Best Cloud Computing Books in 2023 You Can Read.

Cloud computing is the new technology that has been sweeping the world. If you're an IT professional or student regarding this concept, you have to interact with the cloud at some point. So if you're looking to enhance your cloud knowledge, become an expert or simply learn about this emerging technology, you'll find this article handy. Here I listed some of the best books on cloud computing in 2023 that may help you. Take a closer look and gear up your learning with these helpful guides! 

IBM Cloud Computing A Complete Guide - 2021 Edition
Author: The Art of Service - IBM Cloud Computing Publishing
Published at: 29/10/2020
ISBN: 1867423901

Own your IBM Cloud Computing Risk with your IBM Cloud Computing resource. Be your own consultant: Your IBM Cloud Computing risk becomes your reward with this book and its accompanying digital resources. Cultivate an in-house knowledge base with the self-assessment that cuts out expensive consultants and gives you a competitive edge.

RISK MANAGEMENT: Assess IBM Cloud Computing risks and threats from a wide range of sources.

QUALITY MANAGEMENT: Ensure consistent IBM Cloud Computing quality.

PROJECT MANAGEMENT: Plan and execute IBM Cloud Computing projects.

PEOPLE MANAGEMENT: Lead your team confidently with continuous direction and support.

NEW TECHNOLOGY: Increase IBM Cloud Computing awareness and knowledge in your field.

BUSINESS PROCESSES: Create specific structured tasks for personnel and equipment.

The Art of Service was created to provide internal support for organizations without external resources. Our tools and services help C-level executives overcome knowledge gaps to ask the right questions and get the insights they need without relying on consultants.

Azure Storage, Streaming, and Batch Analytics: A guide for data engineers
Author: Nuckolls, Richard L.
Published at: 03/11/2020
ISBN: 1617296309

The Microsoft Azure cloud is an ideal platform for data-intensive applications. Designed for productivity, Azure provides pre-built services that make a collection, storage, and analysis much easier to implement and manage. Azure Storage, Streaming, and Batch Analytics teach you how to design a reliable, performant, and cost-effective data infrastructure in Azure by progressively building a complete working analytics system.

What's inside

  • Configuring Azure services for speed and cost
  • Constructing data pipelines with Data Factory
  • Choosing the right data storage methods

Cloud Computing Solutions Architect: A Hands-On Approach: A Competency-based Textbook for Universities and a Guide for AWS Cloud Certification and Beyond
Author: Bahga, Arshdeep
Published at: 04/07/2019
ISBN: 0996025596

The book is organized into twenty chapters that provide in-depth coverage of concepts, technologies, and architectures related to cloud computing environments and cloud applications. Real-world examples of cloud-based services and their characteristics are described. Reference architectures for different classes of cloud applications, including e-Commerce, Banking, Business-to-Business, Retail, and Social Networking in the context of commonly used design methodologies are examined in detail. The reader is also introduced to specialized aspects of cloud computing, including serverless computing, cloud security, and big data analytics. Case studies on the applications of the cloud in industry, healthcare, transportation systems, smart grids and education are provided.

Through generous use of hundreds of figures and tested code samples, we have attempted to provide a rigorous "no hype" guide to cloud computing. It is expected that diligent readers of this book can use these exercises to develop their own applications on cloud platforms, such as those from Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, and Microsoft's Windows Azure. 

Explain the Cloud Like I'm 10
Author: Hoff, Todd
Published at: 03/10/2017
ISBN: 0979707110

You'll learn something new no matter if you're a beginner, someone who knows a little and wants to know more, or someone thinking about a career change. In Explain Cloud Like I'm 10, you'll discover:

  • How the cloud got its name. A more interesting story than you might think.
  • An intuitive picture-based definition of the cloud.
  • What it means when someone says service is in the cloud.
  • If stormy weather affects cloud computing.
  • How the internet really works. Most people don't know. You will.
  • The real genius of cloud computing.
  • How cloud computing changed how software is made forever.
  • Why Kindle is the perfect example of a cloud service.
  • The radically different approaches Apple and Google take to the cloud.
  • How Google Maps and Facebook Messenger excel as cloud applications.
  • Cloud providers are engaging in a winner-take-all war to addict you to their ecosystems.
  • Key ideas like VM, serverless, container, IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, virtualization, caching, ISP, OpEx, CapEx, network, AMI, EC2, S3, CDN, elastic computing, datacenter, and cloud-native.

