8 Best Satellite Communication Books

Satellite communication means to communicate with a remote device or system using the satellite on space orbital and ground station. This communication scheme is getting popularity because of its high efficiency. The data transmission rate is also higher than any other communication system. For this, more research is going on to make it more efficient and flexible for the user. If you want to study or research on this world-leading technology, below the Best Satellite Communication Books which will be a great reference for you.

Satellite Basics for Everyone: An Illustrated Guide to Satellites for Non-Technical and Technical People
Author: C. Robert Welti
Published at: 04/06/2012
ISBN: 147592593X

Satellite Basics for Everyone: An Illustrated Guide to Satellites for Non-Technical and Technical People contains a basic overview of the satellite. It's written in the way that anyone can understand clearly for building up knowledge on satellite. Learning tools are provided by this book will be helpful for not only school students but also college students. This is the Best Satellite Communication Books for Beginners which can help them in their career field. it provides a training tool and an overview for people who build, operate, and use data collected by satellites. Also, Its for people with curious minds who want to know about satellites that affect their daily lives.

What you'll learn-

  • Fundamentals of satellite
  • Descriptions on satellite missions, orbits, population, and closeness
  • Satellite launching and its cost
  • Orbit, components, environment, and operation
  • Description of satellite motion
  • Mission planning
  • How to keep and place the satellite in orbit

Satellite Communications, Fourth Edition (Professional Engineering)
Author: Dennis Roddy
Published at: 10/02/2006
ISBN: 0071462988
Satellite Communications written by Dennis Roddy gives you teaching techniques and professional tutorial. It has revised and updated to cover global wireless applications. You can study on the communication system of digital television and internet access via satellite.

What you'll learn from the book of Satellite Communications Systems-

  • Introduction of SATCOM
  • Fundamentals of wireless communication
  • Basics on digital communication
  • Orbital mechanics
  • Details on ATM and TDM technology
  • Satellite internet IP services
  • Antenna design
  • Analog and digital encoding schemes

Satellite Communications
Author: Timothy Pratt,Charles W. Bostian,Jeremy E. Allnutt
Published at: 25/10/2002
ISBN: 047137007X

Satellite Communications provides a lot of information on satellite engineering for MS students of Electrical engineering. Chapters 1& 2 of this book will give you a very nice review of your previous courses on this topic. This Satellite Communication System book has become a valuable reference and a must use for beginners and practicing engineers. In a line, It is very up-to-date with the latest technologies in Sat Communication. 

What you'll learn-

  • The description of orbital mechanics
  • Details on spacecraft construction
  • Satellite path radio wave propagation
  • Modulation techniques
  • Multiple access techniques
  • Detailed analysis of the communication link

Satellite Communications Payload and System
Author: Teresa M. Braun
Published at: 04/09/2012
ISBN: 0470540842

Satellite Communications Payload and System help you to learn about the satellite payload of satellite communications systems.  It represents a unique combination of practical systems engineering and communications theory. It tells about the satellites in geostationary and low-earth orbits today, both the so-called bent-pipe payloads and the processing payloads. Also, it describes payload integration elements and how they work

What you'll learn-

  • The description on waveguide and switch
  • Environment sensitivity of satellite
  • Specifications
  • Discussion on the payload
  • Architecture and redundancy of satellite
  • Probability theory

Engineering Satellite-Based Navigation and Timing: Global Navigation Satellite Systems, Signals, and Receivers
Author: John W. Betz
Published at: 29/12/2015
ISBN: 1118615972

Engineering Satellite-Based Navigation and Timing: Global Navigation Satellite Systems, Signals, and receivers provide you general approaches for satnav systems and signals. You can develop your own satnav model by using this most amazing book. It also provides succinct descriptions and comparisons of each satnav system. It is one of the best satellite engineering books

What you'll learn-

  • The clear structure of the satnav system
  • A comprehensive description of satellite engineering
  • Timing systems signal and receiver
  • GPS and all-new modernized system
  • Theoretical and applied review questions
  • Extensive equations describing techniques 
  • Description with MATLAB plots
  • Innovative descriptions for key approaches

The Satellite Communication Ground Segment and Earth Station Handbook (Artech House Space Technology and Applications)
Author: Bruce Elbert
Published at: 30/06/2014
ISBN: 1608076733

This Satellite Communication Ground Segment and Earth Station Handbook provides you the history of the ground station along with radio-frequency waves to transfer information.  Progressing through microwave and radar development, the handbook introduces the techniques used in satellite communications. An RF engineer can readily understand the concepts from detailed explanations of earth station components to whole system operation as the technical depth of the witing is sufficient.

What you'll learn-

  • Details on satellite ground stations
  • A huge amount of technical information
  • Working principle of satellite communication
  • Maintenance of satellite communication
  • The description on ground segments
  • Microwave and radar development

Satellite Communications Systems: Systems, Techniques and Technology
Author: Gerard Maral,Michel Bousquet
Published at: 01/02/2010
ISBN: 0470714581

Satellite Communications Systems: Systems, Techniques, and Technology cover the entire field of satellite communication engineering. You can learn satellite design, launch, configuration and installation of earth stations. It includes implementations of satellite links. Also, It provides a comprehensive treatment of satellite communications systems engineering and discusses the technological applications. It demonstrates how system components interact and details the relationship between the system and its environment. The authors discuss the systems aspects such as techniques enabling equipment

What you'll learn-

  • Fundamentals of orbital mechanics
  • Basics on satellite design
  • Descriptions on earth station
  • Technological applications
  • Enabling equipment and system dimensioning
  • Art technology for a satellite platform

Satellite Communications Systems Engineering: Atmospheric Effects, Satellite Link Design and System Performance
Author: Louis J. Ippolito Jr.
Published at: 01/05/2017
ISBN: 1119259371

Satellite Communications System Engineering: Atmospheric Effects, Satellite Link Design, and System Performance provide you the design and performance of satellite communication. You can learn a fixed point to point, broadcasting, mobile, radio navigation, data relay, computer communications, and related satellite-based applications. Also, it contains a basic premise and the latest updated information. It will be Introductory to advanced engineering level students in electrical, communications and wireless network courses and electrical engineers, communications engineers, systems engineers, and wireless network engineers

What you'll learn-

  • Fundamental of satellite communication
  • Description of radio communication
  • Satellite-based application
  • Radio navigation
  • How to design a satellite communication system

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