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best saxophone books
The saxophone is one of the most played instruments that give a unique sound. The use of this cool instrument shifts the melody of the song to a new level and makes it perfect and complete. So, if you are interested to learn this instrument but wondering how! Then here is the solution. Here is a list of best Saxophone books that will help you to learn this beautiful instrument. The techniques and exercises of these books are a hundred percent effective.
The Science and Art of Saxophone Teaching: The Essential Saxophone Resource
Author: Smith, Ray
Published at: 09/02/2021
ISBN: 1977236049

This book is valuable to saxophone teachers and serious saxophone students alike covering such topics as basic tone production (embouchure, oral cavity, breath support) and solving problems with tone, playing low notes, slurring down over intervals, solving reed issues, saxophone repair and adjustments, coordinating classical and jazz study and practice, warmup exercises and practice routines, articulation basics and articulation styles, development of technique and speed, choosing fingerings, solving vibrato issues, working on intonation problems, playing dynamics, rhythmic development, learning altissimo (may be worth the price of the book alone), phrasing musically, choosing good breathing places, working with ornamentation and cadenzas, dealing with differences between styles, becoming a multilingual musician, doubling other woodwind instruments and helpful information on clarinet, flute and double reeds, dealing with stage fright, and much more. This volume belongs in the library of every earnest saxophonist. There are also a series of video tutorials on a coordinated YouTube channel that bring all the concepts to life.

Saxophone For Beginners: Comprehensive Beginner’s Guide to Learn and Play Saxophone Music and Songs
Author: Morgan, David
Published at: 05/04/2021
ISBN: B091V3S292

In this book, you will learn:

  • Learn the basics of the saxophone.
  • Dive into the many types of saxophones available.
  • Discover the rich history of the saxophone.
  • Explore the notes played on the saxophone and their importance.
  • Learn the scales and their importance.
  • Discover easy songs you can start with.
  • Gain insight on how to utilize your practice time for maximum efficiency.
  • Learn important lessons, tips, and tricks that will help you to progress faster. And so much more!

Saxophone for Beginners: Top-Notch Tips to Play High-Quality Music and Songs with Your Saxophone
Author: Morgan, David
Published at: 02/05/2021
ISBN: B09426SMZ7

This book provides a straightforward approach for musicians who are new to the saxophone. This book is especially helpful for beginners looking for a quick way to learn how to play the saxophone. It will also serve as a reference guide for intermediate and advanced players who want to improve their skills.

The book covers topics such as:

● The anatomy of the saxophone

● Basic techniques and fingerings

● How to read music for saxophones

●How to play high-quality music and songs with the saxophone

● Advanced techniques and fingering this book is filled with tips and hints that will make learning how to play the saxophone easier.

Saxophone for Beginners: Comprehensive Beginner’s Guide to Learn the Art of Playing Saxophone from A-Z
Author: Divine Studio, Rhythm
Published at: 06/02/2021

This comprehensive guide will walk you step-by-step through the ins and outs of learning to play the saxophone, providing you with all you need to know to get started on your new hobby or if you choose a career path. In this book, you will: Learn what a saxophonist is and how you can start your journey to become one discover the anatomy of the saxophone and how to pick the right one for your level of experience deep into the music theory behind the saxophoneLearn all the major scales of the saxophoneCreate your own practice methods and discover how to stay inspiredLearn how to keep your instrument in the best shape for many years of use and so much more! Music is food for the soul and the saxophone is one of the best, most soulful instruments you can learn to play. This book promises to take you on an exciting adventure that will help you walk your musical journey every step of the way. 

Accent on Achievement, Book 1 Eb Alto Saxophone
Author: John O'Reilly,Mark Williams
Published at: 01/04/1997
ISBN: 0739005081

This Saxophone book is book-1 of the sequel. This book offers easy and clear instructions for beginners. Starting with easy and basic songs it will let the player feel the vibe of the music first. Gradually it will increase the difficulty and challenge with complex pieces to work on the progress. It meets the USA national standard for music education (for five to eight grade), So if you are looking for a good book for your child's band purpose then this book is perfect.

This book includes:

  • A CD to listen to the songs.
  • Directions on how to read music for absolute beginners.
  • Rhythm, rest exercises, chorales and scale exercises.
  • Complete band methods and arrangements.
  • A comprehensive review cycle for clear understanding.
  • 11 full band arrangements.   

Universal Method for Saxophone
Author: Paul DeVille
Published at: 12/08/2013
ISBN: 1626549699

This Saxophone book has everything you need to work on to master this skill. Packed with incredible exercises this book gives you all sorts of technical knowledge to be a professional saxophonist. The first few pages quickly go over the basics and then introduce them with the technical stuff. The use of universal techniques and clear explanations made this book so wonderful. So, if you are an intermediate saxophone learner and looking for a way to master it with determination and practice then this book is perfect for you.

This book includes:

  • Best explanations and advice.
  • Both easy and advanced exercises and musical workouts.
  • Clear explanations on tuning, breath control, scales, tone production and so much more.
  • Both Classical and jazz pieces.
  • pieces in all 12 keys.
  • Rhythmic and articulation exercises.

