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best thermodynamics books

Thermodynamics is the branch of physics that deals with the relationships between heat and other forms of energy. Thermodynamics is an important part of physics, chemistry, and engineering. Also, It's important because it controls interactions of everything in the universe. If you want to be an expert in this field, these best thermodynamics books will be the perfect choice for you.

Thermodynamics: An Engineering Approach
Author: Yunus A. Cengel Dr.,Michael A. Boles
Published at: 07/01/2014
ISBN: 0073398179

This complete guide shows you, basic principals of thermodynamics. You can learn numerous applications of thermodynamics in our daily life. Also, every topic in this book organized in the way that anyone can understand easily 

What you'll learn-

  • Importance of thermodynamics in engineering practice
  • Understanding physics and physical arguments
  • Explanations of every concept
  • Numerous examples and figures

Thermodynamics (Dover Books on Physics)
Author: Enrico Fermi
Published at: 01/06/1956
ISBN: 048660361X
This book discusses every section of thermodynamics from the very basic. You can get all the laws of thermodynamics easily with complete explanations. Also, Advanced thermodynamics problems and solutions are added in this book.

What you'll learn-
  • Explanations of thermodynamics system & laws
  • Thermodynamic potentials
  • The equation of gaseous equilibria
  • Fundamental facts of thermometry and calorimetry
  • The principle of Le Chatelier
  • The thermodynamics of dilute solutions 
  • Detailed on entropy constant

The Laws of Thermodynamics: A Very Short Introduction
Author: Peter Atkins
Published at: 19/04/2010
ISBN: 0199572194

This book gives you more insights about the fundamental concepts in classical thermodynamics. It can teach you thermodynamics in a different way. Mainly, it focuses on the ideas behind the thermodynamics laws which are called the soul of heat chemistry.

What you'll learn-

  • Introduction and explanations of four laws
  • Detailed on free energy
  • Mathematical explanations
  • Theory of entropy 
  • Conservation of energy

Thermodynamics For Dummies
Author: Mike Pauken
Published at: 02/08/2011
ISBN: 1118002911

This hands-on guide helps you to score high in any thermodynamics course by offering easily understood, plain-English explanations. You can learn how energy is used in automobiles and so on. Also, It has everything you need to know about conserving mass and energy combustion process.

What you'll learn-

  • The laws of thermodynamics
  • Essential properties and their relations
  • power thermodynamic processes
  • Chemical mixtures and reactions
  • Real-world applications of thermodynamic laws and concepts
  • Various problems
  • Step by step explanations of every topic

Understanding Thermodynamics (Dover Books on Physics)
Author: H. C. Van Ness
Published at: 01/01/1983
ISBN: 0486632776

This amazing book provides basic laws and fundamental theorems of thermodynamics. You can learn all about thermal energy and its importance in our daily life. Also, it doesn't require any previous knowledge about thermodynamics because it contains from the very beginning to advanced level

What you'll learn-

    • Fundamentals of thermodynamics
    • Practical applications
    • Relations with physics
    • Detailed on heat chemistry
    • Energy consumptions
    • Explanations of thermal energy

    An Introduction to Statistical Thermodynamics (Dover Books on Physics)
    Author: Terrell L. Hill
    Published at: 01/01/1987
    ISBN: 0486652424

    This complete guide provides the introduction to statistical mechanics and thermodynamics. Especially, It will be useful to students and workers in molecular biophysics and physical chemistry.

    What you'll learn-

      • Quantum statistical mechanics
      • polyatomic gas and configuration of polymer molecules
      • Lattice statistics, imperfect gases and dilute liquid solutions
      • Differential equations
      • Elementary quantum mechanics

      Fundamentals of Classical Thermodynamics
      Author: Gordon J. Van Wylen,Richard E. Sonntag
      Published at: 20/03/1986
      ISBN: 0471861731

      This perfect book offers a full reference to thermodynamics for undergraduate engineering students. Also, it provides excellent examples and formal techniques for solving those problems. Moreover, many advanced topics are included for enriching your knowledge.

      What you'll learn-

      • Various modern applications of thermodynamics
      • Classical thermodynamics
      • Excellent examples and homework 
      • Step by step solutions of every problem

      A Conceptual Guide to Thermodynamics
      Author: Bill Poirier
      Published at: 22/09/2014
      ISBN: 1118840534

      This book offers you a selected set of exercises and problems. It has sufficient material to attain mastery of the concepts that will be found in most university-level thermodynamics courses. the book aims to improve your fundamental understanding of the material, as well as homework and exam performance. 

      What you'll learn-

      • Terminology and notation key about major thermodynamics
      • Content mappings
      • Helpful Hints 
      • Unique explanations on every complex topic

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