Best Stress Management Books: Slaying Your Stress Monster

best stress management books

Stress is one of the most popular terms in our daily life. If we don't get what we want, we became stressed. If the deadline knocking at the door, we get stressed. If any pitfalls happen in our life we get stressed.

There is an infinite number of reasons for getting stressed like these. It hampers our progress and abstains from reaching our destination. But if we manage stress in a better way, our life can turn into a better one.

Here you will get some of the best stress management books which will offer you to learn how to reduce stress and manage it to get the best out from it. So let's get started to make your life happier and healthier.

To-Do List Formula: A Stress-Free Guide To Creating To-Do Lists That Work!
Author: Damon Zahariades
Published at: 01/08/2016

To be successful in life or completing your task in time, keeping a to-do list is so effective and necessary. It will let you manage your time properly and do your things more efficiently. We all keep to-do lists more or less, but we can't manage or execute it accurately.

Don't get frustrated, because many peoples like you don't get the best out of their to-do lists. So all you need is To-Do List Formula: A Stress-Free Guide To Creating To-Do Lists That Work! It's the only guide you'll ever need to create an effective personal task management system. It provides some clear direction, tips, and ideas to help solidify the process in your life.

It explains exactly why most people's approach to to-do lists end up in futility and failure. It also provides the steps you can take to transform your to-do lists into powerful time-saving tools and the prospects of maintaining to-do lists in our life.

This book offers:

  • To decide what to put on the list which includes when.
  • Reasons for failure to get through your daily to-do lists.
  • Most popular and efficient to-do lists ever.
  • How to create a perfect to-do list.
  • Advantages and disadvantages of Paper vs Online to-do lists.

The Mayo Clinic Guide to Stress-Free Living
Author: Amit Sood MD MSc
Published at: 13/09/2016

In real life, we often get sad and frustrated for numerous reasons which navigate our mind and don't let us sleep peacefully at night. We get stressed and don't know really where to find peace. The Mayo Clinic Guide to Stress-Free Living is the perfect solution for you.

This stress management book reveals how the mind's instinctive restlessness and shortsightedness generate stress and anxiety and presents strategies for living a more peaceful life. Dr. Sood developed a stress management program at Mayo clinic after working two decades with tens of thousands of people.

This program has been tested in several scientific studies with more positive results. Follow the steps consistently and discover peace for you.

This book will help you:

  • To develop deep and sustained attention.
  • To practice gratitude, compassion and acceptance.
  • How to live a meaningful life.
  • How to nurture relationships.
  • To achieve your highest potential.

The World's Best Mandala Coloring Book: A Stress Management Coloring Book For Adults
Author: Marti Jo's Coloring
Published at: 24/06/2015
ISBN: 151465752X

You may find various mandala coloring books available in the market but The World's Best Mandala Coloring Book: A Stress Management Coloring Books For Adults is the best one to try out for you. Here you will find the best 50 mandala images selected by expert artists from all over the world.

The sketches are dark and crisp and the perforated pages make them easy to remove for coloring and framing. This book is so soothing and relaxing. It has a wide variety of image patterns which will ease you to relax and manage your stress as well.

The Stress-Proof Brain: Master Your Emotional Response to Stress Using Mindfulness and Neuroplasticity
Author: Melanie Greenberg PhD
Published at: 02/02/2017
ISBN: 1626252661

If you are fighting your life with regular stress and you don't know what to do then The Stress-Proof Brain: Master Your Emotional Response to Stress Using Mindfulness and Neuroplasticity is all you need. This stress management book is a great synthesis of all the stress and brain information that we have now.

It also delivers about how your brain works (or reacts to) under stress, How the amygdala releases (automatic stress response) hormones and affects organs to put you into a fight, flight or freeze mode leading to impulsive behavior, constant anxiety, avoidance, procrastination and rumination (how it affects).

And the long term physiological effects of it such as hypertension, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart diseases, etc. For anyone struggling with stress and feeling overwhelmed, the research-based strategies and thoughtful exercises in this book can help build a more positive mindset.

This book will help you develop an original and effective program and the practical exercises can help you to transform your stress into positive motivation and make opportunity for personal growth.

This book will help you:

  • To put a stop to unhealthy responses to stress.
  • To master your emotional responses and overcome negative thinking.
  • How to create a more tolerant and stress-proof brain.
  • How to let go of the small stuff, deal with the big stuff and live a happier, healthier life.

