Best Unity books you should read to make cool games

Unity is a flexible and intuitive multi-platform game engine that is becoming the most popular game development engine in the world. Using this cross-platform game engine you can develop 2D and 3D video games. It provides a real-time global illumination to the games and its powerful new features help to improve a game's efficiency.

As it is a complex platform, getting used to it is quite hard. But a good and well-written book can help you to get through this easily. Here in this article, I've made a list of some useful books. These books will help you to learn every aspect of game development with Unity. So pick the books and start making stunning games today!

Learning C# by Developing Games with Unity 2020: An enjoyable and intuitive approach to getting started with C# programming and Unity, 5th Edition
Author: Ferrone, Harrison
Published at: 21/08/2020
ISBN: 1800207808

Get to grips with coding in C# and build simple 3D games with Unity from the ground up with this updated fifth edition of the bestselling guide

Key Features

  • Understand C# programming basics, terminology, and coding best practices
  • Put your knowledge of C# concepts into practice by building a fun and playable game
  • Come away with a clear direction for taking your C# programming and Unity game development skills to the next level
What you will learn
  • Discover easy-to-follow steps and examples for learning C# programming fundamentals
  • Get to grips with creating and implementing scripts in Unity
  • Create basic game mechanics such as player controllers and shooting projectiles using C#
  • Understand the concepts of interfaces and abstract classes
  • Leverage the power of the latest C# features to solve complex programming problems
  • Become familiar with stacks, queues, exceptions, error handling, and other core C# concepts
  • Explore the basics of artificial intelligence (AI) for games and implement them to control enemy behaviour

Hands-On Unity 2020 Game Development: Build, customize, and optimize professional games using Unity 2020 and C#
Author: Borromeo, Nicolas Alejandro
Published at: 29/07/2020
ISBN: 1838642005

Build immersive game experiences using the new Unity 2020 features with this practical guide

Key Features

  • Unleash the capabilities of C# scripting for creating immersive UI, graphics, Game AI agents and much more
  • Explore Unity's latest tools, including Universal Render Pipeline, Shader Graph, and VFX graph, to enhance graphics and animation
  • Get started with building augmented reality experience using Unity's AR Foundation

What you will learn 

  • Who this book is for
  • Write scripts for customizing various aspects of a game, such as physics, gameplay, and UI
  • Program rich shaders and effects using Unity's new Shader Graph and Universal Render Pipeline
  • Implement postprocessing to increase graphics quality with full-screen effects
  • Create rich particle systems for your Unity games from scratch using VFX Graph and Shuriken
  • Add animations to your game using the Animator, Cinemachine, and Timeline
  • Implement game artificial intelligence (AI) to control character behaviour
  • Detect and fix optimization issues using profilers and batching

Unity from Zero to Proficiency (Beginner): A Step-by-step guide to coding your first game
Author: Felicia, Patrick
Published at: 28/03/2019
ISBN: 1091872023

In this book, the second book in the series, you will become comfortable with C# programming and Unity by creating three games: one 3D survival game, a word-guessing game, and an infinite Runner. The book includes:

  • A list of the learning objectives at the start of each chapter.
  • Step-by-step activities.
  • Opportunities to engage in deeper learning and problem-solving skills through challenges at the end of each chapter.
  • Quizzes to test your knowledge.
  • Full project and code solutions (in C#) for each chapter.
  • Cheat-sheets (i.e., shortcuts, best practice, etc.) that you can download.

Unity From Zero to Proficiency (Foundations): A step-by-step guide to creating your first game
Author: Felicia, Patrick
Published at: 04/02/2019
ISBN: 179580663X

What you will learn After completing this book, you will be able to:

  • Feel comfortable with Unity's core features.
  • Apply transformations (e.g., rotate, or scale).
  • Create a 3D Maze with lights, walls, and textures.
  • Create an island with trees, sandy beaches, mountains, and water.
  • Use cameras and vehicles.
  • Create a 2D platform game (with no scripting).
  • Export your games to the web.

Unity Game Development Cookbook: Essentials for Every Game
Author: Buttfield-Addison, Paris
Published at: 16/04/2019
ISBN: 1491999152

Using our cookbook format, we pinpoint the problem, set out the solution, and discuss how to solve your problem in the best and most straightforward way possible. This book is ideal for beginning to intermediate Unity developers.

