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best drone books

A drone is a flying robot which can be controlled remotely and fly autonomously. Mainly, it works on onboard sensors and GPS. For controlling it, different radio or audio frequency is used.

By wall street journal, the modern drone was first used by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Agency monitor the U.S and Mexico border in 2006. But now it is widely used for several purposes of our life, Such as rescue, surveillance, traffic monitoring, weather monitoring, and firefighting.

Also, it is used in personal and business drone-based photography as well as videography, agriculture and even delivery services. If you want to know more about it construction and build up your own drone using perfect step by step instructions, below are given the best drone books for them.

DIY Drones for the Evil Genius: Design, Build, and Customize Your Own Drones
Author: Ian Cinnamon,Romi Kadri,Fitz Tepper
Published at: 25/11/2016
ISBN: 1259861465

This complete guide shows you how to construct the most powerful drone from very inexpensive parts. All the guideline are given very specifically and with step by step explanations. It offers you how to add personalized features and make yourself a full-fledged pilot.

It covers not only the safety and mechanics but also shows you a perfect drone design and complete assembly. The introduction of aeroscope engineering is added to this book. You can also learn how to add video transmitter and GPS facilities into your drone. It will make yourself more efficient for implementation of your idea

The best thing you'll learn:

  • Detailed on aircraft parts
  • Control mechanics
  • Safety practices
  • Perfect parts for the high-performance drone
  • Assembling of drone
  • Program of aircraft
  • Calibration of motors
  • Detailed on self-balancing camera
  • Effects of artificial intelligence in the drone industry
  • GoPro mounting

The Complete Guide to Drones: Whatever your budget - Build + Choose + Fly + Photograph
Author: Adam Juniper
Published at: 01/05/2016
ISBN: 1577151321

This drone book can make your pathway to the amazing world of the drone. It shows you how to start up with drone science You can easily know about instrument buying and flying your first drone with complete step by step explanation.

Also, it describes you how to add up advanced features like video and image feedback, programmable autopilot system. Not only this, it gives you the basic knowledge about the sectional chart of a pilot map

Key points of this book:

  • Basic drone structure
  • Drone body calculation
  • the principal of flying drone
  • Basic drone design
  • Instruments explanations
  • Adding up advanced features
  • Pilot map-see
  • Programmable configurations
  • Artificial intelligence for drone
  • Control system

Build Your Own Drone Manual: The practical guide to safely building, operating and maintaining an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) (Haynes Owners' Workshop Manual)
Author: Alex Elliott
Published at: 15/01/2016
ISBN: 0857338137

If you want to learn more details about all of the necessary hardware and software. It shows you how to build drone photography.

You can easily learn about mini-drone and fixed the wing structure of the drone. Also, you can make yourself an expert on how to use different spaces of multiple options for drone use. This book is for anyone who wants to learn about the anatomy of drones.

Not only this, How to implement different options for drone use and build your own drone. It contains mostly asked questions about drone and step by step explanation of every answer.

Remarkable topics you'll learn-

  • Essential hardware implementations
  • Necessary software for controlling
  • Structure of wing
  • Mini drone setup
  • The basic thing about the drone body
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Practical explanations

Guide to Drone Operations: Complete How-To Book Full of Policy & Procedure Examples to Help Build a Drone Company Part 1: General Operations, Flight ... Programs (Putting Drones To Work Series)
Author: Russ Flahive,Todd Kishpaugh
Published at: 01/03/2018
ISBN: 1980305978

This professional guide gives you the most useful information to assist drone pilots. All the contains will helpful for any commercial or professional drone business.

It shows effective professional models for conducting any UAS operations at the level of commercial flight operations. The author writes down about UAS policies in this manual which can help for planning about future drone set up.

Someone who wants to become a commercial UAS operator, this guide will be an excellent reference.

Most useful contents you'll learn-

  • Policies and procedures
  • Commercial drone operation
  • How to build up a drone company
  • Essential information
  • Necessary explanations about drone
  • Terms and conditions about the drone business.