Sound Innovations for Concert Band, Bk 1: A Revolutionary Method for Beginning Musicians (E-flat Alto Saxophone), Book & Online Media
Author: Robert Sheldon,Peter Boonshaft,Dave Black,Bob Phillips
Published at: 01/05/2010
ISBN: 0739067281
  1. This book is a revolutionary comprehensive guide for any band student or instructor. It is finely suitable for beginners. The content is categorized into Benchmark selection, assessment indicator and intermediate goals. Well organized content and time tested strategies make this book a wonderful learning companion.

This book includes:

  • Proper fingering notes.
  • A DVD
  • Instructions on how to assemble, handle and clean instruments.
  • Duets to play.
  • Suitable exercises for slow starters.
  • Explanations and techniques for better performance.

Accent on Achievement, Bk 2: E-flat Alto Saxophone, Book & CD
Author: John O'Reilly,Mark Williams
Published at: 01/05/1998
ISBN: 0739004700

Accent on Achievement, Bk 2 is the second book of the sequel. It introduces more advanced lessons quickly. It is a revolutionary book that will excite the learner to learn and practice more. Like book-1 this book also ensures a review cycle for better understanding and visible progress. After the first book, this book can be helpful for further lessons and practice.

This book includes:

  • A CD.
  • Rhythmic practice.
  • Rest exercises, chorales, and scale exercises.
  • 11 full band arrangements.
  • Classics and world music in-band method.
  • Colorful pages.
  • A great variety of tune.

W21XE - Standard of Excellence Book 1 - Alto Saxophone
Author: Bruce Pearson
Published at: 10/12/1995
ISBN: 0849759323

This W21XE book is a great starter for anyone who has been newly introduced to this instrument. It starts with easy pieces like Hot Cross Bun and then gradually introduces with more advanced pieces. This book is perfect for those who plays saxophone in the band. The comprehensive band method and clear and concise instructions keep the students interested and encourage them to progress.

This book includes:

  • Clear concise instructions.
  • Very good exercise.
  • A section on instrument care.
  • Excellent diagrams.
  • Music theory and history.  

Basic Fingering Chart For Alto Saxophone
Author: Tina Tomlins,Tony Santorella
Published at: 01/09/2011
ISBN: 158560304X

Basic Fingering Chart For Alto Saxophone is one of the beginner's books that will establish and solidify the basics of this instrument. So this book is an indispensable guide in learning. It is suitable for private students, classroom study or self-practice at home. It also serves as a quick and easy reference guide.

This book includes:

  • Scales and suggestions.
  • Complete understanding of notes and keys.
  • Graphical illustrations that give visual aid.
  • The clear concept of fingering.
  • Charts and diagrams for better understanding.
  • The clear concept of major and minor scales.

W61XE - Tradition of Excellence Book 1 - Alto Saxophone
Author: Bruce Pearson,Ryan Nowlin
Published at: 01/03/2016
ISBN: 0849770572

This book is a comprehensive, instructive, interactive and innovative guide to people who are willing to learn to play the saxophone. The perfect sequence and clear instructions help the reader to learn at a smooth pace. It follows a generally slow process and revisits certain topics to help the absolute beginners. As it is a very easy guide it is good for sight-reading. It starts with easy songs and gradually introduces with harder ones.

This book includes:

  • All the basics for a saxophone player.
  • Instructions on how to maintain and clean instruments.
  • Helpful fingering charts.
  • Songs that are more suitable for group performance.

Measures of Success E-flat Alto Saxophone Book 1
Author: Deb Sheldon,Brian Balmages,Tim Loest,Robert Sheldon
Published at: 01/05/2010
ISBN: 1569398097

Divided into 6 chapters, this book will flare up the learning will of a musical person. This combines conceptual knowledge with performance skills. Benchmark's selection of the book encourages the students to stay motivated. It comes with a CD that helps the students to listen to the tracks at the time of practice. This concert band method book will help the students to have a deeper understanding of music compositions and improve their listening. World history, literary works, etc are also presented through this book.

You will learn:

  • Assessment in critical listening.
  • Theory and terminology.
  • How to compose.
  • Improvisation.
  • Playing by ear.
  • Rhythm exercises, scales and more.

Melodious and Progressive Studies, Book 1: Saxophone
Author: David Hite
Published at: 01/07/1988
ISBN: 1581060602

The first volume of David Hite's Melodious and Progressive Studies has become a great study repertoire for all learners.

Topics included:

  • 18 expressive studies (scales) Demnitz.
  • 18 expressive studies (chords) Demnitz.
  • 9 melodic studies Nocentini.
  • 14 melodic etudes Baermann.
  • 5 progressive studies kaysers.
  • Major and minor scales.

The Jazz Method for Alto Saxophone (Book & CD)
Author: O'Neill, John
Published at: 01/09/1994
ISBN: 1902455002

These methods provide complete courses for players of all ages, guiding students from their first note to 'classics', together with compositions by contemporary writers. Each book is accompanied by high-quality rhythm section tracks recorded on compact disc. Right from the start, students can enjoy authentic jazz sounds, playing in the company of professionals. With step-by-step instruction and a progression of specially written pieces, the fundamental elements of good technique are introduced alongside the rhythmic subtleties of jazz. Improvisation is encouraged from an early stage and is given direction through the systematic study of scales and arpeggios and advice on ear-training and chord patterns. With supplementary suggestions for listening and reading, and an Appendix containing all the chord progressions for 'live' accompaniment of the tunes, The Jazz Methods are ideally suited to both students working alone and those learning with a teacher. "John O'Neill has a solid understanding of jazz and how it can be taught. 

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