You’ll find solutions for:

  • 2D and 3D graphics
  • Math, physics, and character control
  • Animation and movement
  • Behaviour and AI
  • Sound and music
  • Input and gameplay
  • Scripting and user interface

Unity in Action: Multiplatform Game Development in C# with Unity 5
Author: Joe Hocking
Published at: 29/06/2015
ISBN: 161729232X

This Unity 5 game development book will help you to avoid unnecessary switching among development tools and put your attention on making great games in the Unity game development platform. It shows you how to write and deploy games in Unity 5 platform following a few easy and effective steps. You'll get the understanding to create graphically driven 2D and 3D game applications. With this guide, you'll master all the skills you required to become a successful game developer in Unity 5. No previous experience in Unity is required to read this book.

What you'll learn:

  • Fundamentals of Unity
  • Programming your own characters that run, jump and interact
  • Building a demo in 3D space
  • Developing graphics for your game
  • Building code architectures to manage the game's state
  • Building a Memory game using Unity's new 2D functionality
  • Creating a third-person 3D game: player movement and animation
  • Putting a 2D GUI in a 3D game
  • Playing audio: sound effects and music
  • Connecting your games to the internet
  • Deploying your game to players' devices

Unity Game Development in 24 Hours, Sams Teach Yourself (2nd Edition)
Author: Ben Tristem,Mike Geig
Published at: 19/12/2015
ISBN: 0672337517

Unity Game Development in 24 Hours is suitable for those who want to learn Unity game development platform to start making their games in a short period of time. Following a unique step-by-step instruction approach, this book will show you how to become a skilled game developer in just 24 hours.  With this book, you can learn everything from the basics through sophisticated game physics, animation, and mobile device deployment techniques.

What you'll learn:

  • Basics of the Unity 5 game engine and editor
  • Working with the Unity’s graphical asset pipeline
  • Using Unity’s terrain and environmental tools to create your own game environment
  • Capturing input to build complex behaviors of models
  • Creating repeatable, reusable game objects with prefabs
  • Building  beautiful and intuitive game user interfaces
  • Using built-in and custom character controllers to control players
  • Building realistic physical and trigger collisions
  • Integrating complex audio into your games
  • Working with Unity’s Mecanim animation system
  • Modifying desktop games for mobile platforms
  • Deploying your games for desktop and mobile platforms

Learning C# by Developing Games with Unity 5.x - Second Edition
Author: Greg Lukosek
Published at: 31/03/2016
ISBN: 1785287591

This book is for the beginners who have no programming experience with C# which is the language used in Unity to develop games. If you are a beginner level Unity developer, then you should read this book. This step-by-step guide will teach you the basics of C# scripting to develop Game Objects and master the tools of the new UI system in Unity. With this guide, you'll be able to build a cool 2D platformer game from scratch using the principles of object-oriented programming and coding in C#.

What you'll learn:

  • Basics of variables, methods, and code syntax in C#
  • Using loops and collections efficiently in Unity to reduce the amount of code
  • Valuable techniques to turn your game idea into working project
  • Developing a game using the object-oriented programming principles
  • Creating a good-looking functional UI system for your game
  • Generating infinite levels for your game
  • Publishing your game for users

Unity 5 from Zero to Proficiency (Foundations): A step-by-step guide to creating your first game
Author: P Patrick Felicia
Published at: 25/02/2016
ISBN: 1518699898

If you're trying to build your own game from scratch and finding it difficult to advance, then you should read this book. This guide will show you how can overcome all the difficulties a beginner faces to start developing his game. By following the techniques and suggestions described in this book, you will progress and become more comfortable with Unity's interface and core features. Completing this guide, you'll be able to create a  game (with no coding involved) that includes both an indoor and an outdoor environment.

What you'll learn:

  • Fundamentals of Unity 5
  • Installing Unity and becoming familiar with the interface
  • Creating your first-scene by combining built-in objects
  • Managing objects
  • Applying textures and colors to your object
  • Transforming objects to create a simple scene
  • Managing lights in your scene to set the atmosphere
  • Creating an indoor scene (i.e., a maze) with built-in shapes
  • Building an island with sandy beaches and palm trees using Unity's built-in tools

Unity 5.x Cookbook
Author: Matt Smith,Chico Queiroz
Published at: 16/10/2015
ISBN: 1784391360

Unity 5.x Cookbook is a fully updated guide for the new Unity 5. This is a suitable guide for everyone from beginner to the advanced game developer. In two parts this guide will teach you everything from basics and advanced concepts and techniques of building 2D and 3D games. Reading this guide you can get the basic understanding of the Unity platform,  multimedia features, and game design principles. To get the best from this book you should have sufficient programming knowledge in C#.

