Best CompTIA Cloud+ Books 2020 | Demonstrate Your Knowledge and Skills in Cloud Services

The CompTIA Cloud+ certification is a performance-based cloud certification which is also a vendor-neutral certification that validates the skills, expertise of IT practitioners, technical competency in methodology required to securely implement and maintain cloud technologies.

Here you will get some best CompTIA Cloud+ books in 2020.

CompTIA Cloud+ Study Guide Exam CV0-002
Author: Todd Montgomery,Stephen Olson
Published at: 17/04/2018
ISBN: 1119443059

CompTIA Cloud+ Study Guide Exam CV0-002 is a comprehensive resource for those who want to start a career in cloud services. By reading this book you'll be the master of some fundamental concepts, terminology and can deploy and implement cloud solutions, manage the infrastructure, monitor performance, install, configure, and manage virtual machines and device.

This book will provide you a year of FREE access to Sybex's superior online interactive learning environment and test bank including

  • Chapter tests
  • Practice exams
  • Electronic flashcards
  • Glossary of key terms

Coverage includes

  • Configuration and deployment
  • Security
  • Maintenance
  • Management
  • Troubleshooting

CompTIA Cloud+ Certification Study Guide, Second Edition (Exam CV0-002)
Author: Scott Wilson,Eric A. Vanderburg
Published at: 19/03/2018
ISBN: 1260116611
CompTIA Cloud+ Certification Study Guide provides you many fundamental things including hundreds of practice exam questions, 100% complete coverage of all official objectives for exam CV0-002, exam readiness checklist, real-world examples of cloud computing technologies, two-minute drills for quick review at the end of every chapter, key terms sections, customized quizzes which are mandatory to prepare you for this challenging exam.

Key topics include
  • Cloud computing concepts, models, and terminology 
  • Disk storage systems
  • Storage networking
  • Network infrastructure
  • Virtualization components
  • Virtualization and the cloud
  • Network management
  • Performance tuning
  • Systems management 
  • Security in the cloud
  • Security best practices 
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery
  • Testing, automation, and changes
  • Troubleshooting

CompTIA Cloud+ Certification Practice Exams (Exam CV0-002)
Author: Daniel Lachance
Published at: 24/04/2018
ISBN: 1260122271
In this bookDaniel Lachance covers all the things that you should know to prepare yourself for the CompTIA cloud+ certification exam. Some important topic includes cloud computing concepts, disk storage systems, virtualization Components and the cloud, DevOps, performance tuning, systems management, security, business continuity and disaster recovery, testing, automation, changes, and troubleshooting.

What you will get

  • 700 realistic practice questions
  • Performance-based questions
  • In-depth explanations of both the correct and incorrect answers to every question.
  • Official objectives for Exam CV0-002
  • Quizzes at the end of the chapter

CompTIA Cloud+ Certification Study Guide (Exam CV0-001) (Certification Press)
Author: Nate Stammer,Scott Wilson
Published at: 15/10/2013
ISBN: 0071828869

CompTIA Cloud+ Certification Study Guide is easy to understand with plenty of information. It provides almost everything related to cloud computing including network, storage, server virtualization, maintenance, security etc which are very important to pass CompTIA Cloud+ Certification exam.

Contents include the following

  • Two-minute drills
  • Exam watches
  • Summaries and glossary
  • CDROM provides hundreds of test questions
  • 350 practice questions
  • Real-world examples of cloud computing technologies
  • 100% complete coverage of all official objectives for exam CV0-001
  • Electronic content includes bonus downloadable MasterExam practice exam with free online registration, one practice exam, detailed answers with explanations, pdf eBook.

CompTIA Cloud+ Study Guide: Exam CV0-001
Author: Todd Montgomery
Published at: 14/11/2016
ISBN: 111924322X

Todd Montgomery covers all resource for the preparation of the Exam CV0-001 in his guide. A very well written book with great content including lots of practice questions both in the text and on the companion website which is helpful to anyone who wants the certification. Each chapter includes a list of exam topics, helpful hands-on exercises, and illustrative examples with a practical focus on real-world skills that help you to test your knowledge and make you confident on exam day.

Key topics are

  • Cloud computing overview, concepts, and models
  • Compute virtualization in the cloud
  • Cloud storage and provisioning
  • Cloud networking concepts and implementation
  • Cloud compute resources, concepts, and implementation
  • Cloud management concepts
  • Cloud operations
  • Understanding and maintaining cloud security
  • Systems management in the cloud
  • Understanding business continuity in the cloud

CompTIA Cloud+ CV0-001 In Depth
Author: Ron Gilster
Published at: 07/07/2014
ISBN: 1305097351

CompTIA Cloud+ CV0-001 In Depth is a comprehensive, up-to-date, user-friendly test-prep guide provides information in-depth and prepare you to pass CompTIA's new Cloud+ certification exam. This book is divided into four parts which are the concepts and models of cloud computing, virtualization, virtual environment infrastructure and network management.

Coverage includes

  • Cloud delivery models and services
  • The benefits of virtualization
  • Hypervisor systems
  • Virtual device management and resource migration
  • Storage technologies, configuration, and provisioning
  • Monitoring
  • Physical resource allocation
  • Security
  • System management
  • Optimization and deployment
  • Disaster recovery
  • Availability.

CompTIA Cloud+: Certification Study Guide. Exam CV0-001
Author: Erwin Haas
Published at: 20/02/2017
ISBN: 154312643X
This book is well written, clear to understand and discussed all the things to establish a general understanding of exam preparation. It covers all the topics with clear explanation.

Important topics are

  • Exploration of the cloud models
  • Delivery models for the services
  • Virtualization and virtualization components
  • different types of hypervisors
  • The cloud infrastructure and the storage technologies
  • the storage configuration concepts
  • Security protocols and tools
  • Systems management
  • Infrastructure
  • Business continuity in the cloud

Study Blast CompTIA Cloud Essentials Exam Study Guide
Author: Matt Santori
Published at: 20/07/2013
ISBN: 1491054972

In Study Blast CompTIA Cloud Essentials Exam Study Guide Matt Santori covers facts and items listed out for you to read, learn and memorize before taking a test and successfully pass the exam.

This book helps you in the following terms

  • Make you able to attend successfully all the practice test
  • Quizzes and tests make you an expert in this field 
  • You can use this book for group studies

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