Best Salesforce Development Books: Be A Professional Developer

best salesforce development books is an American Cloud Based software company that is best known for its Customer Relationship Management Products (CRM) used worldwide. It also provides enterprise applications based on customer service, marketing automation, analytics and application development, and deployment.

By reading these best books on Salesforce development you will learn all the basics to advance concepts of Salesforce and master your skills as to become a professional Salesforce Developer.

Here you will get some of the best Salesforce Development Books

Lightning Sales Ops: Building Salesforce for Sales Development Teams
Author: Matt Bertuzzi
Published at: 15/02/2017

If you are looking for a way to boost up your productivity, manage good CRM then LIGHTNING SALES OPS is all you need. Author Matt Bertuzzi has shared many helpful strategies to manage your sales team in Salesforce, improve your team's output, provide better analytics and in a word make you better in every aspect.

This book focuses on sales and SDR/BDR process automation. It also shows you how to overcome the challenges of them. The author presented the secrets like how you can take advantage of the latest and greatest features to keep the best relationship with your internal customers.

He then discussed the ideas of Salesforce formula and field automation so that you can save time and clicks but make more connects. 

This book contains:

  • How to support your SDRs in Salesforce
  • Flow prospects to Reps
  • Determine high priority leads
  • Proper, meaningful and effective planning
  • Build your activity process
  • How to generate great reports based on newfound data

Practical Development Without Code: Customizing Salesforce on the Platform
Author: Philip Weinmeister
Published at: 22/12/2014
ISBN: 1484200985

PRACTICAL SALESFORCE.COM DEVELOPMENT WITHOUT CODE is one of the best declarative Salesforce Development books you can ever get. The book is very well written in a logical way. This Salesforce Development book is progressive and maintains a complete sequence.

If you are facing troubles on Salesforce relating configuration, automation and formulation then this book will be very helpful to you. This book will help you with the strategies that will make your problems solved faster. This book will show you how to unlock the true and hidden power of Salesforce for better productivity and output.

Whether you are administrator, analyst or developer this book will help you in every way. You will learn how to combine analysis, creativity, and logic in for the best team management.

The author explains each and every fundamental aspect regarding Salesforce like core elements, formulas, rules, etc and shows the way to implement them on your business.

Some contents of this book:

  • Fundamentals of like Objects, Fields, and Relationship
  • Formula functions and fields
  • Automating your business with
  • Building effective processes
  • Utilize functions and develop formulas effectively for a variety of business needs
  • Develop intricate approval processes to handle exception scenarios
  • Employ publisher actions to drive additional functionality from the Chatter feed
  • Manage your data using Data Loader and many more

Advanced Apex Programming for and
Author: Dan Appleman
Published at: 25/10/2013
ISBN: 193675407X

ADVANCED APEX PROGRAMMING for and is intended for the developers who are already familiar with the Apex language, experienced in Java and C#.

This book starts where the documentation is revised. This book mainly focuses on the things and tons of new tools of It contains valuable information on critical problems and how you can make them easy for you. Dan Appleman's writing style will draw your attention throughout all the chapters.

This Salesforce Development book has all the contents an Apex programmer should know. This book will help you to understand structures, designs, best practices and many other things to develop your own team on 

What you will learn:

  • Learning the syntax and running Apex code
  • Static variables and controlling program flow
  • Nature of limits
  • Tests, query optimization and other approaches
  • Application architecture and patterns
  • Triggers
  • Design scaling, concurrency and many more

ServiceNow Development Handbook - Second Edition: A compendium of ServiceNow ITSM development pro-tips, guidelines, and best practices
Author: Tim Woodruff
Published at: 20/08/2018

ServiceNow DEVELOPMENT HANDBOOK is a powerful resource of IT Service Management with a highly configurable back end. It is widely used currently. It has become a very popular platform where you can achieve your tasks in multiple ways.

ServiceNow gives you the freedom to do anything with your business and provides you the best solutions that suit you the most. By taking care of the risks which come with the freedom to do any changes in your business famous writer Tim Woodruff has customized this book.

There are proper conventions to follow and suitable approaches to take with the coding on ServiceNow on this book. This book discusses the pitfalls, quality standards and best practices that are necessary for all the developers to learn. Once you finish this book you will learn how to be a more effective and efficient developer.

This book will make your learning experience much easier. It will boost up your confidence to be a successful ServiceNow developer. 

Some of the topics of this book:

  • Proper coding guidelines
  • Writing DRY code
  • Field Security vs Field Obscurity
  • DOM manipulation and debugging
  • Naming Conventions
  • List and form design
  • Testing and Code documentation
  • Performance optimization
  • Security, Service portal and many more

Salesforce CRM - The Definitive Admin Handbook - Third Edition
Author: Paul Goodey
Published at: 30/01/2015
ISBN: 1784397563

SALESFORCE CRM is a fantastic resource for administrating Salesforce with the best practices, examples, and strategies. This book is a must-have for all the Salesforce Admins. This book is based on real-world problems and solutions which will be very helpful for you to work on Salesforce.

It is an all in one guide which gives comprehensive information about administration principles, various complex design considerations for setting up and customize Salesforce CRM. It also provides you the best strategies for data management, process automation, analytics and many other things related to enterprise security.

This book is very detailed and covers every topic and function related to Salesforce. It will guide you to the advanced level step by step. Paul Goodey has used his writing skills to show you how to properly utilize Salesforce software.