What you'll learn:

  • Building better materials with Unity's new Standard Shader
  • Engaging players with great audio using Unity 5's audio features including Audio Mixer and Reverb Zones
  • Measuring and controlling time, including pausing the game, displaying clocks and countdown timers
  • Working with lights and effects such as reflection and light probes
  • Creating stylish user interfaces with the new UI system, including power-bars and clock displays
  • Controlling 2D and 3D character movement
  • Saving text and media assets from local or remote sources
  • Publishing your game via Unity Cloud
  • Integrating your game with websites and their databases to create online scoreboards
  • Discovering advanced techniques such as the publisher-subscriber and state patterns

Unity 5 from Zero to Proficiency (Beginner): A step-by-step guide to coding your first game with Unity (Volume 2)
Author: P Patrick Felicia
Published at: 24/12/2015
ISBN: 152290770X

This is a beginner guide for those who've just started making games with Unity 5. It'll help you to overcome the primary barriers and motivate you to get started with your game. Following a step-by-step approach, it'll teach you to progressively develop and use your skills. And take you from no knowledge of coding or game development to good levels of proficiency in Unity and coding.

What you'll learn:

  • Introduction to the core principles of JavaScript to help you get started with coding
  • Key programming concepts such as variables, variable types, or functions
  • How to code following best coding practices, debug your code, and avoid common errors
  • Improving your scripting skills to enhance your game and add more interaction
  • Building a scoring system to detect collisions and to load new level
  • Building and updating a user interface for your game (e.g., displaying images and messages onscreen) using scripting
  • How to add a splash screen
  • Building a simple inventory system
  • Applying sound effects
  • Designing a mini-map for your game
  • Using Non-Player Characters (NPCs) with Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Unity 5 from Zero to Proficiency (Advanced): Create Multiplayer Games and Procedural Levels, and Boost Game Performances (Volume 4)
Author: Patrick Felicia
Published at: 14/10/2016
ISBN: 1539527999

If you're trying to build a complex network game that involves many players, then you should read this book. Unity 5 from Zero to Proficiency (Advanced) mainly focuses on the procedural level creation, database access, multi-player networked games, and code and project optimization (i.e., memory and speed). With this helpful guide, you can generate levels procedurally and optimize the performance of your game.

What you'll learn:

  • Creating procedural levels by using arrays, text files, XML files, or images
  • How to read and write data from/to a database through Unity
  • Saving and updating user preferences
  • Building a simple network tank game that can be played by two remote players
  • Advanced techniques to boost the performance of your game
  • Making your code and project easily maintainable

Unity 5 from Zero to Proficiency (Intermediate): A step-by-step guide to coding your first game in C# with Unity (Volume 3)
Author: Patrick Felicia
Published at: 21/04/2016
ISBN: 1533297274

If you know the basics of game development with Unity, then read this book. This is an intermediate level book that helps you to get through the next level of game development. With this book, you can enhance your skill and techniques and build more useful projects. And you will become comfortable with programming in C# by creating a simple survival game in Unity.

What you'll learn:

  • Basics of C#
  • Key programming concepts such as variables, variable types, polymorphism, constructors, or methods
  • Best practices for C# programming within Unity
  • Coding your first script in C#
  • Avoiding common coding mistakes and errors in Unity
  • Using C# to instantiate, use and control Rigidbody objects from your script
  • CreatIng a simple weapon management system
  • Designing a user interface to keep track of ammunition
  • Using Mecanim and NavMesh navigation to control an animated NPC that detects, follows, or shoot at the player
  • Generating a maze (or game level) dynamically from your code

Unity 5.x Shaders and Effects Cookbook
Author: Alan Zucconi,Kenneth Lammers
Published at: 26/02/2016
ISBN: 1785285246

Unity 5.x Shaders and Effects Cookbook answers all of your questions about using shaders and effects in Unity 5. This book offers the techniques of physically based shading in Unity 5 to make your game more realistic. With step-by-step instructions and easy-to-follow examples, it teaches you how to create stunning visual effects that can be used in 3D games and high-quality graphics.