Cloud Computing: From Beginning to End
Author: Mr. Ray J Rafaels
Published at: 01/04/2015
ISBN: 1511404582

If you're thinking of migrating to the cloud, this is the complete guide to teach you cloud computing. Cloud Computing: From Beginning to End will teach you not only the technical details of how public and private cloud technology works but also the strategy, technical design, and in-depth implementation details required to migrate your applications to the cloud. With this book, you will get a better understanding of cloud technology and the steps required to quickly reap its benefits. At the same time, you can lower your IT implementation risk. This is a must-read book for IT management, senior IT engineers, CIOs, program managers in the government, DoD, and commercial sectors.

What you'll learn:

  • Fundamentals of cloud computing
  • Using different cloud methods including, public, community, private and hybrid cloud
  • Working with Software Design Storage(SDS)
  • Working principles of load balances
  • Auto scaling of elastic load balancing
  • Maintaining cloud security
  • Cloud migration methodology
  • Choosing a contractor to help migrate to the cloud

Cloudonomics, + Website: The Business Value of Cloud Computing
Author: Joe Weinman
Published at: 04/09/2012
ISBN: 1118229967

This is an essential guide for those who are dealing with the cloud. Whether you're a customer, a provider, a strategist, or an investor, Cloudonomics will help you assessing and using the customer value and revenue potential of the Cloud. It covers all the steps you need to follow for the delivery of business solutions, opportunities, and customer satisfaction through the Cloud. With clear explanation and real world examples, you'll understand the underlying principles of cloud computing and put it to work for your business.

What you'll learn:

  • An overview of cloud computing
  • Using the Laws of Cloudonomics to define strategy and guide implementation
  • Understanding competitive advantage and customer value of the cloud
  • Common infrastructure of the cloud
  • Opportunity cost and cost avoidance
  • Keeping the balance of capacity and demand
  • Maintaining customer and user experience
  • Managing revenue growth
  • The probable evolution of cloud businesses and ecosystems in the future

Cloud Computing Design Patterns (The Prentice Hall Service Technology Series from Thomas Erl)
Author: Thomas Erl,Robert Cope,Amin Naserpour
Published at: 14/06/2015
ISBN: 0133858561

This is a must-read book for every cloud technology architect, solution designer, developer, administrator, and manager. Cloud Computing Design Patterns has brought together all the necessary design patterns for modern cloud-based architecture and solution design. With more than a hundred patterns, this book will provide you proven solutions to common cloud challenges.

What you'll learn:

  • Understanding design patterns
  • Patterns for sharing, scaling and elasticity
  • Ensuring reliability, resiliency, and recovery
  • Data management and storage devices patterns
  • Constructing virtual server and hypervisor connectivity
  • Efficiently provisioning resources,
  • Monitoring run time operation
  • Effectively handling day-to-day administration
  • Maintaining security controls for cloud service architectures and cloud storage
  • Protecting cloud services against denial-of-service attacks and traffic hijacking
  • Establishing cloud authentication gateways
  • Providing trust attestation services to customers
  • Monitoring cloud security
  • Solving complex cloud design problems with compound super-patterns

Cloud Computing: Concepts, Technology & Architecture (The Prentice Hall Service Technology Series from Thomas Erl)
Author: Thomas Erl,Ricardo Puttini,Zaigham Mahmood
Published at: 20/05/2013
ISBN: 0133387526

Cloud Computing: Concepts, Technology & Architecture provides you the complete understanding of the common inner mechanics, architectural layers, and models of cloud computing. Along with this, you'll also get an insight of the business and economic factors that result from the adoption and real-world use of cloud-based services. With a focus on structure, clarity, and well-defined building blocks for mainstream cloud computing platforms, the book offers concrete, academic coverage of cloud computing.  Not only that, it also establishes business-centric models and metrics that allow for the financial assessment of cloud-based IT resources and their comparison to those hosted on traditional IT enterprise premises.

What you'll learn:

  • Fundamental concepts and models of cloud computing
  • Mechanisms for cloud architecture, management, and security
  • Constructing different cloud computing architecture
  • Cloud delivery model considerations
  • Establishing cost metrics and pricing models
  • Monitoring service quality and SLAs

Grounding The Cloud: Basics and Brokerages
Author: MS, Todd D. Lyle
Published at: 25/09/2014
ISBN: 0615972187

This is an easy to understand guide that will help you to understand the power of the cloud and advance your business goals using clearly defined concepts of cloud computing. Reading this book, you'll understand how organizations of all sizes, from small private accounting firms to massive governmental agencies greatly increase productivity by embracing the cloud's ecosystem of shared services. And how you could use this current IT revolution to boost your business.

