Best Swift 3 Books For Learning IOS App Development

Swift is a powerful and intuitive programming language for macOS, iOS, watchOS, and tvOS. Writing Swift code is interactive and fun, the syntax is concise yet expressive, and Swift includes modern features developers love. Swift code is safe by design, yet also produces software that runs lightning-fast. Swift 3 mode is the default for existing code and will build source code that is built with the Swift 3 compiler. Here you can find some books to learn Swift programming language on iPad.
Swift 3 Game Development - Second Edition
Author: Stephen Haney
Published at: 06/02/2017
ISBN: 1787127753

Key Features

  • Create and design games for iPhone and iPad using SpriteKit and Swift 3.0
  • Learn the core fundamentals of SpriteKit game development and mix and match techniques to customize your game
  • This step-by-step practical guide will teach you to build games from scratch using little-known tips and strategies for maximum fun

What you will learn

  • Deliver powerful graphics, physics, and sound in your game by using SpriteKit
  • Set up the scene using the new capabilities of the scene editor and custom classes
  • Maximize gameplay with little-known tips and strategies for fun and repeatable action
  • Make use of animations, graphics, and particles to polish your game
  • Understand the current mobile monetization landscape to choose the best option for your own situation
  • Integrate your game with Game Center so that your players can share their high scores and achievements
  • Publish your game to the App Store and let the people to enjoy by playing your games.

Table of Contents

  1. Designing Games with Swift
  2. Sprites, Camera, Action!
  3. Mix in the Physics
  4. Adding Controls
  5. Spawning Enemies, Coins, and Power-ups
  6. Generating a Never-Ending World
  7. Implementing Collision Events
  8. Polishing to a Shine - HUD, Parallax Backgrounds, Particles, and More
  9. Adding Menus and Sounds
  10. Standing Out in the Crowd with Advanced Features

Mastering Swift 3
Author: Jon Hoffman
Published at: 25/10/2016
ISBN: 1786466120

About This Book

  • Discover the new features and improvements to Swift 3
  • Get to grips with advanced design patterns and techniques to write smarter, cleaner Swift code
  • Become a more fluent Swift developer and build powerful, impressive iOS and OS X applications.

What You Will Learn

  • Dive into the core components of Swift 3.0, including operators, collections, control flow, and functions
  • Create and use classes, structures, and enums
  • Understand object-oriented Swift and see how to tackle inheritance, protocols, and extensions
  • Develop a practical understanding of subscripts, optionals, and closures
  • See how to use the new protocol extension and error handling features of Swift 3.0
  • Add concurrency to your applications using Grand Central Dispatch

By the end of this book, you’ll have a handle on effective design patterns and techniques, which means you’ll soon be writing better iOS and OS X applications with a new level of sophistication and control.

Style and approach

Packed with practical examples that show you how to put the concepts you learn into practice quickly, we’ll take you through some of the most advanced and sophisticated elements of the language in a practical and actionable way. You can also download the code to use yourself

Swift 3 for Absolute Beginners
Author: Gary Bennett,Brad Lees
Published at: 20/12/2016
ISBN: 1484223306

About This Book

Stay motivated and overcome obstacles while learning to use Swift Playgrounds to be a great iOS developer. This book is perfect for those with no programming background, those with some programming experience but no object-oriented experience, or those that have a great idea for an app but haven’t programmed since school, and it is now updated for Swift 3.

Many people have a difficult time believing they can learn to write iOS apps. Swift 3 for Absolute Beginners, along with the free, live online training sessions will show you how to do so. You'll learn Object Oriented Programming and be introduced to HealthKit before moving on to write your own iPhone and Watch apps from scratch.

What You’ll Learn

  • Work with Swift classes, properties, and functions
  • Examine proper user interface and user experience design
  • Understand Swift data types: integers, floats, strings, and booleans
  • Use Swift data collections: arrays and dictionaries
  • Review Boolean logic, comparing data, and flow control

Who This Book Is For

Anyone who wants to learn to develop apps for the Mac, iPhone, and iPad, and Watch using the Swift programming language. No previous programming experience is necessary.

iOS 10 in Swift 3
Author: Mark Price,Caleb Stultz,Jack Davis,Evan Leong,Jacob Luetzow,Jonathan Burgoyne,Michael Jessey
Published at: 11/02/2017
ISBN: 0692838740

What You Will Learn

  • Absolute beginner to functional iOS developer
  • Learning the concepts, techniques, and tools needed to build professional iOS applications
  • How to learn to use Xcode 8, iOS 10, and Swift 3
  • To build and design your own iOS apps and apply for jr. iOS development jobs.
  • How to develop real-world app using swift on iPad
  • To lean UI/UX & app design with Sketch

You’ll get different insights from each member of Team Developers that will help you become a lifelong programmer and amazing iOS app designer & developer.

iOS Apps for Masterminds, 2nd Edition: How to take advantage of Swift 3 to create insanely great apps for iPhones and iPads
Author: J D Gauchat
Published at: 05/09/2016
ISBN: 1537517880

What You Will Learn

  • Learn how to create apps for iPhones and iPads with Swift 3, Xcode 8
  • How to use new APIs introduced with iOS 10
  • You will know how to program in Swift
  • How to design user interfaces
  • That will teach you how to build insanely great applications from scratch

The goal of iOS Apps for Masterminds is to make you familiar with the most advanced technologies for app development. It was designed to prepare you for the future and was written for the genius inside you, for Masterminds.

