern Wireless Systems, Volume I : Passive Circuits and Systems
Author: Les Besser
Published at: 31/10/2003
ISBN: 1580535216

This book offers you a complete understanding of the fundamentals concepts you must need to know for learning RF circuit design and implementation. It gives you highly practical approaches to the topics of wireless and microwave systems.

All the principles are defined with a progressive introduction about critical analytical tools. Also, you can distinguish between RF and low-frequency circuits and can understand the typical RF system. 

It makes extensive use of state-of-the-art programs to illustrate the concepts and theory and is lavishly illustrated with examples. 

You'll learn about -

  • Various computer-aided simulation
  • Synthesis, and optimization techniques 
  • Practical use of the graphical design tools
  • Smith Chart
  • Passive component modeling
  • Impedance matching
  • lumped and distributed filters
  • High-speed circuit design

This book will be useful at universities as a course text on practical Rf circuit design and also useful for any refreshers training on an industry.

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