What you'll learn:

  • Basic cloud hierarchy and definitions
  • Exploring the three types of cloud models including, public, private, and hybrid
  • Discovering cloud services brokerages (CSB) 
  • Selecting the perfect cloud service brokerage for your business
  • Building a gateway cloud

Architecting the Cloud: Design Decisions for Cloud Computing Service Models (SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS)
Author: Michael J. Kavis
Published at: 28/01/2014
ISBN: 1118617614

This is an expert guide that will help you select the right cloud service model for your business based on a combination of both business and technology requirements. Architecting the Cloud is a comprehensive guide that covers almost everything you need to be aware of in selecting the right cloud service model for you.

What you'll learn:

  • Evolution of cloud computing
  • Successful case studies of different corporations including, startup, established a company, government, and nonprofit organization
  • Different cloud service models
  • Avoiding failure while moving to the cloud
  • Migrating applications to the cloud
  • Major design considerations in areas such as security, data privacy, logging, data storage, SLA monitoring, and more
  • Choosing the right cloud service model for your business
  • Assessing the organizational impact of the cloud model

Cloud Computing Protected: Security Assessment Handbook
Author: John Rhoton
Published at: 21/01/2013
ISBN: 0956355625

You must have been known that the advent of cloud computing has the opportunity to influence security risks, safeguards, and processes of your business. Cloud Computing Protected explains the most important security challenges that organizations face as they seek to adopt public cloud services and implement their own cloud-based infrastructure. 

What you'll learn:

  • Initial analyses of the cloud including cloud trends, risk model, risk treatment, and security assessment
  • Setting up the environment including physical infrastructure and virtual overlays
  • Analyzing the consumer behavior
  • Building commercial ecosystem
  • Understanding operational processes
  • Detecting the threats such as malware and attacks and how to fix them
  • Managing regulations including compliance, contracts and licensing
  • Monitoring user access by using user authentication and identity federation
  • Keeping confidentiality through empowering data-governance, compartmentalization, and encryption

Building the Infrastructure for Cloud Security: A Solutions View (Expert's Voice in Internet Security)
Author: Raghuram Yeluri,Enrique Castro-Leon
Published at: 31/03/2014
ISBN: 1430261455

Security is an everyday concern for both cloud users and providers, but there are very few books that cover cloud security as the main concern. This unique book addresses this information gap from an information technology solution and usage-centric view of cloud infrastructure security. With this book, you'll understand the fundamentals technology of components which is necessary to build and enable trusted clouds. You'll also get a clear explanation of the security and compliance challenges you may face as you migrate critical applications to the cloud.

What you'll learn:

  • Cloud computing basics
  • Addressing security and compliance
  • Use cases and solution reference architectures to enable infrastructure integrity
  • Boundary control in the cloud using geo-tagging and asset-tagging
  • Maintaining network security in the cloud
  • Identity management and controls for the cloud
  • Ensuring the integrity of virtual machines in the cloud
  • A reference design to secure cloud bursting

Amazon Web Services in Action
Author: Andreas Wittig,Michael Wittig
Published at: 17/10/2015
ISBN: 1617292885

If you're looking for the book that makes you understand the computing, storing, and networking concepts of the Amazon Web Services cloud, read this book. The book will teach you about the most important services on AWS. It also provides all the best practices regarding automation, security, high availability, and scalability. 

What you'll learn:

  • Fundamentals of cloud concepts and patterns
  • spinning-up servers manually and from the command line
  • Infrastructure automation with Infrastructure as Code (AWS CloudFormation)
  • Automating your infrastructure by programmatically calling the AWS API to control every part of AWS
  • Different approaches to deploying applications on AWS
  • Securing your infrastructure by isolating networks, controlling traffic and managing access to AWS resources
  • Options and techniques for storing your data
  • Using SDKs to integrate AWS services into your own applications
  • Designing applications for high availability, fault tolerance, and scalability

Cloud Computing for Complete Beginners: Building and Scaling High-Performance Web Servers on the Amazon Cloud
Author: Ikram Hawramani
Published at: 02/03/2016
Cloud Computing for Complete Beginners makes it extremely easy to get into the business of setting up and managing your own Cloud servers. The book provides detailed instructions and numerous screenshots and command line examples, making it easy for readers to follow along and build and configure their servers without having to do any guesswork.

This book is meant as a quick crash course to get you going as soon as possible. It helps you avoid running in circles and spending hours reading forums and online articles to find out what you need to do next. Everything important is already in here!

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