Best Science Fiction Books for Making Your Imagination More Fantastic

Best Science Fiction Books
Fiction broadly refers to any narrative consisting of imaginary people, events, or descriptions. In other words, a narrative not based strictly on history or fact. It also commonly refers, more narrowly, to written narratives in prose and often specifically novels. Science fiction is a genre of speculative fiction that has been called the "literature of ideas". It typically deals with imaginative and futuristic concepts such as advanced science and technology, time travel, parallel universes, fictional worlds, space exploration, and extraterrestrial life. It often explores the potential consequences of scientific innovations. Here are some best science fiction books listed below which can help to explore our knowledge.
The Enceladus Mission: Hard Science Fiction (Ice Moon)
Author: Brandon Q. Morris
Published at: 14/10/2018
ISBN: 1726830241

This best selling science fiction comes a new novel for science fiction lovers. As a physicist, the author describes the journey of the international expedition through the vacuum of space and gives an update on the latest scientific findings and technology trends. you can also learn and enjoy about-

  • Evidence of extraterrestrial life
  • A hurriedly built spacecraft sets 
  • The long journeys to the ringed planet and its moon

It has the description of the space crew and their twenty-seven months. Also, the details on the robot probe detect traces of biological activity on Enceladus, one of Saturn’s moons. If life does indeed exist on Enceladus, it could only be at the bottom of the salty, ice-covered ocean, which formed billions of years ago. You have to go through the book if you learn more.

The Science Fiction Hall of Fame, Vol. 1: 1929-1964
Author: Robert Silverberg
Published at: 01/02/2005
ISBN: 0765305372

This book contains twenty-six of the greatest science fiction stories ever written. They represent the considered verdict of the Science Fiction Writers of America, those who have shaped the genre and who know, more intimately than anyone else, what the criteria for excellence in the field should be. The authors chosen for The Science Fiction Hall Fame are the men and women who have shaped the body and heart of modern science fiction; their brilliantly imaginative creations continue to inspire and astound new generations of writers and fans.

The Complete Void Wraith Saga: Books 1 - 6 in the Epic Military Science Fiction Series
Author: Chris Fox
Published at: 01/05/2019

This best science fiction book series appears you in the story at the middle of the action. The character developing is amazing and astonishing. In the first part of the adventure, enemies become friends. After that, the story moves with a unique and involving build-up an attractive plot. Both stories started slow but became interesting as it progressed. The grammar and spelling are very good. The Complete Void Wraith Saga: Books 1 - 6 in the Epic Military Science Fiction Series may be considered one of the best science fiction books of all time.

The Year's Best Science Fiction: Thirty-Fourth Annual Collection
Author: Gardner Dozois
Published at: 11/07/2017
ISBN: 1250119243

This book reveals the secrets beyond the far reaches the universe. Also, the mystery which belies the truth included in this book. It introduces you to the world of science fiction has long been a porthole into the realities of tomorrow, blurring the line between life and art. The author explores a bunch of new world idea in front of you. With an extensive recommended reading guide and a summation of the year in science fiction, this annual compilation has become the definitive must-read anthology for all science fiction fans and readers interested in breaking into the genre.

Red Sands: A Science Fiction Alien Romance (Warlords of Atera Book 1)
Author: Celia Kyle
Published at: 22/07/2019

This book is based on the story of drazan and Sheri. Drazen of Atera is the Warlord over all the Warlords in the Red Sands territory. A fierce and respected warrior. It is the time of Ulmur when unmated males and females of age meet from all the territories meet in the Heart Sands, their life mate. This year their goddess has sent them females from another world. 

Sheri is a nurse. She recently escaped an abusive marriage. Signed up with an intergalactic mating agency, wanting to start a new life. Instead of waking on the space station she wakes to alarms, no crew and the ship going down. Fire rains from the skies and a strange black metal box filled with females crash to the sands. All thoughts of fighting are lost to the allure of these odd humans. With Sheri consuming his thoughts, Drazan may have forgotten about his last challenge but his opponent’s brother hasn’t. Overall a good story. Fast-paced and a little steamy. 

James Cameron's Story of Science Fiction
Author: Randall Frakes,Brooks Peck,Sidney Perkowitz,Matt Singer,Gary Wolfe,Lisa Yaszek
Published at: 15/05/2018
ISBN: 1683834976
This perfect companion to AMC’s six-part television series James Cameron’s Story of Science Fiction, this unique book explores the history and evolution of the genre with contributions from the filmmakers who have helped bring it to life. The interview with the various directors shows how they all appreciate each other work. Perhaps a common theme is Cameron’s statement “Science fiction never predicts the future, but it can prevent the future if we listen and pay attention”. The interview with Spielberg draws parallels between the red planet and the red menace of communism focusing on horror, was most revealing and his view of identifying with Frankenstein’s creature. These articles are all well done and particularly appreciated Sidney Perkowitz on Intelligent machines and Lisa Yaszek on time travel and continuing with Dr. Who. Overall, it offers a sweeping examination of a genre that continues to ask questions, pushes limits and thrill audiences around the world.

Sapience: A Collection of Science Fiction Short Stories
Author: Alexis Lantgen
Published at: 02/03/2019
ISBN: 173366260X

This best science fiction book is a collection of science fiction short stories that explores some interesting questions. Such as, what kind of life will we find in the depths of Europa’s oceans? what kind of life will we allow an AI with human-level intelligence? In the near future, humanity builds a colony on Europa, one of the moons of Jupiter. They tunnel into the ice to explore the dark oceans beneath the moon's surface, searching for signs of extraterrestrial life. What they find will change them forever, setting humanity on a path to the stars. But the old conflicts and hatreds of Earth are not so easily escaped. These stories are beautifully written with a sensitivity often lacking in sci-fi. Her characters are human even when they exist as robots or rocket ships. That is what is so special about this book – all her characters are human even if some are deeply flawed. 

The Year's Best Science Fiction and Fantasy Volume 13 (Best Science Fiction & Fantasy of the Year)
Author: Jonathan Strahan
Published at: 16/04/2019
ISBN: 1781085765
This is the finest short science fiction and fantasy, from the master anthologist. It gives you a portal that opens a door of fantastic imagination, magic and wonder. There are a bunch of fantasy stories herein and sci-fi tales. "When Once We Were Starless" is a sci-fi story that kept you rapt attention all the way through. "The Bookcase Expedition" is a whimsical tale that made you chuckle. "The Starship and the Temple Cat" is an excellent story because it had a sympathetic lead character. If you want a book that can strike your fancy, then it will be the best choice for you.

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