Best WebRTC Books in 2020 | Build and Integrate Real Time Communication Features

best web rtc books in 2020

WebRTC stands for Web Real-Time Communication which enables real-time communication features across the browsers. It does not require any third-party plugins or APIs to stream real-time data and files. With WebRTC, you can build in-browser applications and web services that can have extended multimedia features such as audio/video calls, VoIP, screencasting, peer-to-peer file transferring, and more.

WebRTC comes with a huge number of features to work with. If you are a web developer or telecom architect, you can use WebRTC integrations features to extend the real-time communication facilities of your applications.

To understand and use the WebRTC framework effectively, you need good resources. But unfortunately, there are not so many good resources to learn the WebRTC technology. 

In this article, we have enlisted some of the best WebRTC books in 2020 which will definitely help you understand and apply the core and advanced features of WebRTC. So, get down to the list and check which ones are perfect for you!

Getting Started with WebRTC
Author: Manson, Rob
Published at: 25/09/2013
ISBN: 1782166300

If you are a newbie to this whole WebRTC thing, this is an ideal start for you. Having basic HTML and JavaScript knowledge you can grab the whole concept of WebRTC. The book offers a step by step approach to work with things like adding real-time, peer to peer communication to your web application. All the tutorials follow totally practical and structured instructions. So, you need not expend much time to acquire the technology.

What You'll Learn From This Book

  • Setting up video calls with a low bandwidth audio-only option
  • Extending your web application with real-time text-based chat facilities
  • Enabling real-time drag and drop file sharing feature
  • Developing a Web Socket Signalling server
  • Detecting browsers with WebRTC support
  • Sharing real-time data using RTCDataChannels
  • Understanding post-processing analysis options for image and audio data

Real-Time Communication with WebRtc: Peer-To-Peer In The Browser
Author: Loreto, Salvatore
Published at: 13/05/2014
ISBN: 1449371876

This is a serious book for professionals from both the web development and the telecom field. Web developers looking to understand real-time communication and telecom architects having no knowledge of HTML and JavaScript looking to extend the communication facilities- both can gain the essential knowledge and skill with this book. The book offers a ten-step recipe to create a complete WebRTC functionality which is a perfect learn-by-example approach to get you up and running with WebRTC. Whether you are a web developer or telecom architect, this should be the go-to book for you to learn WebRTC.

What You'll Learn From This Book

  • Understanding the WebRTC development cycle and trapezoid architectural model
  • Understanding the reason behind the shifting of VoIP from standalone functionality to a browser component
  • Building browser interactive client-side web apps using WebRTC API
  • Using RTCPeerConnection API to transfer streaming data between browser peers
  • Setting up a WebRTC session to create a signaling channel between browser peers
  • Creating a complete WebRTC system from the ground
  • Understanding advanced WebRTC features including conferencing and authorization

WebRTC: APIs and RTCWEB Protocols of the HTML5 Real-Time Web, Third Edition
Author: Johnston, Alan B
Published at: 11/03/2014
ISBN: 0985978864

This is more like a reference book for building WebRTC applications. It contains most of the up to date technology standards of WebRTC in W3C and IETF. Along with these, it offers a step by step introduction to WebRTC concepts including local media, signaling, and the Peer Connection with WebRTC protocols. Showing you the process to use Wireshark to monitor WebRTC protocols remotely, it'll make you understand every part of WebRTC technology.

What You'll Learn From This Book

  • Setting up WebRTC sessions
  • Working with WebRTC Networking and Interworking
  • Handling media in the local environment and streaming it through the browser
  • Using different signaling channels
  • Merging WebRTC and Network Address Translation (NAT)
  • Working with STUN and TURN servers
  • Using the data channel functionality

WebRTC Blueprints
Author: Sergiienko, Andrii
Published at: 15/05/2014
ISBN: 1783983108

WebRTC Blueprints is the ultimate guide for professionals who want to build complex  WebRTC applications or integrate them with web applications. Following a practical approach, this comprehensive guide will take you to understand all the important aspects of WebRTC. All the concepts are explained with thorough code examples so that you can instantly apply them to your own projects.

What You'll Learn From This Book

  • Building video conference web services
  • Working with ICE and STUN to pass through NAT and Firewalls
  • How to exchange data securely using direct peer-to-peer data channels
  • Creating signaling servers with cross-platform access
  • Enabling real-time file sharing features
  • Working with TURN/STUN server
  • Implementing HTTPS protocol to provide secure data transfer

Learning WebRTC
Author: Ristic, Dan
Published at: 30/06/2015
ISBN: 1783983663

This is another great book for getting started with WebRTC. This book aims for all kind of web developers. Whether you are an experienced web developer or a newbie, you will get the complete foundation of WebRTC technology. With clear examples and code, this book will take you to learn everything you need to work with WebRTC.

What You'll Learn From This Book

  •   A complete overview of the WebRTC platform
  • Creating applications that integrate web camera and microphone
  • Creating a signaling server for your applications
  • Extending your applications to be accessed by multiple users
  • Real-time sharing of data and files using peer-to-peer connections 
  • Enabling security features for communication
  • Managing your applications using full mesh networks, partial mesh networks, and multipoint control units

WebRTC Integrator's Guide
Author: Altanai
Published at: 31/10/2014
ISBN: 1783981261

WebRTC Integrator's Guide focuses on integrating web applications with the WebRTC framework. If you are a web developer with a working knowledge of both programming and scripting and telecom infrastructure, you can take more benefit from this book. It covers all the essential aspects of the WebRTC platform and how you can apply them in your own projects. With clear and concise explanations, this guide will teach you how to overcome the challenges of working with WebRTC.

What You'll Learn From This Book

  • Understanding the purpose of Media APIs in the WebRTC media stack
  • Building a WebRTC SIP-based communicator
  • Integrating various WebRTC  services including voicemail, conference calls, and file transfers
  • Working with the WebSocket signaling server to run WebRTC calls over a WebSocket protocol
  • Merging old networks with WebRTC applications
  • Creating dynamic web projects that support WebRTC calls
  • Understanding advanced control mechanisms such as screening and routing

WebRTC Cookbook
Author: Sergiienko, Andrii
Published at: 25/02/2015
ISBN: 1783284455

Though is the last entry for our list but not the least. This is a great book for those who love a cookbook-style learning approach. With task-based recipes, this book will dive you through the basic and advanced features of the WebRTC framework. After completing the book, you will not understand the core features of WebRTC as well as how to apply them effectively in your applications.

What You'll Learn From This Book

  • Understanding the core concepts of WebRTC
  • Building a signaling server with Java or Erlang
  • Securing your WebRTC applications using STUN/TURN server
  • Integrating your applications with VoIP platforms such as Asterisk and FreeSWITCH
  • Understanding advanced debugging and troubleshooting techniques
  • Developing native mobile applications using WebRTC and web services
  • Processing videos with HTML5 filters

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