What you'll learn:

  • Understanding physically based rendering in Unity
  • Using post-processing effects to make your game look visually stunning
  • Shader programming with interactive scripts
  • Working with volumetric explosions and fur shading
  • Designing efficient Shaders for mobile platforms without sacrificing their realism
  • Understanding the internal structure of Shadders
  • Understanding the math and algorithms behind the most used lighting models

Unity 5 from Proficiency to Mastery: Artificial Intelligence: Implement challenging AI for FPS and RPG Games (Volume 1)
Author: Patrick Felicia
Published at: 13/07/2017
ISBN: 1548877719

If you want to make your game more challenging and interactive, then you have to take the help of Artificial Intelligence. This book is an ideal solution to this. It explains the way how you can apply AI into your game. It shows you how to include artificial intelligence in your game to make the game fun, and the Non-Player Characters (NPC) more realistic. By following the techniques and suggestions described in this book, you will manage to create some very challenging games with NPCs that are smart, believable, and more challenging to the players.

What you'll learn:

  • Building a simple AI for your 3D games with no coding involved
  • Creating different types of navigation for your NPCs, including set paths, random paths, and wandering aimlessly
  •  Adding senses to the NPC so that they can detect targets and take decisions accordingly
  •  Building NPCs that can take more sensible decisions based on the environment and their own state
  • Creating NPCs that react to the players' moves
  • Creating a group of NPCs that follow the order of the player
  • Creating a team of NPCs led by the computer

Unity 5 Game Optimization
Author: Chris Dickinson
Published at: 13/11/2015
ISBN: 1785884581

About This Book

  • Optimize CPU cycles, memory usage, and GPU throughput for any Unity3D application
  • Master optimization techniques across all Unity Engine features including Scripting, Asset Management, Physics, Graphics Features, and Shaders
  • A practical guide to exploring Unity Engine's many performance-enhancing methods

What You'll Learn:

  • Use the Unity Profiler to find bottlenecks anywhere in our application, and discover how to resolve them
  • Implement best-practices for C# scripting to avoid common pitfalls
  • Develop a solid understanding of the rendering pipeline, and maximize its performance by reducing draw calls and avoiding fill rate bottlenecks
  • Enhance shaders in a way that is accessible to most developers, optimizing them through subtle yet effective performance tweaks
  • Keep our scenes as dynamic as possible by making the most of the Physics engine
  • Organize, filter, and compress our art assets to maximize performance while maintaining high quality
  • Pull back the veil on the Mono Framework and the C# Language to implement low-level enhancements that maximize memory usage and avoid garbage collection
  • Get to know the best practices for project organization to save time through an improved workflow

Getting Started with Unity 5.x 2D Game Development
Author: Francesco Sapio
Published at: 10/02/2017
ISBN: 1784397172

About This Book

  • Build a complete and exciting 2D Tower Defense game from scratch.
  • Understand and learn to perform each phase of the game development pipeline
  • Homework and exercises to improve your skills and take them to the next level

What You'll Learn:

  • Import and set up assets for 2D game development
  • Design and implement dynamic and responsive User Interfaces
  • Create and handle complex animation systems
  • Unlock all the potentiality of the physics engine
  • Implement Artificial Intelligence algorithms to give intelligence to your NPCs
  • Script gameplay and overall bring your ideas to life

Mastering Unity 2D Game Development - Second Edition
Author: Ashley Godbold,Simon Jackson
Published at: 21/10/2016
ISBN: 1786463458

About This Book

  • Explore the new features of Unity 5 and recognize obsolete code and elements.
  • Develop and build a complete 2D retro RPG with a conversation system, inventory, random map battles, full game menus, and sound.
  • This book demonstrates how to use the new Unity UI system effectively through detailed C# scripts with full explanations.

What You Will Learn:

  • Create a 2D game in Unity 5 by developing a complete retro 2D RPG framework.
  • Effectively manipulate and utilize 2D sprites.
  • Create 2D sprite animations and trigger them effectively with code.
  • Write beginning to advanced-level C# code using MonoDevelop.
  • Implement the new UI system effectively and beautifully.
  • Use state machines to trigger events within your game.

Unity AI Game Programming - Second Edition
Author: Ray Barrera,Aung Sithu Kyaw,Clifford Peters,Thet Naing Swe
Published at: 02/11/2015
ISBN: 178528827X

About This Book

  • Compose richer games by learning the essential concepts in artificial intelligence with exciting examples
  • Explore the brand new Unity 5 features that make implementing artificial intelligence in your game easier than ever
  • Using this practical guide become a competent Unity 3D developer by learning AI techniques, methods and the applicability of AI

What You Will Learn:

  • Understand the basic terminology and concepts in game AI
  • Implement a basic finite state machine using state machine behaviors in Unity 5
  • Create sensory systems for your AI with the most commonly used techniques
  • Implement an industry-standard path-finding system and a navigation mesh with the Unity 5 NavMesh feature
  • Build believable and highly-efficient artificial flocks and crowds
  • Create a basic behavior tree to drive a character's actions
  • Make your characters more engaging by implementing fuzzy logic concepts in your AI's decision-making
  • Tie all the concepts together with examples and guides