This book includes:

    • Swift Paradigm, Foundation Framework, UIKit Framework
    • Auto Layout, Trait Collections and Size Classes, Navigation Controllers
    • Scroll Views, Table Views, Collection Views, Alert Views
    • Split View Controller, iOS 10 Notifications, Archiving
    • Core Data, iCloud, CloudKit
    • Core Graphics and Quartz 2D, Core Animation, AVFoundation
    • Camera and Photos Library, Web Views, Sensors
    • MapKit, Gesture Recognizers, Timers
    • Operation Queues, Error Handling, Image and Video, Internationalization
    • ...and more!

    Swift Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide (2nd Edition) (Big Nerd Ranch Guides)
    Author: Matthew Mathias,John Gallagher
    Published at: 08/12/2016
    ISBN: 013461061X

    What You Will Learn

    • You will develop an understanding of Swift grammar
    • How to develop the apps with elements of effective Swift style.
    • How to navigate Xcode 8
    • Get the most out of Apple's documentation
    • To develop your own solutions to a wide range of programming challenges using Swift.

    Throughout the book, the authors share their insights into Swift to ensure that you understand the hows and whys of Swift and can put that understanding to use in different contexts.

    Beginning iPhone Development with Swift 3: Exploring the iOS SDK
    Author: Molly Maskrey,Kim Topley,David Mark,Fredrik Olsson,JEFF LAMARCHE
    Published at: 18/11/2016
    ISBN: 1484222229

    About The Book

    Create your very own apps for the latest iOS devices. You'll start with the basics, and then work your way through the process of downloading and installing Xcode and the iOS 10 SDK, and then guides you through the creation of your first simple application.

    Assuming little or no working knowledge of the Swift programming language, and written in a friendly, easy-to-follow style, Beginning iPhone Development with Swift 3 offers a comprehensive course in iPhone and iPad programming. In this third edition of the best-selling book, you’ll learn how to integrate all the interface elements iOS users have come to know and love, such as buttons, switches, pickers, toolbars, and sliders.

    What You Will Learn

    • Develop your own bestselling iPhone and iPad apps
    • Utilize Swift playgrounds
    • Display data in Table Views
    • Draw to the screen using Core Graphics
    • Use iOS sensor capabilities to map your world
    • Get your app to work with iCloud and more

    Swift 3 Protocol Oriented Programming - Second Edition
    Author: Jon Hoffman
    Published at: 28/11/2016
    ISBN: 1787129942

    Key Features

    • Leverage the power of protocol-oriented programming in your applications and learn from real world use cases
    • Create a flexible codebase with protocols and protocol extensions
    • Increase the overall productivity and performance of applications with protocol-oriented programming

    What you will learn

    • Understand the difference between object-oriented programming and protocol-oriented programming
    • Explore the different types that Swift offers and what pitfalls to avoid
    • Error handling with do-try-catch block
    • Delve into Generics and Generic programming
    • Implement several design patterns in a protocol-oriented way
    • How to design applications by prioritizing the protocol first and the actual type second

    Table of Contents

    1. Object-Oriented and Protocol-Oriented Programming
    2. Our Type Choices
    3. Catching Our Errors
    4. All About the Protocol
    5. Lets Extend Some Types
    6. Working with Generics
    7. Adopting Design Patterns in Swift
    8. Case Studies

    Swift 3 Object-Oriented Programming - Second Edition
    Author: Gaston C. Hillar
    Published at: 27/02/2017
    ISBN: 1787120392

    About This Book

    • Leverage the most efficient object-oriented design patterns in your Swift applications
    • Write robust, safer, and better code using the blueprints that generate objects
    • Build a platform with object-oriented code using real-world elements and represent them in your apps

    Who This Book Is For

    This book is for iOS and macOS developers who want to get a detailed practical understanding of object-oriented programming with the latest version of Swift: 3.0.

    What You Will Learn

    • Implement object-oriented programming paradigms with Swift 3.0
    • Write high-quality and easy-to-maintain reusable object-oriented code to build applications for iOS, macOS, and Linux
    • Work with encapsulation, abstraction, and polymorphism using Swift 3.0
    • Work with classes, instances, properties, and methods in Swift 3.0
    • Take advantage of inheritance, specialization, and the possibility to overload or override members
    • Implement encapsulation, abstraction, and polymorphism
    • Explore functional programming techniques mixed with object-oriented code in Swift 3.0
    • Understand the differences between Swift 3.0, previous Swift versions, and Objective-C code

    Advanced Swift: Updated for Swift 3
    Author: Chris Eidhof,Ole Begemann,Airspeed Velocity
    Published at: 29/09/2016
    ISBN: 1539154718

    What You Will Learn

    • Advanced Swift takes you through Swift’s features, from low-level programming to high-level abstractions
    • Know about advanced concepts in Swift programming
    • If you have read the Swift Programming Guide, and want to explore more, this book is for you.

    Swift is a great language for systems programming but also lends itself to very high-level programming. We’ll explore both high-level topics (for example, programming with generics and protocols), as well as low-level topics (for example, wrapping a C library and string internals).

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