Whether you are a beginner or a professionally experienced Salesforce Admin, this book will suit you in every way. 

What's in this book:

  • Properly use the User Interface in Salesforce CRM
  • Maintaining user and administer security and authentication mechanisms
  • Apply effective organization security 
  • Proper understanding of Salesforce CRM sharing model and its capabilities
  • Create, Delete and Customize custom fields, page layouts, and standard objects
  • Implement the mechanisms for data management and discover the tools to import, update, transfer, and mass delete data

Advanced Apex Programming for and
Author: Dan Appleman
Published at: 03/08/2012
ISBN: 1936754053

ADVANCED APEX PROGRAMMING is filled with fantastic resources for programming is Apex. It is targeted for the intermediate to advanced developers who are already familiar with Apex programming.

Those who have sound knowledge in Java and C# will find this book very handy. This book mainly focuses on the core design patterns of the Apex language. This book will provide you an overall idea about how you can use the complex and bulk patterns of Apex.

Efficient and reliable trigger handling for developing an effective architecture, best practices to follow and proper approaches to take for building software for an organization are some of the main topics of this book.

You will also have strategies to improve the reliability and deployment of Apex software and the ways to minimize the support costs.

Key topics of this book:

  • Running apex code
  • Concept of variables, limits and bulk pattern
  • Application architecture
  • Handling triggers
  • Debugging and diagnostics
  • Unit testing
  • Package designs and many more

Learning Salesforce Lightning Application Development: Build and test Lightning Components for Salesforce Lightning Experience using Salesforce DX
Author: Mohith Shrivastava
Published at: 31/07/2018
ISBN: 1787124673

SALESFORCE LIGHTNING APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT is a must-read for all Lighting developers who want to make the best use of Salesforce. Renowned author Mohith Shrivastava has analyzed the marketing clutter and explains the concepts from a developer's point of view.

If you are a Salesforce developer and want to build custom Lightning solutions then this book will suit you the most. This book has made the complex parts of Lightning easy. This book explains how to build blocks to form a Lightning bundle, use, and capabilities of Lightning Flows, integration and use of Lightning Data Service and many more.

It also includes debugging, performance tuning and code examples from Github. From building simple Lightning components to master the complex architecture of Lightning, this book will help you all the way to the finish.

Contents of this book:

  • Introduction to Lightning Components
  • Exploring Salesforce DX
  • Lightning components building blocks
  • Different APIs
  • Event of Lightning Components
  • Lightning Data Service
  • Debugging and performance tuning
  • Lightning out and lightning flows
  • Publishing Lightning Components and many more.

Beginning Salesforce Developer
Author: Michael Wicherski
Published at: 06/12/2017
ISBN: 1484232992

BEGINNING SALESFORCE DEVELOPER is a beginner-friendly guide for Salesforce development. With step by step guidance, this book explains the architecture of the Salesforce platform and show you what you really need to learn for being a developer on Salesforce.

It also includes the best practices and strategies that the industry follows. This book starts with setting up the developer environment and then take you to the most effective way of deploying your application to production. You will learn tips and tricks which are helpful for you and your company.

Example based code is easy to understand in this book. This book is a must-have for Salesforce Administrators who are developing on the platform.

What you will learn:

  • Introduction to Salesforce
  • Setting up your development environment
  • Experiencing the UI
  • Structure of Data
  • Concepts of Visualforce
  • Introduction to Apex
  • Apex classes and triggers
  • Test and deployment of the application.

Salesforce CRM tips and tricks admin certification 201 guide, dumps, lightning, architecture enterprise, crm books, adm201
Author: Pratik Raju
Published at: 23/04/2018

Those who are preparing for the Admin Certification Examination, this book can be your best option. You can learn about the basic to advanced features of the Salesforce CRM and Lightning interface to create effective techniques for the best user interaction and to deploy real-world solutions.

This book will help you to build your skills to crack the Complex Admin Certification Examinations. You will also have a glimpse of Sales, Marketing and Service cloud application. With in-depth knowledge of every important topic, this book will help you the most.

Key topics:

  • Advanced UI techniques on Salesforce CRM
  • Discover hidden features to extend standard configuration to enhance functionality
  • Build real-world and process-driven automating application on
  • Building custom components and links to provide additional functionality
  • Use of Advanced User Interface on Salesforce CRM
  • Increase productivity using tools and features to provide Advanced Administration
  • Extend Lightning Experience
  • Create Lightning components

DevOps for Salesforce: Build, test, and streamline data pipelines to simplify development in Salesforce
Author: Priyanka Dive,Nagraj Gornalli
Published at: 29/09/2018
ISBN: 1788833341

DevOps for Salesforce addresses all the relevant information on one of the top CRM tools used currently. This book discusses all the functions and features of Salesforce CRM and also explains all the problems you might face while trying to deploy your applications and how you can resort to DevOps to take these challenges.

This book begins with an overview of the development process of the Salesforce app, then steps by step cover various types of functionalities of it. It shows you the pros and cons of Salesforce when it comes to the fact of deploying your app.

It will also give you ideas about automating the deployment, usage of migration tools and using the latest tools in this environment. Finally, the book will conclude by showing you how to track bugs in your application changes using monitoring tools and how to quantify your productivity and ROI.

What you will learn:

  • Development and Delivery Process of Salesforce
  • Applying DevOps to Salesforce applications
  • Salesforce app deployment
  • Migration tools and its usage
  • Version control
  • Continuous integration and testing
  • Tracking Application changes and many more

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