Unity 5.x Game AI Programming Cookbook
Author: Jorge Palacios
Published at: 31/03/2016
ISBN: 178355357X

About This Book

  • Empower your agent with decision-making capabilities using advanced minimaxing and Negamaxing techniques
  • Discover how AI can be applied to a wide range of games to make them more interactive.
  • Instigate vision and hearing abilities in your agent through collider based and graph-based systems

What you will learn:

  • Use techniques such as A*and A*mbush to empower your agents with path-finding capabilities.
  • Create a representation of the world and make agents navigate it
  • Construct decision-making systems to make the agents take different actions
  • Make different agents coordinate actions and create the illusion of technical behavior
  • Simulate senses and apply them in an awareness system
  • Design and implement AI in board games such as Tic-Tac-Toe and Checkers
  • Implement efficient prediction mechanism in your agents with algorithms such as N-Gram predictor and naive Bayes classifier
  • Understand and analyze how the influence maps work.

Unity UI Cookbook
Author: Francesco Sapio
Published at: 29/12/2015
ISBN: 1785885820

Key Features

  • Design and develop interactive and professional user interfaces (UIs) for games in Unity
  • Discover how to implement and deal with various in-game UI elements that will impress your players
  • This practical recipe guide will help you to efficiently create powerful and remarkable UIs using C# code

What you will learn

  • Implement different kinds of counters and healthbars
  • Deal with timers and find out how to format them
  • Animate and vivify UI elements
  • Handle runtime customizations
  • Add complex Head-up displays (HUDs)
  • Design and implement 3D UIs
  • Integrate minimaps in the UI

Unity 5.x 2D Game Development Blueprints
Author: Francesco Sapio,Abdelrahman Saher
Published at: 06/10/2016
ISBN: 178439310X

About This Book

  • Explore the 2D architecture of Unity 5, and the tools and techniques for developing 2D games
  • Discover how to use Unity’s 2D tools, including Sprites, physics, and maps, to create different genres of games
  • Practical tutorial on the intermediate and advanced development concepts in Unity 5 to create three interesting and fully functional games

What You Will Learn:

  • Explore and understand the vital role of sprites in 2D games
  • Move, animate, and integrate sprites into a 2D platform game
  • Set up User Interfaces (UIs) to keep track of the progress through the games
  • Apply 2D Physics to improve gameplay believability
  • Learn the foundation of Level Design and how to quickly create 2D Maps
  • Discover NPC design, event triggers, and AI programming
  • Create an epic strategy game, challenging all the skills acquired in the book

How to Cheat in Unity 5: Tips and Tricks for Game Development
Author: Alan Thorn
Published at: 23/07/2015
ISBN: 1138802948

How to Cheat in Unity 5 takes a no-nonsense approach to help you achieve fast and effective results with Unity 5. Geared towards the intermediate user, HTC in Unity 5 provides content beyond what an introductory book offers, and allows you to work more quickly and powerfully in Unity. Packed full with easy-to-follow methods to get the most from Unity, this book explores time-saving features for interface customization and scene management, along with productivity-enhancing ways to work with rendering and optimization. In addition, this book features a companion website at, where you can download the book’s companion files and also watch bonus tutorial video content.

What You Will learn:

  • Learn bite-sized tips and tricks for effective Unity workflows
  • Become a more powerful Unity user through interface customization
  • Enhance your productivity with rendering tricks, better scene organization and more
  • Better understand Unity asset and import workflows
  • Learn techniques to save you time and money during development

Unity 5.x Game Development Blueprints
Author: John P. Doran
Published at: 25/05/2016
ISBN: 1785883119

About This Book

  • Unleash the power of C# coding in Unity and the state of the art Unity rendering engine.
  • Through this unique project-based approach, you will create 7-8 action-packed games from scratch.
  • This assortment of games will take you on a fun-filled journey of becoming a full-fledged Unity game developer.