Build a Drone: A Step-by-Step Guide to Designing, Constructing, and Flying Your Very Own Drone
Author: Barry Davies
Published at: 22/11/2016
ISBN: 1510707050

A few years ago, people didn’t know about the drone in details, but now it is getting popularity day by day. This drone book covers all the valuable topics about a drone with perfect explanations.

It shows you the very past history of a drone in us military and uses of it in military missions. Also, it explains the author's experiment on his first drone where one experiment was held at MIT. Not only this, you can learn about the construction of drones with full-color step by step explanations.

It helps you to build up your own drone perfectly. How to handle the drone and maintain it in a safe way is also added in this book

Key features you’ll learn:

  • History of drone
  • First drone experiment
  • Uses of drone for security reason
  • Ins and outs about drone constructions
  • Direction for own drone experiment
  • Maintainance of constructed drone
  • Control system for the personal drone

Building Smart Drones with ESP8266 and Arduino: Build exciting drones by leveraging the capabilities of Arduino and ESP8266
Author: Syed Omar Faruk Towaha
Published at: 27/02/2018
ISBN: 1788477510

This book provides you to build up an industrial level drone with Arduino and ESP8266. It supplies you the techniques for adding up the tiny wifi module to enhance the control system over mobile phone and facilities of a drone.

It will teach you how to solve practical problems when construct drones using wifi control system. You will also learn how to build up quadcopter and mission-critical drone. How to make a prototype drone that will complete its own mission using AI. Also, it contains various attractive projects on gliding and racing drone.

You will also learn how to maintain and troubleshoot your drone

Key features:

  • Create a fully functional drone
  • Enhance your drone functionalities
  • Project-based guide

What you will learn:

  • Drone interfacing with external hardware
  • Electrical engineering and programming concepts,
  • Communicating with a computer and other devices
  • Internet connectivity system
  • Adding up several sensors
  • Build a mission-control drone and learn how to use it effectively
  • Maintainance and troubleshoot

Table of content

  • Assembling drone
  • Preparing drone for flying
  • Mission control drone
  • preparing Racing drone

Drone University
Author: John M. Glover
Published at: 18/10/2014
ISBN: 0692316035

Drone University helps you to build your own drone and add up short-range FPV autonomous system with your drone. It describes how to build the ground station to control your drone.

All of the things you have to learn about drone are organized in this book with step by step explanations. This book is recommended for those who have an interest in drone and its controlling system.

You'll learn-

  • Basic about drone
  • Detailed on components
  • Airframe system
  • Radio control
  • Auto-pilot system
  • Ground control system

How to build a quadcopter drone: A complete guide to building a radio controlled quadcopter
Author: Duncan Still
Published at: 08/09/2015

This amazing book gives you a complete overview of how to build a fully working quadcopter which can provide you hours of enjoyment flying it. Also, you can add up a radio-controlled system with your quad-copter. 

There are complete instructions for two different sized quadcopters, the first is a 25cm wide version which can be used for racing and the other is 45cm wide and ideal as a camera platform.

This book includes-

  • Detailed on quadcopter
  • Essential tools for a quadcopter
  • How to build up a radio control system
  • Multicopter fight principles
  • Detailed on all basic components
  • Information on drone development

Make: Drones: Teach an Arduino to Fly
Author: David McGriffy
Published at: 27/10/2016
ISBN: 1680451715

This book goes in-depth about the major considerations one needs to know to build a drone from the basic. It has detailed on the software in terms of how to program your drone.

Github libraries and some personal programming section help the reader for achieving a good understanding of how to go about programming a drone. Different types of drones projects are used as examples in three major classes of drones.

What you'll learn-

  • How drone works
  • How to build up own drone
  • Drone control
  • Relation of Arduino with drone
  • Basic programming
  • How to make up desktop CNC
  • Detailed on an open-source drone platform

Drone Operator's Logbook
Author: Jonathan Rupprecht
Published at: 02/12/2015
ISBN: 1519653603

A complete logbook on a drone. It gives you a description of professional drone driving. In terms of insurance, this book will ask you to fill out a form that is going to ask for all sorts of information. Also, it includes a general area description in addition to any city and state. All of this information can be added manually of course in the space, but a separate column in case of emergency.

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