The Stress Reduction Workbook for Teens: Mindfulness Skills to Help You Deal with Stress
Author: Gina M. Biegel MA LMFT
Published at: 01/08/2017
ISBN: 1684030188

Human life is always chased by stress, emotion, responsibilities, etc. In teenage, it troubles much more than other stages of life. Every teenager takes stress about grades in high school, parents don't get them, dating, etc.

But if you learn some strategies and skills to control that stress, you will learn how to deal with problems and feelings in your life. The Stress Reduction Workbook for Teens is a nice collection of workbook activities that will teach you to reduce your negative thoughts using a technique called mindfulness.

Mindfulness is the way to be aware of your feelings, thoughts, responsibilities, and actions. We all think negatively at first which is very easy to do and we hold this in our mind that we can't do. But by reading this book you will learn to transform from 'I can't do' to 'I can do anything' thinking.

This book includes:

  • How to deal with your surroundings.
  • How to adopt mindfulness.
  • Challenge you to learn skills to control stress.
  • Set of most popular practice skills.
  • Real-life examples to overcome problems.

By practicing the skills outlined in this book, you'll be on your way to developing lasting resilience and strength. So let's remove stress, negative thoughts and change your life from an early age.

Stress: 17 Stress Management Habits to Reduce Stress, Live Stress-Free & Worry Less
Author: Linda Westwood
Published at: 12/02/2015
ISBN: 1514771373

Every one of us has various daily habits. But if we can manage our daily habits in a concise and suggested way then we can turn our daily stress into daily happiness and relief. Stress: 17 Stress Management Habits to Reduce Stress, Live Stress-Free & Worry Less is a book where you can find all of this.

It will deliver every insight into our daily habits in our everyday life. It will make you realize how important daily habits to our life and how we can get the best out of it.

This book includes:

  • 17 separate daily habits that will change your life.
  • Why daily habits are beneficial to add to life.
  • How you can implement them in your life and live a stress-free life.

Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity
Author: David Allen
Published at: 17/03/2015
ISBN: 0143126563

Getting Things Done is one of the most popular time management book ever written. It's easy to remember, easy to follow on a daily basis and has fulfilled the goal of its title: Stress-Free Productivity.

It is a more practical guide than the top-down systems like Franklin Covey that insist you define every goal and purpose in your life before you make a list of things to do each day.

This book offers a practical system for clearing your mind of all the undone things that torture it and getting them in a place where they can be handled in a logical way. 

This book will help you:

  • To build the new mental skills needed in an age of multitasking and overload.
  • How to organize tasks using simple lists and structures.
  • To be more successful and it can help you have a happier life.

Balance (Angie's Extreme Stress Menders Volume 1)
Author: Angie Grace
Published at: 22/02/2015
ISBN: 1508582211

Balance (Angie's Extreme Stress Menders) is a beautiful book to release stress in a calm way. It will help to relax and deal with stress in a profound way. Its whimsical art will amaze you and help you to grow your inner peace.

It's a terrific way to tap into one's creativity with gel pens and a willingness to let the subconscious mind take over. This book is perfectly fine for adults and older children.

This book offers:

  • 50 unique and detailed designs.
  • Designs are printed on one side of the page.

The Stress Management Workbook: De-stress in 10 Minutes or Less
Author: Ruth C. White PhD MPH MSW
Published at: 19/06/2018
ISBN: 1939754240

If you want to reduce stress in a stress less way then, The Stress Management Workbook is definitely for you. This is a fabulous self-help book to relieving stress. This is one of the most comprehensive, easy-to-understand, and organized books on stress management so far.

It helps exactly how stress is impacting their lives and what to do about it. This book shares a wealth of wonderful and useful techniques to manage stress and keep it under control.

There is something for everyone--with numerous ideas, worksheets, checklists, and goal planning pages to find meaning, reconnect, and relax.

This book will help you:

  • To build sustainable stress management skills.
  • Dozen stress situations with more than 50 suggested exercises to choose what is right for you.
  • How to deal with your stress.

You know what? The best way to ease stress is to take action. This book gives so many logical ways to deal with everyday stress. Do you have ten minutes? You have the ability to change the way your day is going!

Stress Management: How To Cope With and Reduce Stress
Author: Life Success Books
Published at: 03/08/2017
ISBN: 197415470X

Stress Management: How To Cope With and Reduce Stress is a great book of defining what stress is, how many of its kind, how to control it and some precise steps to follow.

The techniques are quick to implement and look quite effective too. This book is succinct, to the point, and full of gold nugget tips to help anyone understand and manage stress for a better quality of life.

It will help anyone dealing with stress by reassuring them that the solution is a lot simpler than it may seem.

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