Best Tom Clancy Books for Military Action Novel Lovers

best tom clancy book

Tom Clancy is a best-selling American novelist who is well-known for writing thrilling, espionage, spy and military science novels. Clancy was extremely interested in all things military and espionage.

So he took on spies, war, technical military gadgets and global terrorism that has been translated well into an impressive career as a novelist. Tom Clancy books are worth-read for the loving detail over weaponry and intelligence gathering that made the book plots realistic.

His military novels were based on his amazingly adept knowledge of this field. His attention to technical detail illustrates just how passionate he was about his efforts to make every story accurate.

This article will provide a list of best Tom Clancy books if you are interested in cold war stories and techno-thrillers as well.

Tom Clancy Enemy Contact (A Jack Ryan Jr. Novel)
Author: Mike Maden
Published at: 11/06/2019
ISBN: 0525541691

Tom Clancy Enemy Lover is a Jack Ryan Jr. novel who is supposed to be a spy and yet the only spy-like thing he manages to do is plant a few listening devices. He constantly walks into dangerous situations unprepared and takes the most direct method of trying to learn something.

The main plot of this book is Jack Ryan Jr.'s race to stop an international criminal conspiracy is intertwined with the fate of an old friend who is dying from cancer, has one final request for Jack.

Jack Ryan Jr.'s novels have always balanced the extremely detailed technical bits with wonderful character development. The enduring relationships of Tom Clancy's followers with these characters are what has carried these books over the years.

This book is a worth-read to escape into the fantasy world of Intelligence and espionage.

Tom Clancy's The Division: Broken Dawn
Author: Alex Irvine
Published at: 26/03/2019
ISBN: 1984803174

Tom Clancy's The Division: Broken Down is an amazing book with a nice story into the video game world and most importantly this book develops the plot as a post-apocalyptic thriller, and unique in its own right.

The book primarily brings greater context to what is happening in the game in a real-life scenario. It gives a great view into the minds of an upstanding Division agent and another agent that is definitely "the bad guy" but with understandable motivation.

What you will like about this book most of all is that it transports you into what I would call The Division universe, to make the game more real so to speak. If you like The Division video games and are interested in reading some of the back story and side stories that go with the game, then this book will keep you engaged.

Highly recommended book for anyone who is a Tom Clancy's: The Division fan and likes everything that has to do with the game!

Tom Clancy's Op-Center: Sting of the Wasp
Author: Jeff Rovin
Published at: 28/05/2019
ISBN: 1250183022

Tom Clancy's Op-center: String of the Wasp is one of the best Tom Clancy books that is plotted with heart-thrilling actions and mystery. 'After an intelligence failure at Op-Center results in a major terrorist attack, director Chase Williams radically transforms the agency into a ground-breaking new mobile strike force.

A group is made up of different warriors from different branches of the service and each has a very distinct and different style of warfare. Each is put with the other to form a new style unit of warriors who can work alone or in a group.

They will work hard at finding the terrorist who has attacked America by using their unique skills to eventually overcome obstacles and together will finally catch up to the man they want.'- the story of this book moves quickly, the characters are real and the dialogue flows well. If you are a realistic military action lover this book is for you!

Tom Clancy Commander in Chief (A Jack Ryan Novel)
Author: Mark Greaney
Published at: 01/11/2016
ISBN: 1101988819

Tom Clancy Commander in Chief is a real Tom Clancy book that follows the usual narrative of following Jack Ryan's adventures. This novel has been penned by Mark Greaney who uses the third person to tell the action rather than to show the action through the actions of the characters.

Following in the pattern established by Tom Clancy, this well-written sequel in the Jack Ryan series is a story about Jack Ryan as President and his son, as an intelligence field operator.

Characters, both primary and supporting, continue as established. Events in the story keep the reader very interested in realistic actions. To anyone who has enjoyed the Jack Ryan series this is a must-read.

Tom Clancy Under Fire (A Jack Ryan Jr. Novel)
Author: Grant Blackwood
Published at: 05/04/2016
ISBN: 0425283186

Tom Clancy Under Fire is a best-selling Jack Ryan Jr. novel where Jack Ryan Jr. stands alone against powerful enemies. On a mission in Tehran, Jack Ryan Jr. meets his oldest friend, Seth Gregory. As they part, Seth slips Jack a key, along with a perplexing message.

The next day Jack is summoned to an apartment where two men claim Seth has disappeared with funds for a vital intelligence operation. This action spy novel tied characters from other books by Grant Blackwood and Clancy into the plot without diverting from the theme.

If you are a Tom Clancy fan from way back when it is nice to be able to read books that continue with new story-lines for the great characters in the Jack Ryan series.

Tom Clancy Power and Empire (A Jack Ryan Novel)
Author: Marc Cameron
Published at: 06/11/2018
ISBN: 073521591X

Tom Clancy Power and Empire is a fine Jack Ryan novel where Jack Ryan is dealing with an aggressive challenge from the Chinese government as the G20 Summit approaches.

Pawns are being moved around a global chessboard: an attack on an oil platform in Africa, a terrorist strike on an American destroyer and a storm-tossed American spy ship that may fall into Chinese hands. It seems that Premier Zhao is determined to limit Ryan's choices in the upcoming negotiations.

As mounting tensions between China and the United States push the world’s two great powers to the brink of war, it falls to President Jack Ryan to identify the lethal chess master behind the scenes in this thriller. This is a good Clancy novel for those who like Clancy style writing!

Tom Clancy Point of Contact (A Jack Ryan Jr. Novel)
Author: Mike Maden
Published at: 03/04/2018
ISBN: 073521588X

Tom Clancy Point of Contact is an intelligent thriller book of Tom Clancy where Jack Ryan Jr. finds himself on the front lines of cyberwar and in the eye of a killer storm. This book, like many in the post-Clancy era, is a decent and entertaining ride, made better by the history with the characters.

This book finds Jack Ryan Jr on a rare white-side mission for the Campus. At the behest of a friend, Gerry Hendley has asked Jack to accompany accountant Paul Brown to Singapore, in order to perform an audit of Dalian Technologies. 

Together Ryan and Brown race to escape both the dangerous storm and a team of trained assassins in order to prevent a global catastrophe, even at the cost of their own lives.

This book offers a refreshing change from the usual Clancy format of the same group of agents taking care of the bad guys despite impossible odds. It brings a heavy dose of artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and quantum cybernetics.

Tom Clancy's The Division: New York Collapse
Author: Ubisoft,Melcher Media,Alex Irvine
Published at: 08/03/2016
ISBN: 1452148279

Tom Clancy's The Division: New York Collapse has got to be the greatest video game tie-in novel of all time. The brilliance of the creators is such that the book is not only an incredible, mysterious, and immersive companion to the game but also the best game supplement and mystery book ever.

The book is written as a survival guide, a what to do in case the unthinkable happens and you are trapped in New York City following a disaster. The book is completed with unique artifacts strategically placed throughout the pages which adds to and explains the story further.

Different from most game-based books this actually goes into another point of view about the pandemic. This game companion puzzle book is fun to read and highly recommended for anyone who has finished to read The Division series!

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