What you will learn:

  • Find out how to create exciting and interactive games using GUIs
  • Prepare animations to be imported and exported
  • Personalize your animation game with Unity's advanced animation system
  • Work with different animation assets and components
  • Customize the game by modifying the player properties and creating exterior environments
  • Create, visualize, and edit animated creatures
  • Familiarize yourself with best practices for Unity 5.x animation using iTween
  • Design character actions and expressions
  • Customize your game and prepare it for playin

Unity 5 for Android Essentials
Author: Valera Cogut
Published at: 05/08/2015
ISBN: 1784399191

About This Book

  • Design beautiful effects, animations, physical behaviors, and other different real-world features for your Android games and applications
  • Optimize your project and any other real-world projects for Android devices
  • Follows a tutorial-based approach to learning the best practices for accessing Android functionality, rendering high-end graphics, and expanding your project using Asset Bundles

What You Will Learn:

  • Discover tips and tricks to optimize Unity scripts
  • Create Java and native C plugins for the Android platform
  • Access Android features and sensors inside the Unity 5 engine
  • Render high quality graphics and optimize Cg shaders
  • Play Legacy and Mecanim animations in Unity 5
  • Download new assets and code behavior while your game is running on an Android device in order to expand your game in real time
  • Debug your games and applications on Android devices using the Unity Profiler tool

Mastering Unity 5.x
Author: Alan Thorn
Published at: 27/01/2017
ISBN: 1785880748

Mastering Unity 5.x is for developers wishing to optimize the features of Unity 5.x. With an in-depth focus on a practical project, learn all about Unity architecture and impressive animation techniques. With this book, produce fun games with confidence.

What you'll learn:

  • Preparation and asset-configuring
  • Level design and structure
  • Player Controls - movement, typing and health
  • Enemies and Artificial Intelligence
  • Project Management and Version Control
  • Getting started with VR development
  • Using navigation meshes, occlusion culling, and the profiler tools
  • Working confidently with GameObjects, Rotations, and transformations
  • Persistent Data - Load and Save game states
  • Performance, optimization, mobiles, and more

Rapid Game Development with Unity 5
Author: Alan Thoran,Dr. Edward Lavieri
Published at: 24/02/2017

About This Book

  • Explore all the new features of Unity 5
  • Learn how to build and design games
  • Unlock both the theoretical and practical underpinning game development
  • Explore useful tips and tricks for accelerating your Unity workflow

What You Will Learn

  • Exploring the Unity interface
  • Learn how to create interactive 3D worlds
  • Work with meshes, animations, materials, textures, and more
  • Learn to make functional games with C# scripting
  • Dive into the process of working with terrains and world-creation tools
  • Import custom content into Unity from third-party tools, such as Maya and Blender
  • Get to grips with making both 2D and 3D games

Unity 5.x Game Development Essentials - Third Edition
Author: Tommaso Lintrami
Published at: 11/12/2017
ISBN: 1786469391

About This Book

  • Kick-start your game development and build ready-to-play 2D and 3D games with ease
  • Understand the key concepts in game design including scripting, physics, instantiation, particle effects, and more
  • Learn game development in Unity 5.x and above as well as scripting in C#
  • Build games that run on desktop, mobile, and the web

What you will learn

  • Script games using C#
  • Build your very first 2D and 3D games
  • Work through the key concepts in game development such as physics, particle effects, and scripting
  • Test and optimize your games to attain perfection
  • Create menus, HUDs and collectables
  • Create player character interactions

Game Audio Development with Unity 5.X
Author: Micheal Lanham
Published at: 30/06/2017
ISBN: 1787286452

Game Audio is one of the key components in making a game successful and it is quite popular in the gaming industry. So if you are a game developer with an eye on capturing the gamer market then this book is the right solution for you.

In this book, we will take you through a step by step journey which will teach you to implement original and engaging soundtracks and SFX with Unity 5.x. You will be firstly introduced to the basics of game audio and sound development in Unity. After going through the core topics of audio development: audio sources, spatial sound, mixing, effects, and more; you will then have the option of delving deeper into more advanced topics like dynamic and adaptive audio. 

What You Will Learn:

  • Explore the basics of audio development in Unity to create spatial sound, mixing, effects, composition, adaptive audio and more.
  • Leverage the Audio Mixer of Unity 5.x to create blockbuster sound and music for your game.
  • Learn about developing professional audio for games with FMOD Studio and composing original music with Reaper.
  • Build amazing audio synchronized graphic visualizations with Unity.
  • Understand how real-time character lip syncing can be implemented.

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  • Unity From Zero to Proficiency (Foundations): A step-by-step guide to creating your first game with Unity. [Second Edition, November 2017]
  • Getting Started with Unity 5.x 2D Game Development: Build a tower defense game and earn delectable C# treats by baking cupcakes and fighting fearsome
  • Unity in Action: Multiplatform game development in C#
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  • Creating eLearning Games with Unity
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